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[e][h]RRQ HoshiRRQ Hoshi Clayyy
Player Information
Deden Muhammad Nurhasan
April 2, 2003 (age 19)
Alternate IDs:
Approx. Total Winnings:
Signature Heroes:
Yve Pharsa Xavier Kagura Lunox
MPL IndonesiaMPL Indonesia
2020-01-16 — 2021-07-07Aerowolf Pro Team
2021-07-07 — PresentRRQ Hoshi

Deden "Clayyy" Nurhasan (born April 2, 2003) is an Indonesian player who is currently playing as a Mid Laner for RRQ Hoshi.


After a disappointing run with Saints Indo in MPL Indonesia Season 3. Clayyy join Aerowolf Pro Team at MPL Indonesia Season 5. However Clayyy only get mediocre results as he finished both MPL Indonesia Season 5 and Season 6 in 5-6th place.

But in MPL Indonesia Season 7, Genflix Aerowolf surprisingly defeated RRQ Hoshi in the play-in round, bringing the defending champion home. After defeating RRQ Hoshi they were defeated by EVOS Legends in the Upper Bracket round. In the Lower Bracket they beat ONIC Esports, the Top 1 Team in the Regular Season. They were once again defeated by EVOS Legends and had to finish Third Place.

After MPL ID Season 7, Aerowolf Pro Team disbanded and Clayyy joined RRQ Hoshi. RRQ Hoshi had to finish Second Place in MPL Indonesia Season 8 and failed badly in the M3 World Championship. Clayyy finally lifted his first trophy at MPL Indonesia Season 9 and finished Second Place at MSC 2022.



2022-10-232ndA2A-TierMPL Indonesia Season 10MPL IndonesiaMPL IndonesiaMPL Indonesia Season 10RRQ HoshiRRQ HoshiRRQ Hoshi1 : 4ONIC EsportsONIC Esports$32,000
2022-06-192ndA2A-TierMLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2022MLBB Southeast Asia CupMLBB Southeast Asia CupMLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2022RRQ HoshiRRQ HoshiRRQ Hoshi0 : 4RSG PhilippinesRSG Philippines$60,000
2022-04-241stA2A-TierMPL Indonesia Season 9MPL IndonesiaMPL IndonesiaMPL Indonesia Season 9RRQ HoshiRRQ HoshiRRQ Hoshi4 : 1ONIC EsportsONIC Esports$140,000
2021-12-175th - 6thA1S-TierM3 World ChampionshipM World ChampionshipM World ChampionshipM3 World ChampionshipRRQ HoshiRRQ HoshiRRQ Hoshi0 : 3Blacklist InternationalBlacklist International$40,000
2021-10-242ndA2A-TierMPL Indonesia Season 8MPL IndonesiaMPL IndonesiaMPL Indonesia Season 8RRQ HoshiRRQ HoshiRRQ Hoshi3 : 4ONIC EsportsONIC Esports$67,200
2021-05-023rdA2A-TierMPL Indonesia Season 7MPL IndonesiaMPL IndonesiaMPL Indonesia Season 7Aerowolf Pro TeamAerowolf Pro TeamAerowolf Pro Team0 : 2EVOS LegendsEVOS Legends$28,000
2020-10-185th - 6thA2A-TierMPL Indonesia Season 6MPL IndonesiaMPL IndonesiaMPL Indonesia Season 6Aerowolf Pro TeamAerowolf Pro TeamAerowolf Pro Team0 : 2Bigetron AlphaBigetron Alpha$10,525
2020-04-125th - 6thA2A-TierMPL Indonesia Season 5MPL IndonesiaMPL IndonesiaMPL Indonesia Season 5Aerowolf Pro TeamAerowolf Pro TeamAerowolf Pro Team0 : 2EVOS LegendsEVOS Legends$10,525
2019-07-142ndA4C-TierBEKRAF Game Prime 2019BEKRAF Game Prime 2019Saints IndoSaints IndoSaints Indo1 : 2Louvre EsportsLouvre Esports$1,071
2019-04-079th - 12thA2A-TierMPL Indonesia Season 3MPL IndonesiaMPL IndonesiaMPL Indonesia Season 3Saints IndoSaints IndoSaints Indo0/11Grp S.$2,700
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