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World Player Team Role Role 2

China mAsk DPS
Australia ckm DPS
New Zealand Noxious Coach
South Korea Unread Coach
South Korea Kaiser Tank
United States Nishik Support
United States Aero Coach
China Diya DPS
South Korea Ego Support
Japan Lasty Support
Chile Glitch Tank
South Korea AlphaYi DPS
Germany Hadi Tank
South Korea Luna Support
China uNdeAD Coach DPS
South Korea ULYSSES Support
South Korea SASIN DPS Tank
South Korea Hanbin Tank
South Korea Bliss Support
Mexico UnReal Coach
South Korea QoQ Tank
South Korea Bubi Support
Singapore ZeonFlux Support
Thailand Rodtunglnw Tank
South Korea ElnA Coach
Brazil Xoazu Tank
United States PYYYOUR Coach
Czech Republic Exorath Support
China recall Support
South Korea Yong Coach
France Hqrdest DPS
New Zealand Roro DPS
Hong Kong Mikouw DPS
United States ultimawep DPS
South Korea LeeJaeGon Support
Canada Joemeister Coach
Brazil skulp DPS
United Kingdom Fae DPS
Thailand NZNR DPS
China Runcheng DPS
Finland Dolla Support
South Korea Marve1 Tank
South Korea TTuba DPS
Finland LhCloudy Tank
Australia Akraken Support
Sweden Knasen Tank
Finland LiNkzr DPS
South Korea Dreamer Tank
China Wya Support
United States kurjun Coach, Analyst
Netherlands TheWrongName Support
South Korea SanGuiNar Support
Italy POW3R Support
South Korea Bright Tank
United States Higan Tank
Croatia SkrakZ
South Korea Crusty Coach
South Korea Glister DPS
France zYKK DPS
Iraq Pause DPS
China Jan17 Support
Sweden Erki DPS
Poland IDxD DPS
Canada Renanthera Coach
Brazil Fanp DPS
Argentina Battletoad Support
United States Jaru DPS
United Kingdom Boombox Support
Russia Stanyyy DPS
United Kingdom Backbone DPS
South Korea Hooreg Coach DPS
Brazil Dalca Tank
Italy Jericho Manager
South Korea Lastro Support
China Shush Support DPS
Thailand zObi Support
Italy rzd DPS
South Korea Unique Support
South Korea Fury Tank
Iceland Aseal Tank
South Korea Mobydik Coach
France Chubz Tank
United States yeHHH Staff
Canada Mouffin Tank
Australia Bus Tank
Brazil Ankle tank
Portugal san alex Manager
France AsuraxX DPS
China W1a Support
South Korea Water DPS
China secret Support
Chile debout dps
United States Hypnott Coach Tank
United States Danteh DPS
United States sinatraa DPS
United States BigALL DPS
Australia cuFFa Tank
Brazil agM Tank