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World Player Team Role Role 2

Netherlands ADETONIAN Support
USA nero DPS
Finland Taimou DPS
Spain Othax Offtank
China Lanboss DPS
South Korea ryujehong Support
Portugal GizmomcS
South Korea Edison DPS
French Polynesia Mini Assistant Coach
Iceland Hafficool DPS/Flex
China Jecky DPS
USA Goliath Support
Norway mkL Coach
South Korea BeBe Support
South Korea Dreamer Tank/Support
China Coldest DPS
USA Jkw Support
Austria Bommie Tank
New Zealand Signed DPS
USA Kephrii DPS
South Korea Izayaki Support
South Korea TaiRong Coach
United Kingdom WarSpiritUK Retired Tank
Finland Ruape Tank
China X69 DPS
China Molly Support
South Korea Fl0w3R DPS
Norway TracK DPS
South Korea vKei Flex
Croatia Nerthus Support
China over Tank
USA CarCar Support
Netherlands brussen Flex
Poland Mesic Tank
Ethiopia Snow Support
Thailand Pannys Support
South Korea Stitch DPS
China Mijia DPS
Taiwan WON DPS
Brazil Kyo Tank
South Korea Doha DPS
France Flippy DPS
Australia Snowblind DPS
South Korea shubil Tank
South Korea Selly DPS
Canada Phaz Support
South Korea BlueHaS Coach
South Korea Twilight Support
Hong Kong Moowe DPS
China KaMi DPS
France uNKOE Support
China guxue Tank
Thailand QueEn Tank
USA moth Support
Brazil Baba1u Coach
Belgium ythnk Support/Coach
Australia face Coach
Uruguay xRavaged Tank
USA VitaCoco Tank
Iceland Finnsi Flex
USA Sephy Coach
Japan Dep DPS
Brazil Win98 Support
Sweden Dice DPS/Support
China Garry Support
South Korea Alarm Support
South Korea JINI Support
South Korea aWeek DPS
South Korea Apache Support
USA Gator Tank
Japan AmeKen DPS
South Korea Pelican DPS
South Korea WonZ Tank
USA Junkbuck Coach
Spain dhaK Support
USA Rawkus Support
Sweden Ryskaposten
Brazil Hooey Flex
USA k1ng
Australia Render Flex/DPS
Thailand YUT Coach
South Korea GodsB DPS
Finland BigGoose Support
South Korea Stalk3r DPS
Finland prettyWise Flex
South Korea Agape Coach
South Korea OneFact DPS
Denmark Obling DPS
United Kingdom Smex Flex
South Korea DoHyeon Flex
Russia ShaDowBurn DPS
Philippines Jorun Support
South Korea Don Coach
South Korea KariV Support, DPS
Sweden Peak Coach
South Korea diem DPS