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Random list of 100 retired players/coaches/commentators etc.
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World Player Team Role Role 2

United States Imaqtpie Ad carry
Japan Roki Mid
Peru Oddie Jungle
Belgium BarneyD Support
Singapore Zappy Support
Netherlands Metalx Ad carry
China XiaoXiao Support
Netherlands Vizility Ad carry
Belgium ImSoFresh Jungle Coach
Finland Sairusq Jungle
China Chaox Coach Ad carry
United States Hai Mid
Russia Darien Top
Estonia puszu Ad carry
Ukraine Kirrrra Top Mid
Australia Raid Ad carry
Lithuania Angush Top
Singapore HaRleLuYaR Support Jungle
South Korea Balkhan Jungle
China Fireloli Jungle
Hong Kong Gear Mid
Japan Reiya Top
Netherlands Morsu Top
South Korea Raven Ad carry Mid
Russia Symphony Jungle
Germany LaMiaZeaLoT Ad carry
Japan Arfoad Top
China WeiXiao Ad carry Coach
Vietnam Warzone Mid
China Zz1tai Top
Sweden Muvert Support
Taiwan DinTer Jungle Ad carry
Taiwan MiSTakE Analyst Support
United States Zuna Ad carry
Estonia Voidle Support
China GodLike Top
South Korea Looper Top
Spain ocelote Mid
Poland Shushei Mid
Hungary Vizicsacsi Top
Singapore EquivocaL Jungle
Hong Kong Toyz Coach Mid
Sweden G0DFRED Support
Sweden FatMamma Support
Switzerland Airwaks Jungle
United States wingsofdeathx Top
Taiwan Westdoor Jungle Mid
Sweden Mimer Top
South Korea H0R0 Jungle
China PDD Top Coach
China Cola Top
Russia Alex Ich Mid
Russia VincentVega Ad carry
South Korea CloudTemplar Jungle
Sweden cowTard Mid
China Gogoing Top
United States Patoy Support
China Aluka Top
South Korea Sangyoon Ad carry
United States Voyboy Mid Top
Estonia Klaabu Mid
Thailand 007x Jungle Top
Germany MoMa Mid
Afghanistan Safir Ad carry
China Letme Top
Chile Slow Support
Denmark Kronos Jungle
South Korea Imp Ad carry
South Korea Justice Mid
Denmark Zorozero Top
South Korea RapidStar Coach Mid
United Kingdom Shacker Jungle
China FZZF Support
Russia Archie2B Support
South Korea Tom Coach Jungle
Finland Cyanide Jungle
China GODV
Taiwan Stanley Top Coach
South Korea Score Jungle Ad carry
Chile Plugo Mid
China Kitties Support
Poland Dedrayon Jungle
Japan Akasi Ad carry Top
Canada Jatt Coach Caster
United States TheRainMan Jungle
United Kingdom Snoopeh Jungle
Germany CandyPanda Ad carry
United States Phantoml0rd Mid
Thailand KazeTAR Ad carry
China LoveLing Jungle Support
Sweden Malunoo Jungle
Denmark TheTess Ad carry
Canada Shiphtur Mid Support
South Korea DanDy Coach Jungle
Costa Rica Acerola Jungle
Japan Rainbrain Jungle Top
Sweden Jree Support
South Korea Watch Jungle
South Korea MadLife Support
South Korea Cpt Jack Ad carry