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Moss Seven Club

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[e][h]Moss Seven Club
Team Information
Total Earnings:



Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
ID Name Position Join Date
China Ink Huang Huan-Yi (黄焕铱) Top
China Jeff Li Jia-Feng (李佳峰) Top
China xiaofan Xie Tao (谢滔) Jungle
China Nobody Wang Fan (王帆) Bot
China Mushroom Zhang Xiao-Fu (张肖夫) Bot
China Hxin Hu Xin (胡鑫) Support


Former Players
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
China YaGao Ceng Qi (曾奇) Mid 2017-12-19 JD GamingJD Gaming JD Gaming
China Remedy Support 2017-12-19 Triumphant Song GamingTriumphant Song Gaming Triumphant Song Gaming
Former Players
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
China M1anhua Chen Jia-Hao (陈家豪) jungle 2017-??-?? 2018-05-22[1] Bilibili GamingBilibili Gaming Bilibili Gaming
China Gentle Yao Xi-Jian (姚熙鉴) Bot 2018-03-02 2018-05-22[1] Team WETeam WE Team WE



Date Placement Tier Tournament Results Prize
2018-09-23 A77 - 8th A2Major LoL Development League LDL Summer Finals 2018 0 : 2 Young MiraclesYoung Miracles $0
2018-05-10 A55 - 8th A2Major LoL Development League LDL Spring Finals 2018  : 2 ThunderTalk GamingThunderTalk Gaming $0
2018-04-29 A22nd A3Minor LoL Development League LDL Shenzhen Spring 2018 10/-/4 Grp. S. $0
2017-12-28 B616 - 22nd A2Major Demacia Cup Demacia Championship 2017 1 : 2 JD GamingJD Gaming $0
2017-09-17 B717 - 19th A2Major National Electronic Sports Tournament NEST 2017 1 : 2 Joy DreamJoy Dream $0
2017-08-16 A99th A2Major LSPL LSPL Summer 2017 7/-/15 Grp. S. $0
2017-06-04 B721 - 28th A2Major Demacia Cup Demacia Cup 2017 1 : 2 Legend DragonLegend Dragon $0
2017-04-23 A33rd A3Minor Tencent Global Esports Arena TGA Hero of Cities - Season 12 2 : 0 Team FighterTeam Fighter $4,365
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Recent Matches[edit]

DateTimeTierTournamentScoreVs. Team
2018-09-23A2MajorLDL Summer Finals 2018 - Losers' Round 1LDL Summer Finals 2018 - Losers' Round 10 : 2Young MiraclesYoung Miracles YM
2018-09-19A2MajorLDL Summer Finals 2018 - QuarterfinalsLDL Summer Finals 2018 - Quarterfinals1 : 2Unlimited PotentialUnlimited Potential UP
2018-09-0108:00 UTCA3MinorLDL Shenzhen Summer 2018 - Week 9LDL Shenzhen Summer 2018 - Week 92 : 0DengKaiLiDengKaiLi DKL
2018-08-3008:00 UTCA3MinorLDL Shenzhen Summer 2018 - Week 9LDL Shenzhen Summer 2018 - Week 92 : 0Rogue Warriors SharkRogue Warriors Shark RWS
2018-08-2508:00 UTCA3MinorLDL Shenzhen Summer 2018 - Week 8LDL Shenzhen Summer 2018 - Week 82 : 0Team FighterTeam Fighter TF
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Additional Content[edit]





Match Highlights[edit]


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