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MPL Indonesia Season 12

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[e][h]MPL Indonesia Season 12
We Own This
League Information
Official Device:
Indonesia Jakarta
XO Hall (MPL Arena)
(Regular Season)
Mahaka Square
Regular Season:
Double Round Robin
Hybrid Elimination
Prize Pool:
$336,500 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Number of teams:
Upcoming Matches
RBL Rebellion ZionRebellion Zionvs.Geek Fam IDGeek Fam ID GFID
September 23, 2023 - 08:00 UTC
AURA AURA FireAURA Firevs.Alter EgoAlter Ego AE
September 23, 2023 - 10:30 UTC
EVOS EVOS LegendsEVOS Legendsvs.ONIC EsportsONIC Esports ONIC
September 23, 2023 - 13:00 UTC
BTR Bigetron AlphaBigetron Alphavs.EVOS LegendsEVOS Legends EVOS
September 24, 2023 - 09:30 UTC
RRQ Rex Regum QeonRex Regum Qeonvs.Dewa United EsportsDewa United Esports DEWA
September 24, 2023 - 12:00 UTC

Mobile Legends Professional League Indonesia (also known as MPL Indonesia or MPL ID) is a Professional League in Indonesia Indonesia. For the 9th consecutive season, the league adopts a franchise system.

This season, Dewa United EsportsDewa United Esports Dewa United Esports is announced as the 9th team to participate the league.[1]

Format MPL Indonesia Season 12[edit]

  • Regular Season: July 13th - September 24th, 2023
    • Double Round Robin
    • All Matches are Bo3
      • Earn 1 point for each match win
      • Earn 0 point for each match lose
    • Top 6 teams will advance to playoffs
  • Playoffs: October 11th-15th, 2023
    • Hybrid elimination
      • 3rd to 6th seeded teams compete in Round 1 (Single elimination)
      • 1st and 2nd seeded teams receive a round bye and will start in Round 2 (Double elimination)
    • All matches are played in a Bo5. Grand final is played in a Bo7.
    • Top 2 qualifies to M5 World Championship

Prize Pool[edit]

$336,500 USD are spread among the participants as seen below:

Note: No public information regarding the prizepool distribution was announced.


Participants MPL Indonesia Season 12[edit]

Roster Moves[edit]

Participating Teams[edit]

Player Info
Alter Ego
Indonesia Variety
RoamerIndonesia Rekt
Main RosterStaff
Head CoachIndonesia Caesius
Indonesia Nafari
Indonesia Arss
Main RosterSubstitutes
EXP LaneIndonesia PAI
JunglerIndonesia Celiboy
MiddleIndonesia Udil
Gold LaneIndonesia Nino
RoamerIndonesia Rasy
EXP LaneIndonesia Kimura
MiddleIndonesia Facehugger
RoamerIndonesia SamoHT
Main RosterStaff
Indonesia Pahlevi
Indonesia SaintDeLucaz
Main RosterSubstitutes
EXP LaneIndonesia Aran
JunglerIndonesia VAN
MiddleIndonesia Syn
Gold LaneIndonesia Kabuki
RoamerIndonesia High
Bigetron Alpha
EXP LaneIndonesia Narashi
FlexIndonesia Kyy
Gold Lane
Indonesia Saken
Main RosterStaff
Head CoachIndonesia Aldo
Indonesia Razeboy
Indonesia Falah
Main RosterSubstitutes
EXP LaneIndonesia Xorizo
JunglerIndonesia Kenn
MiddleIndonesia Morenoo
Gold LaneIndonesia Xyve
RoamerIndonesia VYN
EVOS Legends
EXP LaneIndonesia Fluffy
JunglerIndonesia Tazz
Gold LaneIndonesia Douma
EXP Lane
Philippines Dlar
Indonesia Hijumee
Indonesia DreamS
Main RosterStaff
Head CoachIndonesia Age
Assistant CoachIndonesia Caleb
Indonesia TaxStump
Main RosterSubstitutes
EXP LaneIndonesia Veldora
JunglerIndonesia Sutsujin
MiddleIndonesia Cr1te
Gold LaneIndonesia Branz
RoamerIndonesia VaanStrong
Geek Fam ID
Gold LanePhilippines Markyyyyy
Main RosterStaff
Indonesia Ervan
Indonesia Renz
Main RosterSubstitutes
EXP LaneIndonesia Luke
ONIC ProdigyONIC Prodigy
Indonesia Nnael
MiddleIndonesia Aboy
Gold LaneIndonesia Caderaa
RoamerPhilippines Baloyskie
1 Geek Fam ID ended partnership with Slate Esports, team returned as Geek Fam ID.
ONIC Esports
FlexIndonesia Drian
FlexIndonesia Alberttt
Main RosterStaff
Head CoachPhilippines Yeb
Indonesia Adi
Main RosterSubstitutes
EXP LaneIndonesia Butsss
JunglerPhilippines Kairi
MiddleIndonesia Sanz
Gold LaneIndonesia CW
RoamerIndonesia Kiboy
Rebellion Zion
MiddleIndonesia Renbuu
Main RosterStaff
Head CoachIndonesia Cikoo
Indonesia Vivy
Main RosterSubstitutes
EXP LaneIndonesia Karss
JunglerIndonesia Vincentt
MiddleIndonesia SwayLow
Gold LaneIndonesia Haiz
RoamerIndonesia Audycs
Rex Regum Qeon
EXP LaneIndonesia Dyrennn
Gold Lane
Indonesia Xinnn
FlexIndonesia Lemon
Indonesia Cipuy
Main RosterStaff
Head CoachMyanmar Zaya
Indonesia Rave
Main RosterSubstitutes
EXP LaneIndonesia Banana
JunglerIndonesia Ferxiic
MiddleIndonesia Clay
Gold LaneIndonesia Skylar
RoamerMyanmar Naomi
Dewa United
EXP LaneIndonesia Pendragon
JunglerIndonesia Reyy
Alter EgoAlter Ego
Indonesia LeoMurphy
Main RosterStaff
Head CoachIndonesia Jacklee
Indonesia Paddington
Main RosterSubstitutes
EXP LaneIndonesia Dyx0n
JunglerIndonesia Lanaya
MiddleIndonesia Keyz
Gold LaneIndonesia Watt
RoamerIndonesia Shacco

Results MPL Indonesia Season 12[edit]

Regular Season[edit]

Indonesia Regular Season
1.Rex Regum QeonRex Regum Qeon Rex Regum Qeon3-06-1
2.Bigetron AlphaBigetron Alpha Bigetron Alpha2-04-1
3.Dewa United EsportsDewa United Esports Dewa United Esports2-04-2
4.ONIC EsportsONIC Esports ONIC Esports1-13-2
5.Rebellion ZionRebellion Zion Rebellion Zion1-23-5
EVOS LegendsEVOS Legends EVOS Legends0-00-0
7.Alter EgoAlter Ego Alter Ego0-21-4
7.AURA FireAURA Fire AURA Fire0-21-4
7.Geek Fam IDGeek Fam ID Geek Fam ID0-21-4
1.Rex Regum QeonRex Regum Qeon Rex Regum Qeon5-010-2
2.ONIC EsportsONIC Esports ONIC Esports▲23-17-2
3.Bigetron AlphaBigetron Alpha Bigetron Alpha▼13-16-3
4.EVOS LegendsEVOS Legends EVOS Legends2-15-3
5.Rebellion ZionRebellion Zion Rebellion Zion2-25-5
6.Dewa United EsportsDewa United Esports Dewa United Esports▼32-24-6
7.Geek Fam IDGeek Fam ID Geek Fam ID1-34-6
8.AURA FireAURA Fire AURA Fire▼10-31-6
9.Alter EgoAlter Ego Alter Ego▼20-51-10
1.Rex Regum QeonRex Regum Qeon Rex Regum Qeon5-111-4
2.ONIC EsportsONIC Esports ONIC Esports5-211-5
3.Bigetron AlphaBigetron Alpha Bigetron Alpha4-28-5
4.EVOS LegendsEVOS Legends EVOS Legends4-29-6
5.Dewa United EsportsDewa United Esports Dewa United Esports▲13-36-8
6.AURA FireAURA Fire AURA Fire▲22-46-8
7.Geek Fam IDGeek Fam ID Geek Fam ID2-46-9
7.Rebellion ZionRebellion Zion Rebellion Zion▼22-46-9
9.Alter EgoAlter Ego Alter Ego0-51-10
1.ONIC EsportsONIC Esports ONIC Esports▲16-213-5
2.Rex Regum QeonRex Regum Qeon Rex Regum Qeon▼16-213-6
3.Bigetron AlphaBigetron Alpha Bigetron Alpha5-310-8
4.EVOS LegendsEVOS Legends EVOS Legends4-410-10
5.AURA FireAURA Fire AURA Fire▲13-58-10
6.Geek Fam IDGeek Fam ID Geek Fam ID▲13-58-11
7.Rebellion ZionRebellion Zion Rebellion Zion3-58-11
8.Alter EgoAlter Ego Alter Ego▲13-57-10
9.Dewa United EsportsDewa United Esports Dewa United Esports▼43-56-12
1.Rex Regum QeonRex Regum Qeon Rex Regum Qeon▲18-217-8
2.ONIC EsportsONIC Esports ONIC Esports▼17-315-7
3.Geek Fam IDGeek Fam ID Geek Fam ID▲35-512-11
4.Bigetron AlphaBigetron Alpha Bigetron Alpha▼15-511-12
5.EVOS LegendsEVOS Legends EVOS Legends▼14-410-10
6.AURA FireAURA Fire AURA Fire▼14-611-12
7.Rebellion ZionRebellion Zion Rebellion Zion4-610-14
8.Dewa United EsportsDewa United Esports Dewa United Esports▲14-68-14
9.Alter EgoAlter Ego Alter Ego▼14-811-17
1.ONIC EsportsONIC Esports ONIC Esports▲19-319-8
2.Rex Regum QeonRex Regum Qeon Rex Regum Qeon▼19-420-13
3.Geek Fam IDGeek Fam ID Geek Fam ID6-514-11
4.Rebellion ZionRebellion Zion Rebellion Zion▲36-614-15
5.Dewa United EsportsDewa United Esports Dewa United Esports▲36-713-18
6.Bigetron AlphaBigetron Alpha Bigetron Alpha▼25-713-16
7.Alter EgoAlter Ego Alter Ego▲25-813-18
8.AURA FireAURA Fire AURA Fire▼24-711-14
9.EVOS LegendsEVOS Legends EVOS Legends▼44-712-16
1.ONIC EsportsONIC Esports ONIC Esports11-323-8
2.Rex Regum QeonRex Regum Qeon Rex Regum Qeon10-422-13
3.Geek Fam IDGeek Fam ID Geek Fam ID7-616-14
4.Rebellion ZionRebellion Zion Rebellion Zion7-716-17
5.Dewa United EsportsDewa United Esports Dewa United Esports7-816-20
6.Bigetron AlphaBigetron Alpha Bigetron Alpha6-815-18
7.Alter EgoAlter Ego Alter Ego6-916-21
8.EVOS LegendsEVOS Legends EVOS Legends▲15-814-18
9.AURA FireAURA Fire AURA Fire▼14-1011-20
1.ONIC EsportsONIC Esports ONIC Esports12-325-8
2.Rex Regum QeonRex Regum Qeon Rex Regum Qeon10-522-15
3.Geek Fam IDGeek Fam ID Geek Fam ID9-620-15
4.Rebellion ZionRebellion Zion Rebellion Zion7-816-19
5.Dewa United EsportsDewa United Esports Dewa United Esports7-816-20
6.EVOS LegendsEVOS Legends EVOS Legends▲26-816-18
7.Alter EgoAlter Ego Alter Ego6-916-21
8.Bigetron AlphaBigetron Alpha Bigetron Alpha▼26-915-20
9.AURA FireAURA Fire AURA Fire4-1112-22

Tiebreakers: 1.Matches Win | 2.Matches% | 3. Games Win % | 4. H2H [2]

ONIC EsportsONIC Esports2-0Sep 92-0Jul 272-0Aug 52-0Sep 152-0Sep 220-2Aug 192-1Aug 62-1Sep 83-22-0, 1-24-02-0, 2-02-02-0, -2-22-0, 0-24-02-0, 2-02-20-2, 2-04-12-1, 2-04-12-1, 2-0
Rex Regum QeonRex Regum Qeon2-1Jul 150-2Aug 122-0Sep 162-1Aug 192-0Jul 300-2Sep 211-2Sep 7Sep 242-32-1, 0-22-30-2, 2-14-12-0, 2-14-12-1, 2-04-12-0, 2-11-40-2, 1-23-21-2, 2-02-0-, 2-0
Alter EgoAlter Ego0-2Aug 201-2Aug 180-2Jul 302-0Aug 130-2Jul 151-2Sep 141-2Aug 172-0Aug 100-40-2, 0-23-21-2, 2-02-30-2, 2-12-02-0, -2-30-2, 2-11-41-2, 0-22-41-2, 1-24-12-0, 2-1
EVOS LegendsEVOS LegendsSep 231-2Jul 291-2Sep 92-1Aug 61-2Aug 122-1Jul 282-0Sep 212-0Aug 30-2-, 0-21-41-2, 0-23-21-2, 2-04-12-1, 2-01-21-2, -2-32-1, 0-22-22-0, 0-23-22-0, 1-2
AURA FireAURA Fire2-0Aug 40-2Jul 14Sep 230-2Sep 170-2Sep 142-0Aug 100-2Jul 291-2Jul 132-22-0, 0-21-40-2, 1-20-2-, 0-21-40-2, 1-22-20-2, 2-03-22-0, 1-20-40-2, 0-23-21-2, 2-0
Bigetron AlphaBigetron Alpha0-2Aug 111-2Sep 101-2Aug 19Sep 240-2Aug 32-1Jul 140-2Sep 162-0Jul 270-40-2, 0-21-41-2, 0-23-21-2, 2-02-1-, 2-12-20-2, 2-02-32-1, 0-22-20-2, 2-03-22-0, 1-2
Geek Fam IDGeek Fam ID0-2Jul 162-1Aug 52-0Jul 292-0Sep 82-1Sep 222-0Aug 182-0Aug 120-2Sep 152-20-2, 2-04-12-1, 2-04-12-0, 2-13-22-0, 1-22-32-1, 0-23-22-0, 1-22-02-0, -0-40-2, 0-2
Rebellion ZionRebellion Zion0-2Sep 170-2Jul 162-1Jul 132-0Aug 112-0Sep 90-2Aug 5Sep 230-2Aug 201-40-2, 1-22-30-2, 2-14-22-1, 2-12-22-0, 0-24-02-0, 2-02-20-2, 2-00-2-, 0-21-40-2, 1-2
Dewa United EsportsDewa United Esports0-2Jul 280-2Aug 131-2Sep 162-1Sep 100-2Aug 172-1Sep 72-0Aug 42-1Jul 151-40-2, 1-20-20-2, -1-41-2, 0-22-32-1, 0-22-30-2, 2-12-32-1, 0-24-02-0, 2-04-12-1, 2-0
ONIC EsportsONIC EsportsRex Regum QeonRex Regum QeonAlter EgoAlter EgoEVOS LegendsEVOS LegendsAURA FireAURA FireBigetron AlphaBigetron AlphaGeek Fam IDGeek Fam IDRebellion ZionRebellion ZionDewa United EsportsDewa United Esports

 Click here for detailed results of the Regular Season matches


Play-In (Bo5)
Upper Bracket Semifinals
Upper Bracket Semifinals
UB Semifinals
Upper Bracket Final
Upper Bracket Final
UB Final
Grand Final
Grand Final
#3 Regular Season
#6 Regular Season
#3 Regular Season
#6 Regular Season
October 11, 2023 - 12:30 ICT
October 12, 2023 - 11:30 ICT
#4 Regular Season
#5 Regular Season
#4 Regular Season
#5 Regular Season
October 11, 2023 - 17:30 ICT
ONIC EsportsONIC EsportsONIC
October 12, 2023 - 17:30 ICT
October 13, 2023 - 17:30 ICT
Lower Bracket Semifinal
Lower Bracket Semifinal
LB Semifinal
Lower Bracket Final
Lower Bracket Final
LB Final
October 13, 2023 - 11:30 ICT
October 14, 2023 - 17:30 ICT
October 15, 2023 - 15:00 ICT

Broadcast MPL Indonesia Season 12[edit]


Language English Speaking Indonesia

Broadcast Talent[edit]

Statistics MPL Indonesia Season 12[edit]

Hero Statistics[edit]

PicksBlue SideRed SideBansPicks & Bans
HeroWLWR%TWLWRWLWR%T%TPlayed ByPlayed WithPlayed Vs.
1Valentina Valentina90375341.11%57.69%49173234.69%41202148.78%5434.62%14492.31%
Rebellion ZionRebellion Zion13 (7-6)Alter EgoAlter Ego13 (4-9)Dewa United EsportsDewa United Esports12 (4-8)Bigetron AlphaBigetron Alpha11 (3-8)Geek Fam IDGeek Fam ID10 (7-3)
Fredrinn 20 (12-8)Lancelot 19 (5-14)Grock 18 (8-10)Irithel 17 (10-7)Kaja 16 (10-6)
Fredrinn 29 (7-22)Beatrix 26 (6-20)Pharsa 25 (13-12)Edith 23 (9-14)Terizla 18 (6-12)
2Fredrinn Fredrinn86473954.65%55.13%33171651.52%53302356.60%4528.85%13183.97%
Rex Regum QeonRex Regum Qeon14 (9-5)Rebellion ZionRebellion Zion13 (4-9)Geek Fam IDGeek Fam ID12 (8-4)ONIC EsportsONIC Esports10 (9-1)AURA FireAURA Fire10 (5-5)
Beatrix 29 (18-11)Valentina 20 (12-8)Pharsa 17 (6-11)Kadita 14 (11-3)Irithel 13 (9-4)
Valentina 29 (22-7)Terizla 24 (10-14)Beatrix 19 (12-7)Edith 19 (11-8)Lancelot 17 (12-5)
3Beatrix Beatrix77423554.55%49.36%33161748.48%44261859.09%2415.38%10164.74%
EVOS LegendsEVOS Legends13 (8-5)Geek Fam IDGeek Fam ID11 (7-4)Rebellion ZionRebellion Zion11 (4-7)AURA FireAURA Fire10 (4-6)Rex Regum QeonRex Regum Qeon9 (7-2)
Fredrinn 29 (18-11)Pharsa 17 (7-10)Valentina 16 (7-9)Arlott 14 (5-9)Khufra 14 (5-9)
Valentina 26 (20-6)Fredrinn 19 (7-12)Claude 17 (9-8)Uranus 15 (10-5)Paquito 15 (8-7)
4Claude Claude59283147.46%37.82%28111739.29%31171454.84%4830.77%10768.59%
AURA FireAURA Fire10 (4-6)Alter EgoAlter Ego9 (4-5)ONIC EsportsONIC Esports8 (5-3)Rebellion ZionRebellion Zion8 (4-4)Bigetron AlphaBigetron Alpha6 (3-3)
Kadita 15 (11-4)Valentina 15 (6-9)Fredrinn 12 (6-6)Lancelot 12 (6-6)Kaja 12 (5-7)
Beatrix 17 (8-9)Irithel 17 (8-9)Valentina 15 (7-8)Edith 13 (6-7)Paquito 13 (5-8)
5Edith Edith58312753.45%37.18%25111444.00%33201360.61%3220.51%9057.69%
AURA FireAURA Fire9 (4-5)EVOS LegendsEVOS Legends8 (5-3)ONIC EsportsONIC Esports7 (6-1)Alter EgoAlter Ego7 (4-3)Rebellion ZionRebellion Zion6 (3-3)
Valentina 15 (6-9)Beatrix 13 (8-5)Irithel 13 (7-6)Lancelot 12 (2-10)Claude 10 (9-1)
Valentina 23 (14-9)Fredrinn 19 (8-11)Claude 13 (7-6)Bruno 13 (6-7)Irithel 12 (5-7)
156 games played71W - 85L (45.51%)85W - 71L (54.49%)
Click here for complete statistics table

Country Representation[edit]

Viewership Statistics[edit]

Viewership Stats
Peak Viewers TBD
Average Viewers TBD
Hours Watched TBD

Additional Content[edit]


Date Stage Team Vs. Hero Player KDA VOD
2023-07-29 Regular Season Rebellion ZionRebellion Zion AURA FireAURA Fire Beatrix Beatrix Gold Lane Indonesia Haiz 9/1/4 VOD


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