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World Player Team Role Role 2

China N0rth Coach
France Khegasi DPS
South Korea Pumple Tank
South Korea ArK Support
Israel Eqo DPS
Brazil TH7
Belgium SPREE Flex
South Korea Chara Support
South Korea R3ALLY Flex
USA Tanner DPS
Latvia sharyk Tank
USA AceOFSpades Tank
South Korea Hiru Coach
Philippines Caladbolg DPS
Spain Suja Coach
Brazil Insanityz
China Diya DPS
USA Dogman Support
Canada kellar DPS
South Korea Fate Tank
France Hayko
China X69 DPS
South Korea Shine Support
Netherlands Morte Support/Coach
South Korea Fury Flex
USA Carter DPS
Argentina valen DPS
Philippines Zyrille Support
South Korea PaeSeul Support
Singapore Cryptic DPS
New Zealand Colourhex DPS
Singapore Cup Support
South Korea Closer Support
South Korea Melon Tank
South Korea QoQ Flex
Thailand NZNR DPS
Australia usmc DPS
Japan hotate DPS
South Korea RUFF DPS
South Korea shubil Tank
Mexico UnReal Coach
France WoRsS DPS
USA Ninjanick Support
South Korea diem DPS
Poland Mesic Tank
South Korea Fleta DPS
USA Voll Flex
South Korea climax DPS
China Lengsa Support
Spain Paranoidxz Coach
South Korea Vol'Jin Coach
Canada Bani Support
South Korea TYG DPS
USA PlasmaSnake Support
Brazil TheSeriusGui DPS
Canada exi Flex
Japan Sabagod Support
USA frd Flex
New Zealand CantuS Support
Portugal AFoxx Support
France aKm DPS
China Coldest Support
South Korea Stand1 Tank, Flex
South Korea V1LLAINY0 DPS
USA sleepy Support
China JinMu DPS
USA vee
Brazil RanKioshi Support
South Korea Asher DPS
South Korea Gogora Flex
United Kingdom Moursi Flex
USA Sherlockey Support
USA Optidox Coach
Sweden ottr Offtank, Hitscan
Japan kenmohororo DPS
New Zealand Wuvo Flex
South Korea smurf Tank
Singapore Savage Tank
South Korea Cr0ng Flex
Australia Trill Tank
Sweden Taang Support
Australia Minny Tank
Sweden LullSiSH Tank
Brazil Kjusten Coach
Brazil neil Tank
South Korea Oberon Tank
USA Jkw Support
Saudi Arabia Boostio Main Support
Brazil Pearlyk DPS
Poland no1special Support
USA Adam Manager
South Korea CoMa Support
Denmark Wally Support
Germany ioStux Coach
Sweden limmet Tank
Brazil HaPi Support
Austria NULL Tank
South Korea Jfeel Coach
Brazil TMATTEI Coach
Argentina leon Flex