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World Player Team Role Role 2

China MoLanLan Flex
Brazil Fastie
New Zealand HooWoo Flex
Israel FrAgOn Coach
South Korea climax DPS
China Nubi DPS
South Korea Michelle Flex
Denmark Wally Support
Finland Lalli DPS
South Korea Sp9rk1e DPS/Flex
Philippines JessieVash DPS
South Korea Gambler Support
Sweden ELLIVOTE Flex
Portugal Addicted Flex
USA Moffitt DPS
China U4 Coach
Russia MayN Support
USA crakinlakin Flex
France Flippy DPS
China YangYang Tank
South Korea Moon Coach
South Korea NineK Coach
South Korea Order DPS
Portugal Greyy Flex/Support
Australia Billa DPS
South Korea Closer Support
Thailand Rocket Support
China Coldest DPS
USA Kayuun DPS
South Korea Void Flex
France winz Support
Italy Bimbz Support
China OnlyWish Support
Canada Chance Coach
Sweden ottr Offtank, Hitscan
South Korea NUS Support
Japan SamuraiD Tank
South Korea Sowhat Tank
France Kolsti Tank
Brazil Negofist Support
Sweden limmet Tank
Japan Dep DPS
USA Stratus DPS
USA PrimoDulce Tank
South Korea Panker Tank
China Hysteria Support
Japan CLAIRE Support
Italy thebigone DPS
Brazil Aryador Suport
Denmark Mande DPS
South Korea WhoRU DPS
USA RaptorZ Coach
Spain Guitonius Tank
South Korea Miro Tank
South Korea Apache Support
France dridro Support
South Korea SLIME Support
South Korea JJoNak Support
New Zealand CantuS Support
Croatia aRxEs
South Korea RoKi Support
USA Bloxi Analyst
South Korea Mika Support
United Kingdom Cuddles Coach
South Korea Rascal DPS
USA Alined Tank
South Korea Rio Tank
France Lilbow Flex
South Korea Na1st DPS/Flex
Hungary tomzeY Support
France Poko Flex
Finland Ruape Tank
Japan yamatoN
United Kingdom Kruise Support
South Korea TiZi Tank
USA ZachaREEE Flex / DPS
Norway Invision DPS
Italy Nisa Support
Denmark Scaler Flex Support
USA harbleu Flex
Iceland dempsi DPS
Norway Iko DPS
USA Rawkus Support
South Korea DPS tank
Denmark Molf1g Flex
Denmark Obling DPS
France Tek36 DPS/Flex
South Korea Erster DPS
Philippines SuperLocs Tank
Germany Noukky Manager
USA moth Support
China INK Tank
Sweden Manneten Flex
South Korea SeoMinSoo DPS
Spain Othax Offtank
USA DreamKazper DPS
Croatia FRESHY