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[e][h]Bigetron AlphaBigetron Alpha VYN
Player Information
September 3, 2000 (age 22)
Alternate IDs:
Vynnn, Vyn
Approx. Total Winnings:
Signature Heroes:
Franco Ruby Lolita Grock Kaja
MPL IndonesiaMPL Indonesia MPL IndonesiaMPL Indonesia MPL IndonesiaMPL Indonesia
2018-07-30 — 2018-11-28Roamer Boom JR
2019-01-17 — 2019-05-16Middle Bigetron Esports
2019-08-13 — 2023-05-19Roamer Rex Regum Qeon
2023-05-21 — PresentRoamer Bigetron Alpha

Calvin "VYN" (born September 3, 2000) is an Indonesian Player who is currently playing as a Roamer for Bigetron Alpha.


VYN's professional Mobile Legends career started with BOOM JR in MPL Indonesia Season 2. After he failed qualify for the playoffs, VYN then left BOOM JR and joined RRQ Zen, RRQ's second mobile legends division team. After failing to qualify for MPL Indonesia Season 3, the team was disbanded and VYN was loaned to Bigetron Esports. Although almost failed to qualify for the playoffs, Bigetron surprisingly managed to beat the defending champion, PSG.RRQ. After the win againts PSG.RRQ, Bigetron was defeated by SFI Critical and finished 5-6th.

With an excellent performance in Season 3, RRQ Hoshi took VYN to their main roster for the upcoming MPL Indonesia Season 4. VYN only managed to finish in second place after losing to EVOS Legends. Despite failing to win in Season 4, RRQ Hoshi managed to secure a slot for the M1 World Championship but failed once again in the hands of EVOS Legends 3-4.

After failing to win the two previous tournaments, VYN finally lifts his first trophy in MPL Indonesia Season 5. The momentum continued as he wins MPLI 4 Nation Cup and MPL Indonesia Season 6. Although many tournaments RRQ Hoshi's won, RRQ Hoshi had to finished Third at the M2 World Championship.

On May 19, 2023, RRQ announced VYN's departure. [1] Together with RRQ, VYN took part in 6 MPL Indonesia Grand Finals and won 3 of them. VYN also attended all of the M World Championship (M1-M4), being one of only three players to do so.


  • Has the most grand final appearances in MPL Indonesia (6) along with R7.
  • One of three players to participated in all of the M World Championship. The other two players are Ciku & Moon.
  • Won 2 MPL Indonesia in a row with RRQ Hoshi.
  • He is currently the highest earning MLBB player in the world.



2023-01-143rdS-TierM4 World ChampionshipM4 World Championship
RRQ HoshiRRQ Hoshi
1 : 3
2022-06-192ndA-TierMLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2022MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2022
RRQ HoshiRRQ Hoshi
0 : 4
RSG PhilippinesRSG Philippines
2022-04-241stA-TierMPL Indonesia Season 9MPL Indonesia Season 9
RRQ HoshiRRQ Hoshi
4 : 1
ONIC EsportsONIC Esports
2021-10-242ndA-TierMPL Indonesia Season 8MPL Indonesia Season 8
RRQ HoshiRRQ Hoshi
3 : 4
ONIC EsportsONIC Esports
2021-01-243rdS-TierM2 World ChampionshipM2 World Championship
RRQ HoshiRRQ Hoshi
1 : 3
Bren EsportsBren Esports
2020-10-181stA-TierMPL Indonesia Season 6MPL Indonesia Season 6
RRQ HoshiRRQ Hoshi
3 : 2
Alter EgoAlter Ego
2020-07-051stA-TierMLBB Professional League Invitational 4 Nation CupMLBB Professional League Invitational 4 Nation Cup
RRQ HoshiRRQ Hoshi
3 : 0
2020-04-121stA-TierMPL Indonesia Season 5MPL Indonesia Season 5
RRQ HoshiRRQ Hoshi
3 : 2
EVOS LegendsEVOS Legends
2019-11-172ndS-TierM1 World ChampionshipM1 World Championship
RRQ HoshiRRQ Hoshi
3 : 4
EVOS LegendsEVOS Legends
2019-10-272ndA-TierMPL Indonesia Season 4MPL Indonesia Season 4
RRQ HoshiRRQ Hoshi
1 : 3
EVOS LegendsEVOS Legends
Extended list of results


2022-10-23A-TierMPL Indonesia Season 10MPL Indonesia Season 10Team of the Week #1
RRQ HoshiRRQ Hoshi
2021-10-24A-TierMPL Indonesia Season 8MPL Indonesia Season 8Best Roamer
RRQ HoshiRRQ Hoshi
2020-04-12A-TierMPL Indonesia Season 5MPL Indonesia Season 5Final MVP
RRQ HoshiRRQ Hoshi

Earnings Chart[edit]




Rise of Legend (MPL ID S5):