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The Chain Warden
“The mind is a wondrous thing to tear apart.”
Champion Information
Shadow Isles
Primary Role
Secondary Role
4800 Blue Essence  880 Riot Points
Attack Type:
Resource Bar:
Release Date:
Base Statistics
560.52 (+93)
Health Regen:
7 (+0.55)
273.92 (+44)
Mana Regen:
6 (+0.8)
Attack Damage:
56 (+2.2)
Attacks Speed:
0.625 (+3.5%)
Attack Range:
28 (+0)
Magic Resistance:
30 (+0.5)
Movement Speed:
Esports Statistics
Win Rate:
4031W : 3818L (51.36%)


Basic Attacks: Thresh's basic attacks do not use projectiles and his basic attack wind-up is only reduced by 0.25% per 1% bonus attack speed (compared to the standard 1% per 1%).

Innate:Enemies who die near Thresh drop souls for 8 seconds, which he can collect by either approaching them or by placing Dark Passage's lantern near them. Each collected soul permanently grants Thresh icon 0.75 bonus ability power, 0.75 bonus armor and increases Dark Passage's shield's strength and Flay's minimum bonus magic damage by 1.

Champions and large enemies always drop 1 soul, epic monsters always drop 2, but small minions and monsters only have a 33% chance to drop 1. Souls are visible to allies and only become visible to enemies if their team has sight of Thresh.
Death Sentence
Direction / Auto
Enemies / Self
Damage Type
First Cast - DEATH SENTENCE: After a 0.5-second delay, Thresh throws out his scythe in the target direction and forms a tether with the first enemy hit, dealing Ability power magic damage and Stun icon stunning them for 1.5 seconds. Hitting an enemy reduces Death Sentence's Cooldown reduction icon cooldown by 3 seconds.

While the tether persists, Thresh is disarmed and periodically tugs at his scythe's chain, pulling the target a short distance towards himself. After 0.5 seconds, or instantly upon hitting a minion or monster, Thresh can cast Death Leap Death Leap while the tether holds.

Second Cast- DEATH LEAP: Thresh dashes to the tethered enemy, removing the stun but becoming able to attack again.
Tether Radius:Global
Ability Damage:80 / 120 / 160 / 200 / 240 (+50% of Ability Power)
16 / 15 / 14 / 13 / 12
Dark Passage
Active: Thresh throws his lantern to the target location, revealing its immediate surroundings and collecting nearby souls for the duration. The lantern remains for 6 seconds and automatically returns to Thresh if he moves more than 1500 units away from it.

Thresh and the first ally to come near the lantern is Hybrid resistances for 4 seconds.

An ally that grabs the lantern will dash to Thresh's location and shield themselves for the same duration.
Effect Radius:150
Shield Strengtgh:60 / 100 / 140 / 180 / 220 (+ 1 per collected soul)
22 / 19.5 / 17 / 14.5 / 12
50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70
Damage Type
Passive: Thresh's basic attacks deal bonus magic damage, increasing with time spent not attacking enemy units or neutral monsters.

Active: Thresh sweeps his chain in a broad line towards the target direction, dealing magic damage to enemies hit, knocking them in the chain's direction, and slowing them afterwards for 1 second.
Bonus Magic Damage:Collected souls (+ up to 100 / 125 / 150 / 175 / 200% of Attack Damage)
Magic Damage:65 / 95 / 125 / 155 / 185 (+40% of Ability Power)
Slow:20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40%
60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80
The Box
No Target
Damage Type
Active: After a 0.75-second delay, Thresh surrounds himself with 5 spectral walls, each lasting for up to 5 seconds. Walls break upon contact with an enemy champion, dealing magic damage and slowing by 99% for 2 seconds.

Enemy champions hitting any wall beyond the first take no damage and are slowed for only 1 second.
Effect Radius:450
Magic Damage:250 / 400 / 550 (+100% of Attack Damage)
140 / 120 / 100


Sadistic and cunning, Thresh is a restless spirit who prides himself on tormenting mortals and breaking them with slow, excruciating inventiveness. His victims suffer far beyond the point of death, for Thresh wreaks agony upon their souls, imprisoning them in his lantern to torture for all eternity.

In an age history has all but forgotten, the man who would later be known as Thresh was once a member of an order devoted to gathering and protecting knowledge. The masters of this order tasked him with guarding a hidden underground vault filled with dangerous and corrupted magical artifacts. Thresh was incredibly strong-willed and methodical, which made him well-suited to such work.

The vault Thresh guarded was buried deep beneath the citadel at the center of an island chain and protected by runic sigils, arcane locks and potent wards. Spending such time in the presence of dark spells began to affect Thresh as the magic sought out his innate malice. For years the relics preyed on his insecurities, taunting him with his deepest fears and feeding his bitterness.

Thresh’s spite surfaced through wanton acts of cruelty, as his talent for exploiting vulnerability bloomed. He slowly tore pages out of a living book, binding it back together when it was all but spent. He scratched the glass of a mirror bound with the memory of an ancient mage until it was opaque, trapping the man in darkness, only to polish it anew and repeat. Just as a secret wants to be told, a spell wants nothing more than to be cast, and Thresh denied this each day. He would start to recite an incantation, then let the words trickle off his tongue, halting just before the last syllable.

He became exquisitely skilled at covering all evidence of his cruelty, such that no one in the order suspected he was anything other than a disciplined guard. The vault had grown so vast that no one knew its contents as completely as Thresh, and the lesser artifacts faded from the order’s memory, as did Thresh himself.

He resented that he had to hide his meticulous work. Everything under his watch was evil, or corrupted in some way - why shouldn’t he be free to do as he would?

The vault held many peculiar magical artifacts but no people, until one day when a chained man was dragged into the sunken catacombs. He was a warlock who had infused his body with raw sorcery, which gave him the power to regenerate his flesh, no matter how grievous the wound.

Thresh was delighted at his new ward - a being who could feel the full range of human suffering, but would not perish, a plaything he could torment for years to come. He started methodically separating the warlock’s skin from his flesh with a hook, and used his chains to lash and tear the open wound until it healed. He took to wearing the chains as he patrolled the vault, reveling in the warlock’s fear at the long, dragging sound of his approach.

With ample charges to torment in the vault, Thresh became even more distanced from the order above. He began to take his meals in his underground chamber lit by a single lantern, rarely emerging from the catacombs. His skin developed a pallid complexion from lack of sunlight, and his face became gaunt and hollow. Members of the order avoided him, and when a series of mysterious disappearances plagued the order, none thought to investigate Thresh’s lair.

When the disaster known as the Ruination struck, magical shockwaves claimed the lives of all who lived on the isles and transformed them into a state of undeath. While others screamed in anguish, Thresh reveled in the ruin. He rose from this cataclysm as a spectral abomination, but unlike many who have passed into the shadow world, Thresh did not lose his identity. Rather, his penchant for cruel torture and ability to discern weakness was only heightened.

He relished the chance to continue his cruelty without fear of reprisal, unfettered by the limits of mortality. As a wraith, Thresh could torment the living and the dead endlessly, delighting in their despair before claiming their soul for an eternity of suffering.

Thresh now seeks only particular victims: the most clever and resilient, and those with a strong will. His greatest joy comes from tormenting his victims until they lose any last glimmer of hope, before facing the inevitable hook of his chains.

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