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LDL Spring 2020

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[e][h]LDL Spring 2020
League Information
LoL Development League LDL
China China
Swiss System
Number of Teams:
Prize Pool:
¥800,000 CNY
(≃ $113,051 USD)
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Upcoming Matches


LoL Development League(LDL) will start on April 14th as an online tournament.[1] 25 teams will play in a Swiss System format, the schedule of next round will be determined by results of last round.


  • 25 Teams Swiss System Format
    • All matches are Bo3
    • Tiebreakers
      • If two teams have the same number of series won(major score), ties will be broken by:
        1. Minor score : Total series won by all opponents
        2. Progressive score : Sum of the number of series won so far
        3. Game Differential
    • The teams matched with TES Challenger will get a 2-0 series win[2]

Prize Pool[edit]

The prize pool of the tournament is ¥ 800,000 CNY.

(Converted USD prizes are based on the currency rate on Apr 30, 2020: 1 CNY ≃ 0.14131 USD.)


TopChina Pidgey 
JunglerChina XiaoYang 
MiddleChina Windy 
BottomChina Ch1rry 
SupportHong Kong Yuen 
JunglerChina As6 
BottomChina yanzu1 
Main Roster
All Combo1
TopChina jkw 
JunglerChina xiaohao 
MiddleChina Try9 
BottomChina Chase 
SupportChina Maguafu 
TopChina L1zzie 
TopChina Rikka 
JunglerChina Yue 
Main Roster
Bilibili Gaming Junior
TopChina Alielie 
JunglerChina l3est16 
MiddleChina HanXuan 
BottomChina Wings 
SupportChina Kine 
TopChina Demon 
SupportChina Moonlight 
Main Roster
Dominus Esports.Y
TopChina melody 
JunglerChina xiaohuangren 
MiddleChina Hanlan 
BottomChina xubin 
SupportChina Mitsuki 
JunglerChina Qiutian 
MiddleChina Koe 
BottomChina Helper 
SupportSouth Korea catch 
Main RosterStaff
CChina Aozr 
Main RosterSubstitutes
EDG Youth Team
TopChina Sleepy 
JunglerChina Youdang 
MiddleChina 909 
BottomChina BBD 
SupportChina cerasus 
TopChina Sakura 
TopChina Dawn 
JunglerChina exist 
JunglerChina EMit 
BottomChina GENTLE 
Main RosterStaff
CSouth Korea Jykim 
CChina Mni 
CChina Anz 
Main RosterSubstitutes
eStar Young
TopChina spunk 
JunglerChina qianxun 
MiddleChina wumian 
BottomChina Lad 
SupportChina ke 
TopChina mogu 
JunglerChina yekai 
MiddleChina irma 
Main Roster
FunPlus Phoenix Blaze
TopChina xiao7 
JunglerChina Mingjing 
MiddleChina Yoghurt 
BottomChina April 
SupportChina ppgod 
Gama Dream
TopChina Punk 
JunglerChina Bandao 
MiddleChina Till 
BottomChina River 
SupportChina yuWWuy 
Invictus Gaming Young
TopChina ZS 
JunglerChina XUN 
MiddleChina Captain 
BottomChina ugly 
SupportChina Lucas 
JunglerChina Lixiao 
JunglerChina VV 
Main RosterStaff
CChina Along 
Main RosterSubstitutes
Joy Dream
TopChina Humble 
JunglerChina Yueyue 
MiddleChina Ye 
BottomChina A02 
Support Teeen 
BottomChina Lpc 
SupportChina Tangwa 
Main RosterStaff
CChina NoName 
Main RosterSubstitutes
LinGan E-sport
TopChina Xuanri 
JunglerChina bans 
MiddleChina ZBB 
BottomChina Chelly 
SupportChina Par 
TopChina Garvey 
JunglerChina Kui 
MiddleChina Xzz 
BottomChina West 
SupportChina L7 
JunglerChina Flora 
BottomChina Plume 
SupportChina Deceit 
Main RosterStaff
CChina Maizijian 
Main RosterSubstitutes
Legend Esport Gaming
TopChina New 
JunglerChina August 
MiddleChina Andy 
BottomChina Able 
SupportChina Mo 
TopChina X1LAN 
SupportChina 57 
Main Roster
LNG Academy
TopChina Decade 
JunglerChina elves 
MiddleChina seaking9 
BottomChina Picachu 
SupportChina Bluewhale 
JunglerChina sea 
MiddleTaiwan Ohb 
Main Roster
Oh My Dream
TopChina Novice 
JunglerChina Beichen 
MiddleChina Bright 
BottomChina Eric 
SupportChina Bafang 
TopChina Aphasiac 
JunglerChina Gabi 
Main Roster
Rogue Warriors Shark
TopChina BoWen 
JunglerChina jingke 
MiddleChina HwQ 
BottomChina yanxuan 
SupportChina Xunyu 
MiddleChina Jingtian 
MiddleChina xunhuan 
BottomChina LuXun 
Main RosterStaff
CChina shiming 
CChina Huanggai 
Main RosterSubstitutes
Royal Club
TopChina Xiaoxu 
JunglerChina Kiy1n9 
MiddleChina Cyl 
BottomChina Such 
SupportChina Lele 
JunglerChina small17 
MiddleChina Lover11 
MiddleChina izza 
SupportChina Bunny 
Main RosterStaff
CChina Poppy 
CChina May 
Main RosterSubstitutes
Shu Dai Xiong Gaming
TopChina M1kuya 
JunglerChina YourRiver 
MiddleChina Duye 
BottomChina X41007 
SupportChina ShaDow 
JunglerChina Beige 
Main Roster
TopChina Biubiu 
JunglerChina View 
MiddleChina forse 
BottomSouth Korea SamD 
SupportChina owo 
TopChina xiaodandi 
JunglerChina Maggie 
MiddleChina Lilac 
BottomChina Shark 
BottomChina Yanfeng 
BottomChina Assum 
SupportChina Cruel 
Main RosterStaff
CChina Dian 
CChina Xiasu 
Main RosterSubstitutes
Team WE Academy
TopChina Coten 
JunglerChina Simple 
MiddleChina shanks 
BottomChina Stay 
SupportChina Zhuo 
TopChina Clever9 
JunglerChina Magic 
JunglerChina y1hua 
BottomChina Gaze 
SupportChina Viod 
Main RosterStaff
CChina 长安 
CChina babo 
Main RosterSubstitutes
TES Challenger3
Top TBD 
Jungler TBD 
Middle TBD 
Bottom TBD 
Support TBD 
Triumphant Song Gaming
TopChina shupian 
JunglerChina Cheats 
MiddleChina suny1ng 
BottomChina MoonX 
SupportChina Pudding 
BottomChina Cherub 
Main Roster
Vici Gaming Potential
TopChina Chellizi 
JunglerChina Noble 
MiddleChina Strive 
BottomChina Ahn 
SupportChina Jerry 
Victorious Gaming
TopChina sqb 
JunglerChina Bun 
MiddleChina Recall 
BottomChina Spike 
SupportChina Xfq 
Young Miracles
TopChina Puzzle 
JunglerChina XiaoXuan 
MiddleChina badboy 
BottomChina Xing 
SupportChina MaRco 
TopChina Arise 
BottomChina XuanLv 
Main Roster
WanZhen Esports Club4
TopSouth Korea Clowz 
JunglerChina Sixsix9 
MiddleChina Truth 
BottomChina Mine 
SupportChina 1874 

1 All Combo acquires the spot and roster of Scorpio Game.
2 VP Game rebrands to LGD.Y.
3 Top Esports Challenger forfeits due to the Coronavirus.[3]
4 WanZhen Esports Club acquires the spot of D7G Esports Club.

Swiss System[edit]

#TeamMatchesGamesGDRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5
1. Team WE Academy5-010-3+72:12:12:02:12:0
2. WanZhen Esports Club4-19-3+62:11:22:02:02:0
3. Joy Dream4-19-4+52:11:22:12:02:0
4. LGD.Y4-18-5+32:12:12:02:10:2
5. Dominus Esports.Y3-16-4+22:12:00:22:12:1
6. Bilibili Gaming Junior3-27-4+30:22:02:01:22:0
7. EDward Gaming Youth Team3-27-5+22:01:20:22:02:1
7. FunPlus Phoenix Blaze3-27-5+22:02:02:11:20:2
7. Shu Dai Xiong Gaming3-28-6+21:22:12:02:11:2
10. Vici Gaming Potential3-26-5+12:00:22:00:22:1
11. Invictus Gaming Young2-15-2+32:02:01:2
12. Gama Dream2-25-502:12:01:20:2
13. Legend Esport Gaming2-24-5-12:00:20:22:10:2
13. Suning-S2-25-6-10:21:22:12:1
15. V5 872-36-601:20:22:02:01:2
15. Oh My Dream2-36-600:22:02:01:21:2
17. Royal Club2-35-6-12:01:20:20:22:0
17. Young Miracles2-36-7-11:22:10:21:22:0
19. All Combo2-35-7-22:02:10:20:21:2
19. eStar Gaming Youth Team2-35-7-20:20:21:22:12:0
19. Rogue Warriors Shark2-34-6-20:22:00:22:00:2
22. Victorious Gaming1-44-9-51:21:22:10:20:2
23. LNG Esports Academy0-43-8-51:21:20:21:2
24. LinGan E-sport0-40-8-80:20:20:20:2
24. Triumphant Song Gaming0-40-8-80:20:20:20:2

Tiebreaker Table[edit]

# Team Major Score Minor Score Progressive Score Game Differential
1 Team WE Academy 5 16 15 7
2 LGD.Y 4 16 14 3
3 Joy Dream 4 15 11 5
4 Dominus Esports.Y 4 13 12 3
5 WanZhen Esports Club 4 13 11 6
6 Gama Dream 3 16 12 2
7 FunPlus Phoenix Blaze 3 15 12 2
8 Shu Dai Xiong Gaming 3 14 9 2
9 EDward Gaming Youth Team 3 14 8 2
10 Invictus Gaming Young 3 13 10 4
11 Vici Gaming Potential 3 13 9 1
12 Suning-S 3 10 7 1
13 Bilibili Gaming Junior 3 9 8 3
14 All Combo 2 17 9 -2
15 Legend Esport Gaming 2 14 7 -3
16 V5 87 2 13 5 0
17 Oh My Dream 2 12 7 0
18 Young Miracles 2 12 5 -1
19 Royal Club 2 11 6 -1
20 Rogue Warriors Shark 2 10 6 -2
21 File:EStarY logo std.png eStar.Y 2 8 3 -2
22 Victorious Gaming 1 12 3 -5
23 LNG Esports Academy 1 11 1 -3
24 LinGan E-sport 1 9 3 -6
25 Triumphant Song Gaming 1 9 2 -6

Additional Data[edit]

Country Representation[edit]

Additional Contents[edit]


Language China China


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