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[e][h] Deman
Commentator Information
Leigh Smith
August 27, 1977 (1977-08-27) (age 42)

Leigh "Deman" Smith is a British Overwatch caster famous for commentating League of Legends.


Initially a Battlefield 1942 semi-pro affiliated at one point with Team Dignitas, Deman discovered and began to be enamoured with casting when he began to spectate games that were already full and commentating on them. He also casted Supreme Commander and Call of Duty before transitioning into League of Legends, where he casted the 2011 World Cyber Games LoL tournament, MLG League tournaments and the Season 2 (2012) League World Championships, where he also casted the grand finals.

Having become famous for his passion and energy, Riot Games offered him a full-time position as a European caster as they started the LCS. He remained at Riot as an EU LCS and international tournament caster until electing to join ESL alongside longtime friend and co-caster Joe Miller in November 2014. He also began casting Counter Strike: Global Offensive but returned for select League tournaments, including a special BBC broadcast of the Season 5 (2015) League World Championship quarterfinals in London.

In 2016, he revealed that he was transitioning into primarily casting Overwatch.

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  • Has played League of Legends since its release in 2009.
    • His favorite League champions include Ziggs, Kha'Zix and Cassiopeia.
    • His favorite League game mode is ARAM (All Random All Mid).
  • His ID comes from the album Demanufacture by Fear Factory. He has been using the handle since 1995.[1]
  • Is an avid Liverpool FC fan.

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