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Category:Austrian Players

List of players from Austria Austria.

Player Name Role Team
Bommie Christopher Wittmann Tank Diving Under the Influence
Crow Baris Melikoglu DPS
Drodo Jakob Pürzelmayer Tank
DrysTc Tobias Lukes DPS plan-B eSports
Kabaji Emre Dincer Inactive
Minimi Bernhard Hartl Tank Avoided
MrDragonlol Michael Jörg DPS Revo Esports
NULL Timo Hasenbichler Tank plan-B eSports
Se7enSins Christopher Knauseder Tank plan-B eSports
Seicoe Maximilian Otter DPS Shu's Money Crew EU
Seicoe Maximilian Otter DPS Shu's Money Crew EU
Sensotix Patrick Thonhauser Tank No commitments
Wat7 Patrick Marwal Tank
ecLipse Oliver Nguyen Support

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