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LDL Summer 2020

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[e][h]LDL Summer 2020
League Information
LoL Development League LDL
Game Version:
China China
Round Robin Group Stage
Single Elimination Playoffs
Number of Teams:
Prize Pool:
¥800,000 CNY
(≃ $116,949 USD)
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Upcoming Matches



  • Group Stage - June 10th - August 23rd, 2020
    • Single Round-Robin
    • All matches are Bo3
    • Top 12 teams advance to the Playoffs
  • Playoffs - August 27th - September 6th, 2020
    • Single elimination
    • All matches are Bo5
    • Top 12 teams from Group Stage are seeded
      • 1st - 4th teams are seeded into the quarterfinals
      • 5th - 12th teams will start from the first round of the playoffs

Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • Host
    • TBD
  • Commentator
    • TBD

Prize Pool[edit]

(Converted USD prizes are based on the currency rate on Sep 6, 2020: 1 CNY ≃ 0.14619 USD.)

Weekly Awards[edit]

MVP Table[edit]


Bilibili Gaming Junior
TopHong Kong Myths 
JunglerChina l3est16 
MiddleMacau Error 
BottomChina bohe 
SupportChina Yuen 
TopChina Alielie 
TopChina demon 
JunglerChina Am2 
MiddleChina qingcheng 
Main RosterStaff
CTaiwan Wei 
Main RosterSubstitutes
Dominus Esports.Y
TopChina Dawn 
JunglerChina xiaohuangren 
MiddleChina Truth 
BottomChina Kane 
SupportChina Mitsuki 
TopChina melody 
MiddleChina Hanlan 
BottomChina xubin 
BottomChina Helper 
SupportChina Yui 
Support Kane 
Main RosterStaff
CChina Aozr 
Main RosterSubstitutes
EDG Youth Team
TopChina Sleepy 
JunglerChina Jackairay 
MiddleChina 0909 
BottomChina BBD 
SupportChina Sloth 
JunglerChina EMit 
BottomChina GENTLE 
SupportChina Cygood 
Main RosterStaff
CSouth Korea JyKim 
CChina Mni 
Main RosterSubstitutes
eStar Young
TopChina CJJ 
JunglerChina Bo 
MiddleChina irma 
BottomChina rat 
SupportChina Laofei 
TopChina spunk 
BottomChina today 
BottomChina Gaze 
SupportChina Dodoup 
SupportChina yekai 
Main Roster
FunPlus Phoenix Blaze
TopChina xiao7 
JunglerChina Youxin 
MiddleChina Insulator 
BottomChina Savior 
SupportChina Shenyi 
BottomChina River 
Main Roster
Invictus Gaming Young
TopChina zs 
JunglerChina XUN 
MiddleChina Captain 
BottomChina Snow 
SupportChina Lucas 
JunglerChina VV 
BottomChina ugly 
Main RosterStaff
CChina Along 
Main RosterSubstitutes
Joy Dream
TopChina Humble 
JunglerChina Yueyue 
MiddleChina Ye 
BottomChina A02 
SupportChina Tangwa 
BottomChina Lpc 
SupportChina Teeen 
SupportChina Peace 
Main RosterStaff
CChina NoName 
Main RosterSubstitutes
LGD Young Team
TopChina Cult 
JunglerChina Flora 
MiddleChina Xzz 
BottomChina Fdy 
SupportChina Alu 
JunglerChina Kui 
BottomChina ylj 
SupportChina L7 
Main RosterStaff
CChina bai 
Main RosterSubstitutes
LNG Academy
TopChina Decade 
JunglerChina elves 
MiddleChina Vergil 
BottomChina Picachu 
SupportChina Xuan 
MiddleChina Nameless 
MiddleChina Akaman 
Main RosterStaff
CTaiwan Laba 
Main RosterSubstitutes
Oh My Dream
TopChina Aliez 
JunglerChina Mori 
MiddleChina Bright 
BottomChina LuMang 
SupportChina Bafang 
TopChina Aphasiac 
TopChina Crime 
TopChina Tts 
JunglerChina Lixiao 
MiddleChina Bright 
BottomChina Eric 
Main RosterStaff
CChina Vito 
Main RosterSubstitutes
Rogue Warriors Shark
TopChina BoWen 
JunglerChina Xhy 
MiddleChina HwQ 
BottomChina LuXun 
SupportChina xunyu 
JunglerChina Wuyazi 
MiddleChina Jingtian 
BottomChina linger 
SupportChina Zhuangzhou 
Main RosterStaff
CChina Huanggai 
Main RosterSubstitutes
Royal Club
TopChina Xiaoxu 
JunglerChina Aria 
MiddleChina Yuekai 
BottomChina SR99 
SupportChina Bunny 
JunglerChina lovely 
JunglerChina XMJ 
MiddleChina Lover11 
BottomChina Such 
SupportChina Lele 
Main Roster
TopChina Lilac 
JunglerChina Maggie 
MiddleChina forse 
BottomChina Assum 
SupportChina Cruel 
TopChina Akuma 
BottomChina Shark 
Main Roster
Team WE Academy
TopChina Coten 
JunglerChina Magic 
MiddleChina Yimeng 
BottomChina Stay 
SupportChina Zhuo 
TopChina Clever9 
JunglerChina frigid 
BottomChina Simple 
Main Roster
Top Esports Challenger
TopChina AK 
JunglerChina AKi 
MiddleChina tanghulu 
BottomChina Photic 
SupportChina xiaohai 
TopChina Wayward 
JunglerChina Sky 
BottomChina naiyou 
Main Roster
V5 87
TopChina Invincible 
JunglerChina XiaoYang 
MiddleChina ZBB 
BottomChina Ch1rry 
SupportChina Xiamu 
TopChina Pidgey 
MiddleChina clx 
BottomChina Jump7 
SupportChina poge 
SupportChina ZYF 
Main Roster
Vici Gaming Potential
TopChina Zdz 
JunglerChina Noble 
MiddleChina Jay 
BottomChina Ahn 
SupportChina Jerry 
JunglerChina Yanmo 
MiddleChina Strive 
BottomChina enjoy 
SupportChina CJ 
Main Roster
All Combo
TopChina jkw 
JunglerChina xiaohao 
MiddleChina Try9 
BottomChina Chase 
SupportChina L1n 
JunglerChina Like17 
MiddleChina zzw 
Main Roster
TopChina yaoyang 
JunglerChina Bandao 
MiddleChina Novice 
BottomChina Yifan 
SupportChina yuWWuu 
MiddleChina Punk 
Main Roster
Legend Esport Gaming
TopChina X1LAN 
JunglerChina August 
MiddleChina Xiaochao 
BottomChina Able 
SupportChina XJM 
TopChina shanji 
JunglerChina Ben4 
MiddleChina Andy 
SupportChina Mo 
Main Roster
LinGan E-sport
TopChina Xuanri 
JunglerChina Gabi 
MiddleChina Ship 
BottomChina yanzu1 
SupportChina Zyumi 
SupportChina Par 
Main Roster
optical spectrum E-sport2
TopChina Kahom 
JunglerChina Cheats 
MiddleChina Wood 
BottomChina Cherub 
SupportChina Pudding 
TopChina Jiawei 
JunglerChina hedy 
Main Roster
Shu Dai Xiong Gaming
TopChina M1kuya 
JunglerChina Beige 
MiddleChina Duye 
BottomChina Kepler 
SupportChina Shadow 
JunglerChina Yanxiang 
BottomChina X41007 
Main Roster
Victorious Gaming
TopChina sqb 
JunglerChina Bun 
MiddleChina ZZL 
BottomChina Wuxx 
SupportChina Savoki 
TopChina Yoshiko 
MiddleChina Recall 
MiddleChina poet 
BottomChina Spike 
SupportChina idt 
Main Roster
WanZhen Esports Club
TopSouth Korea Clowz 
JunglerChina initial 
MiddleChina MaiX 
BottomChina Mine 
SupportChina 1874 
JunglerChina Sixsix9 
JunglerChina lelebbi 
MiddleChina seaking9 
MiddleChina Vortex 
MiddleChina Zhang 
Main Roster
Young Miracles
TopChina September 
JunglerChina Famingjia 
MiddleChina badboy 
BottomChina xing 
SupportChina Ke 
JunglerChina XiaoXuan 
Main Roster


Group Stage[edit]

LDL Summer 2020
1. Dominus Esports.Y2-04-0+4
1. FunPlus Phoenix Blaze2-04-0+4
1. Invictus Gaming Youth2-04-0+4
1. Joy Dream2-04-0+4
5. EDward Gaming Youth Team2-04-1+3
5. Top Esports Challenger2-04-1+3
7. V5 872-04-2+2
8. Young Miracles2-14-2+2
9. Legend Esport Gaming2-15-4+1
10. Vici Gaming Potential2-15-4+1
11. Oh My Dream1-13-2+1
11. Rogue Warriors Shark1-13-2+1
13. LGD.Y1-12-20
14. Shu Dai Xiong Gaming1-12-20
14. Suning-S1-12-20
16. WanZhen Esports Club1-12-3-1
17. All Combo1-24-5-1
18. LNG Esports Academy1-23-4-1
19. Optical Spectrum Esports1-23-5-2
20. Royal Club1-22-4-2
21. eStar Gaming Youth Team0-10-2-2
22. LinGan E-sport0-21-4-3
22. Team WE Academy0-21-4-3
24. Bilibili Gaming Junior0-20-4-4
25. JingNetGame0-31-6-5
26. Victorious Gaming0-30-6-6
1. Joy Dream5-010-1+9
2. Invictus Gaming Youth▼14-08-0+8
3. Top Esports Challenger▲24-08-1+7
4. EDward Gaming Youth Team▲14-18-5+3
5. FunPlus Phoenix Blaze▼43-16-2+4
6. Legend Esport Gaming▲33-17-4+3
7. Dominus Esports.Y▼63-16-3+3
7. eStar Gaming Youth Team▲143-16-3+3
9. Suning-S▲53-26-4+2
10. All Combo▲73-28-6+2
11. Young Miracles▼33-26-4+2
12. Vici Gaming Potential▼23-27-6+1
13. WanZhen Esports Club▲33-26-60
14. LGD.Y▼12-24-5-1
15. Rogue Warriors Shark▼42-36-60
16. Team WE Academy▲62-35-6-1
17. V5 87▼102-36-8-2
18. Royal Club▲22-34-6-2
19. Oh My Dream▼81-35-6-1
20. Bilibili Gaming Junior▲41-32-6-4
20. Shu Dai Xiong Gaming▼61-32-6-4
22. Optical Spectrum Esports▼31-45-9-4
23. LNG Esports Academy▼51-43-8-5
24. JingNetGame▲11-43-9-6
25. LinGan E-sport▼30-42-8-6
26. Victorious Gaming0-61-12-11
1. Joy Dream7-014-3+11
2. Invictus Gaming Youth6-012-0+12
3. Top Esports Challenger6-113-3+10
4. FunPlus Phoenix Blaze▲15-110-2+8
5. Dominus Esports.Y▲25-110-4+6
6. eStar Gaming Youth Team▲15-110-5+5
7. Legend Esport Gaming▼14-29-7+2
8. All Combo▲24-311-9+2
9. Vici Gaming Potential▲34-310-8+2
10. Suning-S▼14-39-7+2
11. Young Miracles4-38-6+2
12. LGD.Y▲24-39-8+1
13. Rogue Warriors Shark▲24-410-100
14. EDward Gaming Youth Team▼104-48-11-3
15. Shu Dai Xiong Gaming▲53-36-7-1
16. Team WE Academy3-48-80
17. V5 873-49-11-2
18. Royal Club3-47-9-2
19. WanZhen Esports Club▼63-47-10-3
20. Oh My Dream▼12-58-10-2
21. Optical Spectrum Esports▲12-58-12-4
22. JingNetGame▲22-65-14-9
23. LinGan E-sport▲21-65-13-8
24. Bilibili Gaming Junior▼41-64-12-8
25. LNG Esports Academy▼21-75-14-9
26. Victorious Gaming0-72-14-12
1. Joy Dream10-020-4+16
2. Invictus Gaming Youth9-018-0+18
3. Dominus Esports.Y▲28-116-5+11
4. FunPlus Phoenix Blaze7-114-2+12
5. eStar Gaming Youth Team▲17-114-5+9
6. Top Esports Challenger▼37-215-5+10
7. All Combo▲16-415-13+2
8. Legend Esport Gaming▼15-311-10+1
9. Suning-S▲15-411-9+2
10. Young Miracles▲15-410-8+2
11. Vici Gaming Potential▼25-513-12+1
12. Rogue Warriors Shark▲15-512-13-1
13. EDward Gaming Youth Team▲15-510-13-3
14. Shu Dai Xiong Gaming▲14-48-9-1
15. Team WE Academy▲14-511-10+1
16. LGD.Y▼44-511-12-1
17. V5 874-511-13-2
18. Royal Club4-610-13-3
19. Optical Spectrum Esports▲23-610-15-5
20. Oh My Dream3-711-14-3
21. JingNetGame▲13-77-16-9
21. WanZhen Esports Club▼23-77-16-9
23. Bilibili Gaming Junior▲12-76-14-8
24. LinGan E-sport▼11-76-15-9
25. LNG Esports Academy1-105-20-15
26. Victorious Gaming0-92-18-16
1. Joy Dream11-022-4+18
2. Invictus Gaming Youth11-123-2+21
3. FunPlus Phoenix Blaze▲110-120-3+17
4. Dominus Esports.Y▼19-218-8+10
5. eStar Gaming Youth Team8-217-7+10
6. Top Esports Challenger8-317-8+9
7. All Combo8-419-14+5
8. Suning-S▲17-415-9+6
9. Shu Dai Xiong Gaming▲56-412-10+2
10. Young Miracles6-512-10+2
11. Team WE Academy▲46-615-14+1
12. Royal Club▲66-614-140
13. EDward Gaming Youth Team6-713-17-4
14. V5 87▲35-613-16-3
15. LGD.Y▲15-715-17-2
15. Optical Spectrum Esports▲45-715-17-2
17. Vici Gaming Potential▼65-714-16-2
18. Legend Esport Gaming▼105-611-16-5
19. Rogue Warriors Shark▼75-712-17-5
20. WanZhen Esports Club▲15-811-18-7
21. Oh My Dream▼14-814-16-2
22. JingNetGame▼14-910-20-10
23. Bilibili Gaming Junior2-96-18-12
24. LinGan E-sport1-97-19-12
25. LNG Esports Academy1-115-22-17
26. Victorious Gaming1-114-22-18
1. Joy Dream13-026-5+21
2. Invictus Gaming Youth12-225-4+21
3. FunPlus Phoenix Blaze12-224-5+19
4. Suning-S▲410-421-10+11
4. Top Esports Challenger▲210-421-10+11
6. eStar Gaming Youth Team▼19-421-12+9
7. Dominus Esports.Y▼39-519-14+5
8. All Combo▼19-622-18+4
9. Young Miracles▲18-616-12+4
10. Royal Club▲28-618-14+4
11. V5 87▲37-617-16+1
12. Shu Dai Xiong Gaming▼37-615-150
13. Legend Esport Gaming▲57-615-16-1
14. LGD.Y▲17-719-18+1
15. Vici Gaming Potential▲27-718-17+1
16. EDward Gaming Youth Team▼37-816-19-3
17. Team WE Academy▼66-716-160
18. WanZhen Esports Club▲26-913-21-8
19. Optical Spectrum Esports▼45-915-21-6
20. Rogue Warriors Shark▼15-912-21-9
21. JingNetGame▲15-1013-23-10
22. Oh My Dream▼14-1015-20-5
23. Bilibili Gaming Junior3-108-21-13
24. LNG Esports Academy▲12-138-27-19
25. LinGan E-sport▼11-117-23-16
26. Victorious Gaming1-134-26-22
1. FunPlus Phoenix Blaze▲215-230-6+24
2. Joy Dream▼114-129-7+22
3. Invictus Gaming Youth▼114-229-5+24
4. Suning-S12-425-12+13
5. Top Esports Challenger▼112-525-14+11
6. eStar Gaming Youth Team10-625-16+9
7. All Combo▲110-624-18+6
8. Shu Dai Xiong Gaming▲410-621-16+5
9. Dominus Esports.Y▼210-723-18+5
10. Vici Gaming Potential▲59-722-17+5
11. Young Miracles▼29-719-15+4
12. Royal Club▼29-720-16+4
13. Legend Esport Gaming9-719-190
14. Team WE Academy▲38-720-16+4
15. V5 87▼48-719-18+1
16. LGD.Y▼28-923-230
17. EDward Gaming Youth Team▼17-1018-23-5
18. WanZhen Esports Club7-1015-24-9
19. Oh My Dream▲36-1019-21-2
20. JingNetGame▲16-1116-25-9
21. Optical Spectrum Esports▼25-1115-25-10
22. Rogue Warriors Shark▼25-1212-27-15
23. Bilibili Gaming Junior3-139-27-18
24. LNG Esports Academy2-148-29-21
25. LinGan E-sport1-147-29-22
26. Victorious Gaming1-154-30-26
1. FunPlus Phoenix Blaze16-232-6+26
2. Joy Dream15-231-9+22
3. Invictus Gaming Youth15-332-8+24
4. Suning-S14-530-14+16
5. Top Esports Challenger14-529-15+14
6. Dominus Esports.Y▲313-729-19+10
7. eStar Gaming Youth Team▼112-629-17+12
8. Shu Dai Xiong Gaming12-625-18+7
9. Legend Esport Gaming▲411-723-19+4
10. Vici Gaming Potential11-826-20+6
11. Royal Club▲111-825-20+5
12. Team WE Academy▲210-724-16+8
13. All Combo▼610-826-22+4
14. Young Miracles▼310-921-19+2
15. LGD.Y▲19-1025-250
16. JingNetGame▲49-1122-25-3
17. V5 87▼28-1020-24-4
18. WanZhen Esports Club7-1115-26-11
19. EDward Gaming Youth Team▼27-1220-27-7
20. Oh My Dream▼16-1219-25-6
21. Rogue Warriors Shark▲16-1214-28-14
22. Optical Spectrum Esports▼15-1416-31-15
23. Bilibili Gaming Junior4-1411-29-18
24. LNG Esports Academy2-178-35-27
25. Victorious Gaming▲12-177-34-27
26. LinGan E-sport▼11-177-35-28
1. FunPlus Phoenix Blaze18-236-6+30
2. Invictus Gaming Youth▲118-338-8+30
3. Joy Dream▼116-433-13+20
4. Suning-S16-534-15+19
5. Shu Dai Xiong Gaming▲315-631-18+13
6. eStar Gaming Youth Team▲114-633-18+15
7. Top Esports Challenger▼214-729-19+10
8. Legend Esport Gaming▲114-729-21+8
9. Dominus Esports.Y▼313-929-23+6
10. Vici Gaming Potential12-929-22+7
11. Royal Club12-927-22+5
12. Team WE Academy11-926-20+6
13. LGD.Y▲211-1029-26+3
14. Young Miracles11-1024-21+3
15. V5 87▲211-1026-25+1
16. All Combo▼310-1027-26+1
17. JingNetGame▼110-1124-26-2
18. Oh My Dream▲28-1323-28-5
19. EDward Gaming Youth Team7-1422-31-9
20. WanZhen Esports Club▼27-1415-32-17
21. Rogue Warriors Shark6-1416-32-16
22. Bilibili Gaming Junior▲15-1513-32-19
23. Optical Spectrum Esports▼15-1616-35-19
24. LinGan E-sport▲22-1810-38-28
25. Victorious Gaming2-198-38-30
26. LNG Esports Academy▼22-209-41-32
1. Invictus Gaming Youth▲120-342-8+34
2. FunPlus Phoenix Blaze▼120-340-9+31
3. Joy Dream19-439-13+26
4. eStar Gaming Youth Team▲217-639-18+21
5. Suning-S▼117-637-18+19
6. Shu Dai Xiong Gaming▼116-734-21+13
7. Legend Esport Gaming▲116-834-25+9
8. Top Esports Challenger▼115-932-23+9
9. Vici Gaming Potential▲114-933-22+11
10. Team WE Academy▲213-930-21+9
11. Dominus Esports.Y▼213-1131-27+4
12. LGD.Y▲112-1132-28+4
13. Royal Club▼212-1129-26+3
14. V5 87▲112-1128-280
15. Young Miracles▼112-1227-26+1
16. All Combo11-1230-31-1
17. JingNetGame11-1327-31-4
18. Oh My Dream8-1424-30-6
19. EDward Gaming Youth Team8-1524-34-10
20. Rogue Warriors Shark▲18-1521-35-14
21. WanZhen Esports Club▼18-1517-35-18
22. Bilibili Gaming Junior7-1617-36-19
23. Optical Spectrum Esports5-1817-39-22
24. LinGan E-sport2-2010-42-32
25. LNG Esports Academy▲12-219-43-34
26. Victorious Gaming▼12-218-42-34
1. Invictus Gaming Youth22-346-9+37
2. FunPlus Phoenix Blaze21-443-11+32
3. Joy Dream20-542-16+26
4. eStar Gaming Youth Team18-741-20+21
5. Suning-S18-740-20+20
6. Shu Dai Xiong Gaming17-837-23+14
7. Team WE Academy▲316-936-23+13
8. Legend Esport Gaming▼116-935-27+8
9. Vici Gaming Potential15-1036-24+12
10. Top Esports Challenger▼215-1032-25+7
11. Dominus Esports.Y14-1133-28+5
12. LGD.Y13-1234-30+4
13. Royal Club13-1231-28+3
14. Young Miracles▲113-1229-27+2
15. All Combo▲112-1332-33-1
16. V5 87▼212-1329-32-3
17. JingNetGame11-1427-33-6
18. EDward Gaming Youth Team▲110-1528-35-7
19. WanZhen Esports Club▲210-1521-37-16
20. Oh My Dream▼29-1627-34-7
21. Rogue Warriors Shark▼19-1624-37-13
22. Bilibili Gaming Junior8-1719-39-20
23. Optical Spectrum Esports5-2018-43-25
24. LinGan E-sport3-2213-46-33
25. LNG Esports Academy3-2211-46-35
26. Victorious Gaming2-238-46-38

 Click here for detailed results of the Group Stage matches (Week 1-4)
 Click here for detailed results of the Group Stage matches (Week 5-8)
 Click here for detailed results of the Group Stage matches (Week 9-11)


Round 1 (Bo5)
Legend Esport Gaming
August 27, 2020 - 14:00 CST
Renekton Nidalee Qiyana Sivir Thresh
Gangplank Volibear Zoe Kalista Nautilus
Renekton Nidalee Akali Kai'Sa Leona
Ornn Olaf Zoe Aphelios Thresh
Gangplank Nidalee Akali Jhin Thresh
Ryze Graves Zoe Aphelios Braum
Rumble Volibear Zed Aphelios Thresh
Gangplank Graves Akali Kalista Sett
MVPs: Able, Jay, Jay, Jay
Vici Gaming Potential
August 27, 2020 - 17:00 CST
Renekton Lillia Lucian Senna Tahm Kench
Ornn Graves Akali Caitlyn Rakan
Renekton Nidalee Lucian Kalista Leona
Ornn Graves Akali Xayah Alistar
Renekton Lillia Syndra Ezreal Karma
Ornn Graves Galio Caitlyn Lux
MVPs: L7, Xzz, L7
Team WE Academy
August 28, 2020 - 14:00 CST
Jax Lillia Galio Jhin Tahm Kench
Mordekaiser Graves Nocturne Aphelios Thresh
Vladimir Kindred Galio Jhin Nautilus
Poppy Graves Ekko Aphelios Thresh
Mordekaiser Volibear Diana Caitlyn Bard
Vayne Trundle Qiyana Ziggs Karma
Jax Kindred Galio Jhin Pantheon
Renekton Sett Nocturne Ziggs Karma
Shu Dai Xiong Gaming
August 28, 2020 - 17:00 CST
Jax Lillia Lucian Caitlyn Lux
Ornn Kindred LeBlanc Ezreal Karma
Jayce Graves Zoe Caitlyn Lulu
Gnar Kindred Syndra Ezreal Karma
Jax Karthus Zoe Lucian Yuumi
Volibear Graves Syndra Caitlyn Lux
Quarterfinals (Bo5)
Invictus Gaming Young
August 29, 2020 - 14:00 CST
Renekton Nidalee Zoe Aphelios Thresh
Lucian Elise Twisted Fate Ezreal Leona
Renekton Volibear Galio Ashe Taric
Lucian Nidalee Twisted Fate Jhin Thresh
Camille Graves Twisted Fate Ashe Nautilus
Fiora Nidalee Zoe Jhin Sett
Vici Gaming Potential
eStar Gaming Youth Team
August 29, 2020 - 17:00 CST
Kennen Graves Lulu Caitlyn Thresh
Renekton Kayn Akali Ashe Lux
Jayce Nidalee Galio Caitlyn Nautilus
Malphite Graves Rumble Ashe Lux
Renekton Nidalee LeBlanc Ashe Leona
Ornn Graves Akali Senna Nautilus
MVPs: Kui, Kui, Kui
FunPlus Phoenix Blaze
August 30, 2020 - 14:00 CST
Renekton Nidalee Pantheon Ashe Bard
Volibear Kindred Galio Jhin Thresh
Renekton Nidalee Jayce Ashe Bard
Volibear Kindred Twisted Fate Jhin Rakan
Renekton Lee Sin Rumble Draven Nautilus
Lulu Graves Galio Jhin Rakan
Renekton Graves Akali Jhin Bard
Volibear Nidalee Qiyana Aphelios Thresh
Joy Dream
August 30, 2020 - 17:00 CST
Renekton Rek'Sai Twisted Fate Ashe Thresh
Lucian Karthus Galio Jhin Nautilus
Renekton Volibear Twisted Fate Ashe Thresh
Jax Karthus Lucian Jhin Nautilus
Ornn Skarner Lucian Ashe Braum
Jax Graves Zoe Aphelios Lulu
Shu Dai Xiong Gaming
Semifinals (Bo5)
Invictus Gaming Young
September 1, 2020 - 17:00 CST
Volibear Lillia Twisted Fate Jhin Bard
Renekton Kayn Zoe Ashe Tahm Kench
Renekton Hecarim Zoe Ezreal Lux
Mordekaiser Sejuani Nocturne Caitlyn Morgana
Renekton Volibear Syndra Jhin Lux
Camille Sejuani Zoe Caitlyn Morgana
Renekton Hecarim Twisted Fate Caitlyn Taric
Gnar Lee Sin Zoe Ashe Janna
FunPlus Phoenix Blaze
September 2, 2020 - 17:00 CST
Volibear Graves Zoe Jhin Karma
Ornn Olaf Twisted Fate Caitlyn Lulu
Ornn Graves Zoe Ezreal Karma
Wukong Olaf Twisted Fate Caitlyn Lulu
Mordekaiser Graves Zoe Ashe Bard
Ornn Ekko Lucian Jhin Thresh
Mordekaiser Graves Jayce Ashe Taric
Wukong Olaf Zoe Aphelios Nautilus
Shu Dai Xiong Gaming
Finals (Bo5)
Invictus Gaming Young
September 6, 2020 - 16:30 CST
Renekton Lillia Jayce Jhin Pantheon
Jax Graves Corki Ashe Nautilus
Ornn Graves LeBlanc Ashe Nautilus
Camille Olaf Zoe Aphelios Thresh
Ornn Graves Zoe Ezreal Lux
Camille Trundle Fizz Aphelios Nautilus
MVPs: Snow, zs, zs
Shu Dai Xiong Gaming
3rd Place Match (Bo5)
September 4, 2020 - 17:00 CST
Renekton Lillia Qiyana Kai'Sa Leona
Volibear Karthus Lucian Ashe Nautilus
Jayce Lillia Pantheon Jhin Blitzcrank
Renekton Nidalee Rumble Ashe Leona
Renekton Nidalee Akali Ashe Pyke
Jax Graves LeBlanc Jhin Bard
Renekton Lillia Zoe Ezreal Braum
Ornn Nidalee LeBlanc Senna Pantheon
FunPlus Phoenix Blaze

Additional Data[edit]

Country Representation[edit]

#Country / RegionRepresentationPlayers
1China China209 / 212 (99%)0909, 1874, A02, AK, AKi, Able, Ahn, Akaman, Akuma, Alielie, Aliez, Alu, Am2, Andy, Aphasiac, Aria (Chinese player), Assum, August, BBD, Badboy, Bafang, Bandao, Beige, Ben4, Bo, BoWen, Bohe, Bright, Bun, Bunny, CJ, CJJ, Captain, Ch1rry, Chase, Cheats, Cherub, Clever9, Clx, Coten, Crime, Cruel, Cult, Cygood, Dawn, Decade, Demon, Dodoup, Duye, EMit, Elves, Enjoy, Eric, Famingjia, Fdy, Flora, Forse, Frigid, GENTLE, Gabi, Gaze, Hanlan, Hedy, Helper, Humble, HwQ, Idt, Initial, Insulator, Invincible, Irma, Jackairay, Jay, Jerry, Jiawei, Jingtian, Jkw, Jump7, Kahom, Kane, Ke, Kepler, Kui, L1n, L7, Laofei, Lele, Lelebbi, Like17, Lilac, Linger, Lixiao, Lovely, Lover11, Lpc, LuMang, LuXun, Lucas, M1kuya, Maggie, Magic, MaiX, Melody, Mine, Mitsuki, Mo, Mori, Naiyou, Nameless, Noble, Novice, Par, Peace, Photic, Picachu, Pidgey, Poet, Poge, Pudding, Punk, Qingcheng, Rat, Recall, River (Chinese player), SR99, Savior, Savoki, Seaking9, September, Shadow, Shanji, Shark (Chinese player), Shenyi, Ship, Simple, Sixsix9, Sky, Sleepy, Sloth, Snow, Spike, Spunk, Sqb, Stay, Strive, Such, Tanghulu, Tangwa, Teeen, Today, Truth, Try9, Tts, Ugly, VV, Vergil, Vortex, Wayward, Wood, Wuxx, Wuyazi, X1LAN, X41007, XJM, XMJ, XUN, Xhy, Xiamu, Xiao7, XiaoXuan, XiaoYang, Xiaochao, Xiaohai, Xiaohao, Xiaohuangren, Xiaoxu, Xing, Xuan, Xuanri, Xubin, Xunyu, Xzz, Yanmo, Yanxiang, Yanzu1, Yaoyang, Ye, Yekai, Yifan, Yimeng, Ylj, Yoshiko, Youxin, YuWWuu, Yuekai, Yuen, Yueyue, Yui, ZBB, ZYF, ZZL, Zdz, Zhang, Zhuangzhou, Zhuo, Zs, Zyumi, Zzw, l3est16
2Hong Kong Hong Kong1 / 212 (0%)Myths
2Macau Macau1 / 212 (0%)Error
2South Korea South Korea1 / 212 (0%)Clowz