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[e][h] Levi
Player Information
Đỗ Duy Khánh
November 18, 1997 (1997-11-18) (age 22)
Approx. Total Earnings:
Alternate IDs:
L 5 22 9
Signature Champion:
Lee Sin
2016-??-?? – 2016-09-??
2016-12-19 – 2017-12-26
2017-12-26 – 2018-12-13
2018-12-14 - 2019-05-14
2019-05-14 – Present

Đỗ "Levi" Duy Khánh is a Vietnamese player who is playing as Jungler for GIGABYTE Marines.


Đỗ Levi Duy Khánh joined SkyRed as the starting midlaner, later swapping to be the jungler. SkyRed finished 5th in the domestic league. Despite failing to make the playoffs, Levi was hailed as the impetus behind his team’s success. Seen as a mechanically skilled jungler with a keen ability to bust the game open by hunting his opponent counterpart down, many considered him to be one of the best performing junglers that split. His performance earned him his spot on the Vietnamese All-Star team that went on to win in the GPL qualifier and then the IWCI All-Stars event.

2017 Season[edit]

Levi joined GIGABYTE Marines on December 19, 2016. The GIGABYTE Marines then won 2017 Mountain Dew Championship Series Spring and GPL 2017 Spring with no loss match, qualifying them for the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational.

At MSI, the Marines ended the Play-In group stage at 1st place, with a 5-1 record, only dropping a game against LCL's representative, Advancing to the 2nd round, the team faced Team SoloMid and won the first 2 games of the series, before they were reverse swept, ending the match at 2-3. They then defeated SuperMassive eSports in the 3rd round (3-1) to make it to the Group Stage. Although the team failed to make it out of the Group Stage, they still managed to secure a Group Stage spot for the GPL region at the 2017 Season World Championship.

At Worlds, the Marines were placed in group B, alongside Longzhu Gaming, Fnatic, and Immortals. The Marines tied 2nd place with Fnatic and Immortals with a 2-4 record, forcing the three team to compete in a tiebreaker. The Marines advances as the highest seed in the tiebreaker due to shortest combined game victory time, however lost to Fnatic.

2018 Season[edit]

On December 26, 2017, Levi joined 100 Thieves Academy. The team placed 8th in the NA Academy 2018 Spring with a 7-11 record.

At Rift Rivals 2018 NA-EU, Levi substituted 100 Thieves' starting Jungler AnDa. 100 Thieves won only 1 game out of the 3 games they played. Levi also played in the AR URF Showmatch and the 2v2 Matches.

100 Thieves Academy placed 6th in the NA Academy 2018 Summer, barely making into playoffs. However the team lost to CLG Academy in the first round (2-3).

Levi was invited to join the VCS All-Star 2018 as a special guest alongside another Vietnamese jungler SofM.

2019 Season[edit]

Levi joined JD Gaming on December 14, 2018 and will be sharing the starting position with Flawless.


Date Placement Tier Tournament Team Result Prize
2019-10-17 B313 - 16th A1Premier World Championship 2019 World Championship 0001/-/5 1/-/5 Grp. S. $27,813
2019-09-14 A11st A2Major VCS VCS Summer 2019 00080 3 : 0 $17,027
2019-04-21 A22nd A1Premier LoL Pro League LPL Spring 2019 00057 1 : 3 $119,292
2018-07-07 A22nd A1Premier Rift Rivals Rift Rivals 2018: NA vs EU 00057 1 : 3 $5,000
2017-10-12 A99 - 11th A1Premier World Championship 2017 World Championship 0002/-/5 2/-/5 Grp. S. $103,424
2017-08-26 A11st A2Major GPL GPL Summer 2017 00080 3 : 0 $0
2017-08-13 A11st A3Minor VCS VCS A Summer 2017 00080 3 : 0 $11,000
2017-07-06 A22nd A1Premier Rift Rivals Rift Rivals 2017: GPL vs LJL vs OPL 00057 1 : 3 $0
2017-05-14 A66th A1Premier Mid-Season Invitational Mid-Season Invitational 2017 0003/-/7 3/-/7 Grp. S. $84,500
2017-04-02 A11st A3Minor VCS VCS A Spring 2017 00080 3 : 0 $10,782
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  • Known for his aggressive playstyle


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