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Mid Season Invitational

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[e][h] Mid Season Invitational
Series Information
Liquipedia Tier:


May 6 - 23, 2021
12 teams
Iceland Reykjavík, Iceland
May 1 - 19, 2019
13 teams
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Vietnam Hanoi, Vietnam
May 3 - 20, 2018
14 teams
Germany Berlin, Germany
France Paris, France
Apr 28 - May 21, 2017
13 teams
Brazil São Paulo, Brazil
Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
May 4 - 15, 2016
6 teams
China Shanghai, China
May 7 - 10, 2015
6 teams
United States Florida, United States

Team participation[edit]

Results by year[edit]

  • WC: Qualified for the Wild Card phase, but still not qualified for Group Stage.
  • NQ: Not Qualified from qualifers/open qualifers.
  •   -  : Not participate in the tournament (disbanded, inactive, not participating in world circuit or not founded).
Team Best Worst Total
2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
EDward Gaming A11st Z8NQ 1(5) A11st Z8NQ Z8NQ Z8NQ Z8NQ
SK Telecom T1 A11st Z8NQ 4(5) A22nd A11st A11st Z8NQ A33 - 4th
Royal Never Give Up A11st Z8NQ 2(4) Z8- A33 - 4th Z8NQ A11st Z8NQ
G2 Esports A11st Z8NQ 3(5) Z8NQ A55th A22nd Z8NQ A11st
Counter Logic Gaming A22nd Z8NQ 1(5) Z8NQ A22nd Z8NQ Z8NQ Z8NQ
KING-ZONE DragonX A22nd Z8NQ 1(2) Z8- Z8- Z8- A22nd Z8NQ
Team Liquid A22nd Z8NQ 2(5) Z8NQ Z8NQ Z8NQ A55th A22nd
Fnatic A33 - 4th Z8NQ 2(5) A33 - 4th Z8NQ Z8NQ A33 - 4th Z8NQ
ahq e-Sports Club A33 - 4th Z8NQ 1(5) A33 - 4th Z8NQ Z8NQ Z8NQ Z8NQ
Flash Wolves A33 - 4th Z8NQ 4(5) Z8NQ A33 - 4th A33 - 4th A33 - 4th A55th
Team WE A33 - 4th Z8NQ 1(5) Z8NQ Z8NQ A33 - 4th Z8NQ Z8NQ
Invictus Gaming A33 - 4th Z8NQ 1(5) Z8NQ Z8NQ Z8NQ Z8NQ A33 - 4th
TSM A55th Z8NQ 2(5) A55th Z8NQ A55th Z8NQ Z8NQ
Beşiktaş Esports A66th Z8NQ 1(5) A66th Z8NQ Z8NQ Z8NQ Z8NQ
SuperMassive Esports A66th Z8NQ 3(4) Z8- A66th A77th A77 - 8th Z8NQ
GAM Esports A66th Z8NQ 1(3) Z8- Z8- A66th Z8NQ Z8NQ
EVOS Esports A66th Z8NQ 1(2) Z8- Z8- Z8- A66th Z8NQ
Phong Vũ Buffalo A66th Z8NQ 1(3) Z8- Z8- Z8NQ Z8NQ A66th
Vega Squadron A77th Z8NQ 1(4) Z8- Z8NQ Z8NQ Z8NQ A77th
Gambit Esports A77 - 8th Z8NQ 1(3) Z8- Z8- Z8NQ A77 - 8th Z8NQ
RED Canids A88 - 9th Z8NQ 1(4) Z8- Z8NQ A88 - 9th Z8NQ Z8NQ
Lyon Gaming A88 - 9th Z8NQ 1(3) Z8NQ I1WC A88 - 9th Z8- Z8-
1907 Fenerbahçe Esports A88 - 9th Z8NQ 1(3) Z8- Z8- Z8NQ Z8NQ A88 - 9th
DetonatioN FocusMe A88 - 9th Z8NQ 1(5) I1WC I1WC Z8NQ Z8NQ A88 - 9th
Rainbow7 A99 - 10th Z8NQ 1(2) Z8- Z8- Z8- A99 - 10th Z8NQ
KaBuM! e-Sports A99 - 10th Z8NQ 1(5) Z8NQ Z8NQ Z8NQ A99 - 10th Z8NQ
MEGA Esports B010th Z8NQ 1(2) Z8- Z8- Z8- Z8NQ B010th
Dire Wolves B010 - 11th Z8NQ 1(5) Z8NQ Z8NQ B010 - 11th A1111th Z8NQ B010 - 11th Z8NQ 1(2) Z8NQ Z8- B010 - 11th Z8- Z8-
Isurus B111 - 12th Z8NQ 2(4) Z8- I1WC B212 - 13th Z8NQ B111 - 12th
Bombers B111 - 12th Z8NQ 1(2) Z8- Z8- Z8- Z8NQ B111 - 12th
Rampage B212 - 13th Z8NQ 1(2) Z8- Z8NQ B212 - 13th Z8- Z8-
Ascension Gaming B212 - 13th Z8NQ 1(2) Z8- Z8- Z8NQ B212 - 13th Z8-
Kaos Latin Gamers B212 - 13th Z8NQ 1(5) I1WC Z8NQ Z8NQ B212 - 13th Z8NQ
INTZ B313th Z8NQ 1(5) I1WC I1WC Z8NQ Z8NQ B313th
PENTAGRAM B414th B414th 1(1) Z8- Z8- Z8- B414th Z8-
Hard Random I1WC I1WC 0(2) I1WC I1WC Z8- Z8- Z8-
Bangkok Titans I1WC Z8NQ 0(3) I1WC Z8NQ Z8NQ Z8- Z8-
Chiefs Esports Club I1WC Z8NQ 0(5) I1WC I1WC Z8NQ Z8NQ Z8NQ
Saigon Jokers I1WC Z8NQ 0(2) Z8NQ I1WC Z8- Z8- Z8-

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