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LDL Spring 2021

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[e][h]LDL Spring 2021
League Information
LoL Development League LDL
Game Version:
China China
Group Stage
Single Round-Robin
Single Elimination
Number of Teams:
Prize Pool:
¥800,000 CNY
(≃ $123,911 USD)
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Upcoming Matches

League of Legends Development League (LDL) is a new professional competition system launched by the League of Legends in 2018, which aims to promote the stable and healthy development of the League of Legends professional e-sports ecosystem. LDL will focus on the training of new players, continue to provide high-quality players for LPL, and form a complete two-level professional tournament system with LPL (LoL Pro League). The LDL will be suspended for rectification from March 17th, and the resumption date will be notified separately.

On the 22nd of April, Riot revealed a list of 37 players and team members that were suspended from competition, as well as the disqualification of Sheng Jie Gaming [1]. For a full overview, check out our banned players page.


  • Group Stage - January 13th - April 12th, 2021
    • Single Round-Robin
    • All matches are Bo3
    • Top 4 teams advance to the Playoffs
  • Playoffs
    • Single elimination
    • All matches are Bo5
    • Top 4 teams from Group Stage are seeded

Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • Host:
    • TBA
  • Commentator:
    • TBA

Prize Pool[edit]

(Converted USD prizes are based on the currency rate on May 12, 2021: 1 CNY ≃ 0.15489 USD.)

Weekly Awards[edit]

MVP Table[edit]


Bilibili Gaming Junior8
TopChina demon
Jungler TBD 
MiddleChina clx
BottomChina able
SupportChina Jwei
SHong Kong Myths
China l3est16
SupportChina ZYF
Main Roster
Joy Dream8
Top TBD 
JunglerChina small17
MiddleChina Ye
BottomChina Lpc
SupportChina Yui
SupportChina Xhow
SupportChina Feather
China 705
Main Roster
LGD Young Team
TopChina QingZhi
JunglerChina xiaoty
MiddleChina haichao
BottomChina TTH
SupportChina GWind
China AYS
JunglerChina boo
Main Roster
Oh My Dream8
TopChina Aphasiac
JunglerChina Mori
MiddleChina Crime
BottomChina Kane
SupportChina Sora
JunglerChina ifcan
MiddleChina Xiaochao
Main RosterStaff
China Beichen
Main RosterSubstitutes
V5 878
TopChina invincible
JunglerChina Noble
MiddleChina Joy1
BottomChina ZJJ
SupportChina jerry
TopChina Aliez
MiddleChina Dream
MiddleChina Windy
SupportChina poge
Main RosterStaff
CChina Monster
Main RosterSubstitutes
All Combo8
TopChina jkw
JunglerChina xiaohao
MiddleChina zzw
BottomChina Chase
Support TBD 
TopChina Xiaodandy
MiddleChina R1uga
BottomChina Jump
China L1n
Main Roster
Kaisa Gaming1
TopChina Tianci
JunglerChina Ben4
MiddleChina OTTO
BottomChina XiaoYY
SupportChina Cloud
TopChina Dai
JunglerChina corbie
MiddleChina happygame
BottomChina Jz
SupportChina Myuumi
Main Roster
TopChina yaoyang
JunglerChina Kennychan
MiddleChina Santu
BottomChina Ylj
SupportChina Ruii
TopChina Santu
JunglerChina Nickey
JunglerChina YTT
MiddleChina Lzc
BottomChina YIFAN
SupportChina Laofei
Main Roster
Shu Dai Xiong Gaming8
TopChina zaza
JunglerChina Beige
MiddleChina Harder
BottomChina Kepler
SupportChina Shadow
JunglerChina yanxiang
MiddleChina Duye
SupportChina sklln
Main Roster
Sheng Jie Gaming5, 8
China TaiLuo
China Brave88
China Lilac
China fuyao
China SLJ
China Spunk
China Beige
China ch1rry
Main Roster
Team Pinnacle6, 8
TopChina shanji
JunglerChina Hook
MiddleChina Novice
BottomChina chel1y
SupportChina Cerasus
China haonan
Main Roster
Top TBD 
JunglerChina bademan
MiddleChina Jay
BottomChina XuanLv
SupportChina XJM
China Humble
Main Roster
WanZhen Esports Club8
TopChina TBD 
JunglerChina lffzzz
MiddleChina Clay
BottomChina Mine
SupportChina Guard1an
TopHong Kong Solokill
SupportChina Dnzz
China leiyu
Main Roster
Young Miracles
TopChina Qingtian
JunglerChina Heng
MiddleChina Xiaocaobao
BottomChina Xing
SupportChina Ke
JunglerChina Famingjia
Main Roster

1 Kaisa Gaming acquired the spot of Victorious Gaming.[2]
2 MAX acquired the spot of JingNetGame.[3]
3 Dominus Esports Young rebrands as ThunderTalk Gaming Young.
4 Vici Gaming Potential rebrands as Rare Atom Period.
5 Sheng Jie Gaming replaced optical spectrum E-sport.
6 Team Pinnacle acquired the roster and spot of Legend Esport Gaming.
7 TWELVE replaced LinGan e-Sports.
8 A total of 37 players were suspended from the LDL and LPL following a research into matchfixing, Sheng Jie Gaming is disqualified from the league. Read more about these bans on our banned players page.[4]

Group Stage[edit]

LDL Spring 2021
1. FunPlus Phoenix Blaze2-04-0+4
1. LNG Esports Academy2-04-0+4
1. Shu Dai Xiong Gaming2-04-0+4
1. TWELVE2-04-0+4
5. TT Gaming Young2-04-1+3
5. Young Miracles2-04-1+3
7. V5 872-04-2+2
7. Suning-S2-04-2+2
9. Joy Dream1-02-1+1
10. Kaisa Gaming1-13-2+1
10. Team Pinnacle1-13-2+1
10. Team WE Academy1-13-2+1
13. EDG Youth Team1-13-30
13. Oh My Dream1-13-30
13. Royal Club1-13-30
16. Bilibili Gaming Junior1-12-20
17. eStar.Y1-12-3-1
18. Top Esports Challenger0-10-2-2
19. LGD.Y0-21-4-3
19. Rare Atom Period0-21-4-3
19. Rogue Warriors Shark0-21-4-3
19. Sheng Jie Gaming0-21-4-3
19. Invictus Gaming Young0-21-4-3
24. All Combo0-20-4-4
24. MAX0-20-4-4
24. WanZhen Esports Club0-20-4-4
1. Young Miracles▲45-010-2+8
2. TT Gaming Young▲34-08-2+6
3. Team WE Academy▲74-19-3+6
4. EDG Youth Team▲94-19-4+5
5. FunPlus Phoenix Blaze▼43-17-2+5
6. TWELVE▼53-17-3+4
7. Bilibili Gaming Junior▲93-16-2+4
8. Shu Dai Xiong Gaming▼73-16-3+3
9. Suning-S▼23-17-5+2
10. V5 87▼33-27-70
11. Team Pinnacle▼12-26-4+2
12. LNG Esports Academy▼112-25-4+1
13. Oh My Dream2-26-60
14. eStar.Y▲32-24-6-2
15. Rare Atom Period▲42-35-6-1
16. Rogue Warriors Shark▲32-35-7-2
16. Royal Club▼32-35-7-2
18. Top Esports Challenger1-22-5-3
19. Joy Dream▼101-35-7-2
20. Kaisa Gaming▼101-34-6-2
21. Sheng Jie Gaming▼21-33-6-3
22. All Combo▲21-33-7-4
23. MAX▲11-32-7-5
24. LGD.Y▼50-42-8-6
24. Invictus Gaming Young▼50-42-8-6
26. WanZhen Esports Club▼20-40-8-8
1. Young Miracles7-014-2+12
2. Bilibili Gaming Junior▲55-110-2+8
3. TT Gaming Young▼15-111-5+6
4. Team WE Academy▼15-212-5+7
5. LNG Esports Academy▲75-211-4+7
6. EDG Youth Team▼25-211-6+5
6. Shu Dai Xiong Gaming▲25-211-6+5
8. FunPlus Phoenix Blaze▼34-210-4+6
9. Suning-S4-29-8+1
10. Rogue Warriors Shark▲64-39-90
11. V5 87▼14-310-100
12. Team Pinnacle▼13-38-6+2
13. Oh My Dream3-38-80
14. TWELVE▼83-37-70
15. Sheng Jie Gaming▲63-48-9-1
16. Rare Atom Period▼13-47-8-1
17. Royal Club▼13-48-10-2
18. eStar.Y▼43-47-11-4
19. All Combo▲32-46-9-3
20. Joy Dream▼12-58-11-3
21. Invictus Gaming Young▲32-57-12-5
22. Kaisa Gaming▼21-55-10-5
23. LGD.Y▲11-54-11-7
24. MAX▼11-52-11-9
24. Top Esports Challenger▼61-52-11-9
26. WanZhen Esports Club1-63-13-10
1. Young Miracles9-018-4+14
2. EDG Youth Team▲48-217-8+9
3. Bilibili Gaming Junior▼17-114-3+11
4. Team WE Academy7-216-5+11
5. Shu Dai Xiong Gaming▲17-215-7+8
6. FunPlus Phoenix Blaze▲26-315-6+9
7. LNG Esports Academy▼26-314-7+7
8. V5 87▲36-314-10+4
9. Sheng Jie Gaming▲66-414-10+4
10. TT Gaming Young▼75-312-9+3
11. Royal Club▲65-412-120
12. Rogue Warriors Shark▼25-411-110
13. TWELVE▲14-49-90
14. All Combo▲54-511-12-1
15. Rare Atom Period▲14-510-11-1
16. Joy Dream▲44-613-14-1
17. Suning-S▼84-611-16-5
18. Team Pinnacle▼63-49-8+1
19. Oh My Dream▼63-610-14-4
19. Invictus Gaming Young▲23-610-14-4
21. eStar.Y▼33-77-17-10
22. Kaisa Gaming2-57-11-4
23. LGD.Y1-74-15-11
24. Top Esports Challenger1-73-15-12
25. MAX▼11-83-17-14
25. WanZhen Esports Club▲11-83-17-14
1. Bilibili Gaming Junior▲29-118-4+14
2. Young Miracles▼19-220-8+12
3. Shu Dai Xiong Gaming▲29-219-7+12
4. EDG Youth Team▼29-320-11+9
5. Team WE Academy▼18-319-7+12
6. Rogue Warriors Shark▲68-417-13+4
7. FunPlus Phoenix Blaze▼17-317-6+11
8. V5 877-416-12+4
9. Royal Club▲27-416-13+3
10. Sheng Jie Gaming▼17-516-13+3
11. Joy Dream▲57-619-14+5
12. LNG Esports Academy▼56-415-9+6
13. TT Gaming Young▼36-414-11+3
14. TWELVE▼15-511-12-1
15. Rare Atom Period5-613-130
16. Suning-S▲15-613-16-3
17. eStar.Y▲45-711-17-6
18. Oh My Dream▲14-712-17-5
19. All Combo▼54-711-16-5
20. Team Pinnacle▼23-69-12-3
21. Invictus Gaming Young▼23-711-16-5
22. Kaisa Gaming2-88-17-9
23. WanZhen Esports Club▲22-95-19-14
24. LGD.Y▼11-94-19-15
25. MAX1-93-19-16
25. Top Esports Challenger▼11-93-19-16
1. Shu Dai Xiong Gaming▲212-225-8+17
2. Young Miracles11-224-8+16
3. Bilibili Gaming Junior▼211-222-6+16
4. EDG Youth Team10-422-13+9
5. FunPlus Phoenix Blaze▲29-422-8+14
6. LNG Esports Academy▲69-421-10+11
7. Royal Club▲29-420-13+7
8. TT Gaming Young▲58-418-12+6
9. Team WE Academy▼48-519-11+8
10. V5 87▼28-518-14+4
11. Rogue Warriors Shark▼58-617-170
12. Joy Dream▼18-719-16+3
13. Suning-S▲37-617-16+1
14. Sheng Jie Gaming▼47-716-15+1
15. TWELVE▼16-613-15-2
16. Rare Atom Period▼16-715-16-1
17. Team Pinnacle▲35-714-15-1
18. Invictus Gaming Young▲35-816-19-3
19. eStar.Y▼25-912-21-9
20. Oh My Dream▼24-912-21-9
21. All Combo▼24-911-20-9
22. Kaisa Gaming2-109-21-12
23. LGD.Y▲12-106-21-15
23. Top Esports Challenger▲22-106-21-15
25. MAX2-115-24-19
26. WanZhen Esports Club▼32-127-25-18
1. Bilibili Gaming Junior▲214-228-6+22
2. Young Miracles13-329-10+19
3. EDG Youth Team▲112-426-13+13
4. Shu Dai Xiong Gaming▼312-425-12+13
5. FunPlus Phoenix Blaze11-426-10+16
6. LNG Esports Academy11-425-10+15
7. Royal Club10-523-15+8
8. TT Gaming Young10-522-15+7
9. Team WE Academy10-623-15+8
10. Rogue Warriors Shark▲110-621-19+2
11. V5 87▼19-721-18+3
12. Joy Dream9-822-18+4
13. TWELVE▲28-615-150
14. Suning-S▼18-719-18+1
15. Rare Atom Period▲17-817-19-2
16. Sheng Jie Gaming▼27-916-17-1
17. Invictus Gaming Young▲16-918-21-3
18. Team Pinnacle▼15-914-19-5
19. Oh My Dream▲15-1015-24-9
20. All Combo▲15-1013-23-10
21. eStar.Y▼25-1114-25-11
22. Kaisa Gaming4-1113-23-10
23. LGD.Y3-129-25-16
24. Top Esports Challenger▼12-138-27-19
25. MAX2-135-28-23
26. WanZhen Esports Club2-147-29-22
1. Bilibili Gaming Junior14-228-6+22
2. Young Miracles13-329-10+19
3. Shu Dai Xiong Gaming▲113-427-13+14
4. LNG Esports Academy▲212-427-10+17
5. EDG Youth Team▼212-526-15+11
6. FunPlus Phoenix Blaze▼111-426-10+16
7. Team WE Academy▲210-623-15+8
8. TT Gaming Young10-623-17+6
9. Royal Club▼210-623-17+6
10. Rogue Warriors Shark10-621-19+2
11. TWELVE▲29-617-15+2
12. V5 87▼19-721-18+3
13. Joy Dream▼19-822-18+4
14. Suning-S8-719-18+1
15. Invictus Gaming Young▲27-920-21-1
16. Rare Atom Period▼17-918-21-3
17. Team Pinnacle▲15-914-19-5
18. Oh My Dream▲15-1015-24-9
19. All Combo▲15-1013-23-10
20. eStar.Y▲15-1114-25-11
21. Kaisa Gaming▲14-1113-23-10
22. LGD.Y▲13-129-25-16
23. WanZhen Esports Club▲33-149-30-21
24. Top Esports Challenger2-138-27-19
25. MAX2-145-30-25
DQ. Sheng Jie Gaming▼107-916-17-1
1. Young Miracles▲117-337-12+25
2. Shu Dai Xiong Gaming▲117-435-14+21
3. EDG Youth Team▲216-534-15+19
4. FunPlus Phoenix Blaze▲215-434-11+23
5. LNG Esports Academy▼115-533-13+20
6. Bilibili Gaming Junior▼515-531-12+19
7. Royal Club▲214-631-17+14
8. TT Gaming Young14-731-20+11
9. Team WE Academy▼213-729-18+11
10. Rogue Warriors Shark12-725-23+2
11. Joy Dream▲211-1028-22+6
12. V5 8710-1125-26-1
13. Team Pinnacle▲49-1122-24-2
14. Suning-S9-1122-27-5
15. TWELVE▼49-1119-25-6
16. Rare Atom Period9-1223-29-6
17. Invictus Gaming Young▼28-1225-27-2
18. Oh My Dream7-1319-30-11
19. WanZhen Esports Club▲47-1417-31-14
20. All Combo▼16-1315-30-15
21. eStar.Y▼15-1516-33-17
22. Kaisa Gaming▼15-1515-32-17
23. LGD.Y▼14-1612-33-21
24. Top Esports Challenger3-1710-35-25
25. MAX3-178-36-28
DQ. Sheng Jie Gaming7-916-17-1
1. Young Miracles21-345-15+30
2. FunPlus Phoenix Blaze▲220-444-12+32
3. EDG Youth Team20-542-16+26
4. Shu Dai Xiong Gaming▼219-539-17+22
5. LNG Esports Academy19-642-17+25
6. Bilibili Gaming Junior17-836-19+17
7. Team WE Academy▲216-835-23+12
8. Rogue Warriors Shark▲215-932-27+5
9. Royal Club▼215-1035-25+10
10. TT Gaming Young▼215-1035-26+9
11. Suning-S▲313-1130-28+2
12. Joy Dream▼113-1232-27+5
13. Invictus Gaming Young▲412-1334-30+4
14. Rare Atom Period▲211-1327-33-6
15. TWELVE11-1424-33-9
16. Team Pinnacle▼310-1527-33-6
17. V5 87▼510-1527-34-7
18. Oh My Dream9-1523-34-11
19. WanZhen Esports Club9-1622-35-13
20. All Combo6-1816-40-24
21. Kaisa Gaming▲16-1919-41-22
22. eStar.Y▼16-1920-42-22
23. Top Esports Challenger▲16-1918-40-22
24. LGD.Y▼16-1916-40-24
25. MAX4-2113-45-32
DQ. Sheng Jie Gaming7-916-17-1

 Click here for detailed results of the Group Stage matches (Week 1-4)
 Click here for detailed results of the Group Stage matches (Week 5-8)
 Click here for detailed results of the Group Stage matches (Week 9-10)


Semifinals (Bo5)
Young Miracles
May 11, 2021 - 08:00 CET
Aatrox Udyr Corki Senna Tahm Kench
Gnar Olaf Azir Kai'Sa Blitzcrank
Sett Olaf Orianna Kai'Sa Alistar
Aatrox Udyr Azir Samira Galio
Ornn Udyr Orianna Kai'Sa Rakan
Fiora Olaf Syndra Xayah Alistar
Shu Dai Xiong Gaming
FPX Blaze
May 11, 2021 - 10:00 CET
Aatrox Olaf Akali Kai'Sa Alistar
Gnar Udyr Orianna Xayah Galio
Gnar Hecarim Akali Tristana Galio
Gangplank Udyr Twisted Fate Kai'Sa Alistar
Gnar Hecarim Syndra Tristana Alistar
Renekton Udyr LeBlanc Kai'Sa Rell
EDG Youth Team
Finals (Bo5)
Young Miracles
May 12, 2021 - 11:00 CET
FPX Blaze
3rd Place Match (Bo5)
Shu Dai Xiong Gaming
May 12, 2021 - 08:00 CET
EDG Youth Team

Additional Data[edit]

Country Representation[edit]


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