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[e][h]EVOS LegendsEVOS Legends Ageee
Player Information
Steven Andreas Gunawan
Alternate IDs:
2021-02-15 — 2022-06-28Bigetron Alpha
2022-08-01 — PresentEVOS Legends
2022-09-01 — 2022-09-15EVOS Legends(AC.)
2022-09-15 — PresentEVOS Legends(A.)

Steven "Ageee" Gunawan is an Indonesian player who is currently playing as an analyst for EVOS Legends.


2022-11-049th - 12thA2A-TierONE Esports MPL Invitational 2022MPLIMPLIONE Esports MPL Invitational 2022EVOS LegendsEVOS LegendsEVOS Legends1 : 2Bren EsportsBren Esports$2,000
2022-10-027thA2A-TierMPL Indonesia Season 10MPL IndonesiaMPL IndonesiaMPL Indonesia Season 10EVOS LegendsEVOS LegendsEVOS Legends5/9Grp S. 
2022-04-215th - 6thA2A-TierMPL Indonesia Season 9MPL IndonesiaMPL IndonesiaMPL Indonesia Season 9Bigetron AlphaBigetron AlphaBigetron Alpha2 : 3AURA FireAURA Fire$10,525
2021-12-173rd - 4thA3B-TierPiala Presiden Esports 2021Piala PresidenPiala PresidenPiala Presiden Esports 2021Bigetron AlphaBigetron AlphaBigetron Alpha1 : 2Alter EgoAlter Ego$1,057
2021-11-271stA10QualifierPiala Presiden Esports 2021 - Open QualifierPiala PresidenPiala PresidenPiala Presiden Esports 2021 - Open QualifierBigetron AlphaBigetron AlphaBigetron Alpha2 : 0EVOS LegendsEVOS Legends$693
2021-11-055th - 8thA2A-TierONE Esports MPL Invitational 2021MPLIMPLIONE Esports MPL Invitational 2021Bigetron AlphaBigetron AlphaBigetron Alpha0 : 2Blacklist InternationalBlacklist International$3,000
2021-10-245th - 6thA2A-TierMPL Indonesia Season 8MPL IndonesiaMPL IndonesiaMPL Indonesia Season 8Bigetron AlphaBigetron AlphaBigetron Alpha1 : 3Alter EgoAlter Ego$10,525
2021-07-314thA3B-TierNimo TV Mobile Legends Arena Season 3Nimo TV Mobile Legends Arena Season 3Bigetron AlphaBigetron AlphaBigetron Alpha1 : 2Alter EgoAlter Ego$762
2021-06-135th - 6thA2A-TierMLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2021MLBB Southeast Asia CupMLBB Southeast Asia CupMLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2021Bigetron AlphaBigetron AlphaBigetron Alpha1 : 2RSG MalaysiaRSG Malaysia$5,000
2021-05-022ndA2A-TierMPL Indonesia Season 7MPL IndonesiaMPL IndonesiaMPL Indonesia Season 7Bigetron AlphaBigetron AlphaBigetron Alpha2 : 4EVOS LegendsEVOS Legends$67,200
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