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Player Information
Đoàn Văn Ngọc Sơn
September 23, 1994 (age 28)
Alternate IDs:
Approx. Total Winnings:
2013-??-?? — 2014-??-??
????-??-?? — 2014-08-??
2017-05-22 — 2017-11-21
2015-03-19 — 2015-05-16
2015-05-16 — 2015-08-14
2015-08-14 — 2015-11-30
2015-12-14 — 2016-11-28
2016-12-?? — 2017-??-??
2017-05-23 — 2017-12-14
2017-12-14 — 2018-09-25
2018-09-25 — 2018-??-??
EVOS Esports (Streamer)

Đoàn "Warzone" Văn Ngọc Sơn is a Vietnamese player who has retired, he last played as a mid laner EVOS Esports where he now streams. Previously known as Curot.


2019-08-297th - 8thA2A-TierCK Summer 2019CKCKCK Summer 2019MVPMVPMVP2/12Grp S.$2,466
2018-09-224thA2A-TierVCS Summer 2018Vietnam Championship SeriesVietnam Championship SeriesVCS Summer 2018EVOS EsportsEVOS EsportsEVOS Esports2 : 3Adonis EsportsAdonis Esports$5,360
2018-07-073rdA1S-TierRift Rivals 2018: LCL vs TCL vs VCSRift Rivals LCL-TCL-VCSRift Rivals LCL-TCL-VCSRift Rivals 2018: LCL vs TCL vs VCSEVOS EsportsEVOS EsportsEVOS Esports1 : 3Turkish Champions LeagueTurkish Champions League$4,000
2018-06-061stA8Qualifier2018 Asian Games - South East Asia QualifierAsian GamesAsian Games2018 Asian Games - South East Asia QualifierVietnamVietnamVietnam11/1Grp S. 
2018-05-156thA1S-TierMid-Season Invitational 2018Mid-Season InvitationalMid-Season InvitationalMid-Season Invitational 2018EVOS EsportsEVOS EsportsEVOS Esports2/8Grp S.$68,526
2018-04-071stA2A-TierVCS Spring 2018Vietnam Championship SeriesVietnam Championship SeriesVCS Spring 2018EVOS EsportsEVOS EsportsEVOS Esports3 : 2GAM EsportsGAM Esports$22,000
2017-12-171stA8QualifierVCS Spring 2018 - PromotionVCSVCS Spring 2018 - PromotionEVOS EsportsEVOS EsportsEVOS Esports3 : 0Hall of FameHall of Fame 
2017-08-136thA3B-TierVCS A Summer 2017VCS AVCS AVCS A Summer 2017Cantho CherryCantho CherryCantho Cherry4/10Grp S.$2,641
2017-03-196thA3B-TierVCS A Spring 2017VCS AVCS AVCS A Spring 2017ROG FriendsROG FriendsROG Friends4/8Grp S.$2,803
2015-01-303rd - 4thA2A-TierIEM Season IX - TaipeiIntel Extreme MastersIntel Extreme MastersIEM Season IX - TaipeiSaigon JokersSaigon JokersSaigon Jokers0 : 2Taipei AssassinsTaipei Assassins$5,000
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