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World Player Team Role Role 2

South Korea SASIN Tank DPS
United States Careless Coach
South Korea Toxcier DPS
China JpCat Coach
South Korea Sley Support
Japan Lasty Support
Australia Winter DPS
South Korea SALB0B Support
United Kingdom FunnyAstro Support
South Korea Marve1 Tank
United States Jsr Manager Coach
South Korea Wooyoung Coach
Saudi Arabia KSAA Tank
Canada Tikatee Coach
Singapore Lilraxx DPS
China HetLot Tank
United States MESR Manager
South Korea Lori Coach
Thailand PaLee Support
South Korea XenTa Tank
Croatia Shock Tank Streamer
United States Mac Support
Saudi Arabia Antigon Tank
Taiwan Cassis Analyst
South Korea Krillin Support
South Korea XOON Coach Tank
South Korea ACE DPS
South Korea Bongwoori Coach
China Shy DPS Support
United States Jon Coach
South Korea ULYSSES Support
South Korea Pumple Tank
Germany Moose Tank
Brazil Mocha Support
South Korea BeBe Support
Taiwan Xiaogui Manager
Saudi Arabia Ryanchu Support
South Korea Bischu Tank
Taiwan Graves Support
Finland Sauna DPS
Mexico nomy Coach
United States Boink Support
Egypt KritzZz Support
Saudi Arabia SirMajed Support
China Krystal DPS
Japan PangTong Support
Lebanon badd Tank
Japan Mihawk DPS
Sweden Spee DPS
China YangXiaoLong DPS
Brazil Lokjiiu Support
South Korea beast Manager/Coach
United States Vita Tank
South Korea NamedHwi Coach
Spain Foxt Support
Netherlands kraandop Tank
South Korea Espresso Support
South Korea Cane Tank
United States The Coach
China Roshan coach
South Korea Mineral Tank
United States milo Coach
South Korea F4zE Tank
United States Pizzademon Support
New Zealand Roro DPS
China OnlyWish Coach Support
China DontSay DPS
France Asking DPS
South Korea Named Support
United States Yeatle Tank
Australia Ronstrosity Coach
South Korea Kellan Tank
China Silver3 Tank
South Korea Hocury Coach Manager
United States GiG Tank
United States Harsha Coach
South Korea Fearless Tank
United States Panic Support
South Korea ZEBAG Tank
South Korea Junkbuck Coach
South Korea Whybe Coach
Australia Dank Tank
South Korea Sozip DPS
Australia lab Support
South Korea Creative Support
United States Insomniaq Support Manager
South Korea Papadog Support
Malaysia blueice Support Coach
United States BigALL DPS
South Korea Shu Support
South Korea Geguri Tank
Sweden h9mpe Support
China MoLanran DPS Tank
United States Tokki Coach
South Korea LeGo Support
United States SaltShaker Tank Coach
China Diya DPS
South Korea Dae1 Coach
Austria Minimi Tank
Canada Sword Coach