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List of player mouse settings

From Liquipedia Overwatch Wiki
PlayerTeamDPIPoll. RateWindowsSensitivityZoomMouse
Netherlands A108006G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
France aKm180010006234G PRO Wireless
South Korea ALTHOUGH8006738G Pro Wireless
Netherlands ANJWarriors EsportsWarriors Esports WAR40040008Ultralight X
South Korea ANS8004.530G305
South Korea ARCHESixBlowSixBlow 6B8006538G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
Iraq abdala800542G PRO Wireless
United States AbstractUniversity of St. ThomasUniversity of St. Thomas UST8003Model O Pro Wireless
United States AceOFSpades8007Death Adder Chroma Elite
Australia AckyyyThe Great ShowmenThe Great Showmen TGS800100064G PRO X Superlight
Australia AdamHoneypotHoneypot HP40012G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
South Korea Ado8006635G PRO Wireless
South Korea Adora16003.1840G PRO
France AdoumaRedlineRedline RDL8004.484.0035G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
Brazil agM8004.945G603
Brazil agon800100065.535G403
South Korea Aid160063.7
South Korea AimGod8006230G PRO Wireless
United States AkashFisher MenFisher Men FM160010003.00Viper Mini
Japan Aktm8008G403
South Korea Alarm9003.1142G903
Italy Aleeh800100064.75G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
Brazil alemao800100064.530G703
Thailand AloNeFillz160010002.5EC1-A
Belarus Anak80044DeathAdder
South Korea Anamo10005.238G403
Australia AndrzejTeam praimTeam praim PRAIM4120145.39G PRO X SUPERLIGHT 2
Brazil Ankle8003.650G502
Saudi Arabia Antigon400100068.540G PRO Wireless
United States ApplyOverwashedOverwashed OVW8003.79s2
South Korea ArHaN8006642Scream One
South Korea ArK16006444G PRO Wireless
South Korea Architect80010006538G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
United Kingdom ArtemisEx OblivioneEx Oblivione ExO1800100014.00Naga Trinity
South Korea Asher800538G305
Australia asher8004.5037.90G PRO X Superlight
France Asking800545EC2-A
United States AspenNTMR RotationNTMR Rotation NTMR.R8507.5G PRO Superlight
United States Aspire8005.433Viper Ultimate
South Korea Assassin80066.738G102
Italy Astros80010008Taipan
New Zealand August50067.5G PRO Wireless
Canada AutumnSoulsUniversity of AlbertaUniversity of Alberta UA80010005.4939Ultralight Phantom
Trinidad and Tobago AvaniFisher MenFisher Men FM40010006.5G PRO Wireless
South Korea Axxiom80067.77G703
South Korea Aztac160010002.7G PRO
South Korea BQB80063.142G PRO
Germany BUR1X80056ZA13
South Korea Babel800630G PRO
United States babybay800100063.535G PRO
United Kingdom BackboneSpacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming SSG16002.57Viper Mini
Taiwan Baconjack16002.5948.75EC1-A
Canada Bani16001.7538G703
South Korea Bazzi160062.5EC2-B
South Korea Bdosin40010006540G PRO Wireless
South Korea BeBe8005.8G502
South Korea Becky80067G Pro Superlight
Thailand Bello160010008G502
South Korea BelosreaPoker FacePoker Face PF80066.25G Pro X Superlight White
France BenBestGaimin GladiatorsGaimin Gladiators GG19001000610.98G400s
Finland Bepis800100065.7537.89G PRO Wireless
Finland BigG00se80065
South Korea birdring160062.1537.89G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
South Korea Bischu12003.45G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
United States blasé8006638.8G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
United States Bloxi80010005G PRO
United States Boink18002.5Deathadder Elite
Spain BonesEreus MoonEreus Moon ER.MO8007G PRO X
United Kingdom Boombox8006630G PRO Wireless
United States Boostio800650S1
Saudi Arabia Boostio800100061040G PRO
Bulgaria BucK800100067.9G PRO Wireless
United States buds40061040G305
South Korea Bumper40068Rival 600
South Korea Bunny80010006640G903
South Korea Byrem1600240G PRO
South Korea CH0R0NGCrazy RaccoonCrazy Raccoon CR1600100010G PRO
Russia COOLLER4001000615Pulsefire FPS
Sweden CWoosH8005EC2-A
China KrystalSolus VictoremSolus Victorem SV10005.5Kinzu V3
Canada calNRG ShockNRG Shock NRG.S40010006.0Pro X Superlight
China Farway1987Team CCTeam CC CC100010003.238G Pro Wireless
United Kingdom CaptainPrashHypnosHypnos HYP8007.85Viper V2 Pro
Italy carnifex4001000610.540G PRO
South Korea Carpe900100063.1230G PRO Wireless
United States Carter16006902Intellimouse
United Arab Emirates Celestial200010DeathAdder
Canada Chayne80010007G PRO Wireless
South Korea CheckmateFnaticFnatic FNC100066.330G PRO
South Korea ChiYoTeam FalconsTeam Falcons FLC80010006.5Viper Ultimate
United Kingdom ChipSa160064G PRO Wireless
Sweden chipshajen80010006538FK1
South Korea ChoiHyoBin80065.0G PRO
South Korea ChoiSehwanPoker FacePoker Face PF4001254G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
South Korea XyuN160010002G900
Germany chooseSheer ColdSheer Cold SC8005.25G Pro
United States ChopperTSMTSM TSM80010006.87, 10.50 Genji40.85 Widow, 55 AsheG Pro X Superlight
Finland ChroNoDotA800544G PRO Wireless
Thailand Galaewin80010008G Pro X Superlight
South Korea Clestyn8004433G PRO Wireless
United States Clockwork8006EC2-A
South Korea Closer8008G903
South Korea CoMa1000450G903
Sweden cocco1600100064EC1-A
New Zealand ColourhexThe Great ShowmenThe Great Showmen TGS8006537.89Viper Ultimate
United States ColugeM80M80 M8080065.8G502
Germany Cookie08480064.31G Pro X
United States coolmatt7005006540DeathAdder Elite
United States Corey4006840G903
United States cowman71110004.5G PRO Wireless
United States cozen400610Sabre
South Korea Cr0ng80066G Pro Wireless Lime
Spain CrazyDragon800745.00G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
South Korea Creative100010003.438G403
New Zealand CrimsynTimeless AUTimeless AU TML.AU1600100062.2137.89G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
Australia CustaOverwashedOverwashed OVW80010005.0G Pro Wireless
United Arab Emirates Customed16205
South Korea DACO16004.2G PRO
South Korea DDing800610G903
United States DMTPenn State UniversityPenn State University PSU800400064.5HSK Pro 4k
South Korea DNCEGamecoach AcademyGamecoach Academy GCA60010002.84Mamba Elite
South Korea DPI160061035G PRO
Netherlands DaanSovereignsSovereigns SOV100065.5G PRO
Denmark dafran40010006944Xlite Wireless V2
Poland dannyUniversity of Illinois OrangeUniversity of Illinois Orange ILL.O160020007/112UltralightX
United States DantehMaryville UniversityMaryville University MAR80010006638G PRO X Superlight
Poland Danye1600338G PRO Wireless
Brazil Darken400100068.538Viper Mini
United States Darksma80010006738EC1-A
Russia DarthMurlocLaziers of OzLaziers of Oz LoZ10005.55M620
Finland Davin8003.4638G PRO Wireless
South Korea DeCal80010007.538G PRO
South Korea Decay80063.830G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
United States Del400100062838Scream One
France Deylen800100015.5G 903 Wireless
Spain dhaK80010006350G PRO Wireless
Canada Dhillon120010005.00Viper Ultimate
South Korea diem8004.0037G PRO
China AmengOldest ProOldest Pro OP80066G PRO Wireless
United States Dino8006440G403
United States Dior8004.5Viper V2 Pro
France divineMythical MinionsMythical Minions MY.MIN160010002ULX lion
United Arab Emirates dizzyy80010005.9739FK2
Denmark DoggoCPAIDCPAID CPAID16002.28Atlantis OG V2
United States Dogman80063.538G305
South Korea Doha8007.30G PRO Wireless
United States Dove16003.1434G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
Italy DragonEddy800100063.60EC2-B
United States DreamKazper80010006544G403
South Korea DreamerTimeless AUTimeless AU TML.AU40010006.3G PRO Wireless
France dridro800100013Ultralight Phantom
United States DynastyTimeless ObsidianTimeless Obsidian TML.O80066.25G Pro Wireless
Sweden EFF0RT8005G PRO Wireless
Sweden eMIL8005007547.47G PRO / G303
South Korea Edison15002.330Basilisk Ultimate
United States Elk160063.1940G703
United States emonggOverwashedOverwashed OVW40018.75FK2
Russia Engh800100067.5G102
Germany Engineer400614.43G703
Italy Ennen160010003.25Strix Claw
South Korea envy40065.97Ultralight Pro Sunset
Israel Eqo1600100062.1236G305
Australia estreichhBruisin' and Cruisin'Bruisin' and Cruisin' BAC8007
Sweden Eure
Norway Explorer160063G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
Australia ExraiBruisin' and Cruisin'Bruisin' and Cruisin' BAC8004Gpro X Superlight
South Korea Ezhan80063.232G703
South Korea F4zE80010006G Pro X Superlight
United States FCTFCTN800100068G403
France FDGodGaimin GladiatorsGaimin Gladiators GG160010006G PRO
South Korea FITS8003.635G PRO Wireless
Finland FaRmaS800100065.5050G305
United States Fahzix160062.3036G PRO Wireless
South Korea Faith80067.138G Pro Wireless
China uNdeAD1600100061.80EC1-A Black
United States Far800738Ultralight 2
South Korea Fatal8006.25G703
South Korea FateFnaticFnatic FNC160061.5G903
United Kingdom fateTeam G4mbitTeam G4mbit G4MB80010005G PRO X Superlight
South Korea FearlessZETA DIVISIONZETA DIVISION ZETA80010009G PRO Wireless
South Korea Felix8008.58.538GPro
South Korea FielderTeam FalconsTeam Falcons FLC80010004.239.5G903
South Korea Finale120064.232m8
Iceland FinnsiBeau Monde CohortBeau Monde Cohort BMC80064.5EC2-A
United States Fire4009
South Korea Fissure80066Deathadder Elite
South Korea Fl0w3R4008.3433-42EC2-B
South Korea FletaFnaticFnatic FNC800100067.5G PRO Wireless
France Flippy80010005G PRO Wireless
South Korea FodCarryArise ProjectArise Project ARP4001012.545G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
Latvia Forsak3n80010006736ZA13
Finland Fragi80065
Italy Frayu8006G PRO X Superlight
South Korea Friday100010005G PRO
United States FrosteddUniversity of California, San Diego GoldUniversity of California, San Diego Gold UCSD8006.00G PRO Superlight
United Kingdom FunnyAstroSpacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming SSG80010G PRO Wireless
South Korea Fury8005G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
United Kingdom Fusions8005G PRO Wireless
Russia Fyzu810100066Sensei Raw
South Korea Gamsu180062.14G PRO Wireless
South Korea Gangnamjin80064G PRO Wireless
Finland GassBye-ByeBye-Bye BYE16002.75StormBreaker
United States GatorM80M80 M808006G903
South Korea Geguri8001000614.5FK2
South Korea Gesture800100067G PRO
United States GiG80065.5mm710
South Korea Gido400100064.8138G PRO Wireless
Germany Gilix8001000105X2 Mini
South Korea Glister8005535G PRO
United States Gods800100061038M4 RGB
South Korea GodsB1000450G PRO
Russia Godspeed90050066DeathAdder 2013
Portugal Greyy800100064.238G PRO
France GrouinK130068G502
Thailand GuN1600100020EC2-B
South Korea Guard10005.0538G PRO Wireless
South Korea GuardiaN80066.54
United States Gummy18001000103.6G403 Hero
South Korea guriyo8006638
South Korea Gwangboong8005.9530G304
Hong Kong HK3Wenzhou OuyueWenzhou Ouyue WOY80012G PRO Wireless
South Korea HOTBA800612.0138G900
South Korea HaGoPeun8006438G703
Brazil HaPi80010006745G903
Iceland HafficoolDustyDusty DUS800100067Flick G1
South Korea Haksal8001000626.5G903
South Korea HanbinTeam FalconsTeam Falcons FLC80010001G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
South Korea Happy10003.5538G303
Spain HarryHook800100068FK-2
United States Hawk8005G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
China Molly8004.3138G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
Thailand HeadHawk160010004G 502
South Korea HeeSangCrazy RaccoonCrazy Raccoon CR8007.6G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
South Korea Heesu8004.538G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
Argentina helvoro16005.5Deathadder Elite
Sweden Henzu800100067EC2-A
Brazil Hexed8007.038G403
South Korea HighlyAquamarineAquamarine AQUA8004.638.2G PRO
Spain h1raEx OblivioneEx Oblivione ExO800100067.1238G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
South Korea Hooreg800100065.538G703
France HyP800100065G PRO Wireless
Thailand HyVisionBleed EsportsBleed Esports BLD8002000Hz530G Pro X Superlight 2
United Kingdom Hybrid800433.9G PRO X SUPERLIGHT WHITE
United States Hydration800100065G PRO Wireless
United States Hydron1350335G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
Canada iCyTSMTSM TSM16004.67G PRO Wireless
South Korea iDK800635G903
South Korea ILLICIT8006555G PRO Wireless
South Korea IMPLazuliLazuli LAZ8006633G PRO Wireless
United Arab Emirates iPlayboy8007EC2-A
Saudi Arabia IRKZC160010001.8G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
United States iced8001000437.89G PRO X Superlight
Sweden iddqd40010007DeathAdder Elite
Australia ieatuup32002G PRO Wireless
South Korea im37G304 Lightspeed
United States InfektedNTMRNTMR NTMR120010003.5G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
South Korea Ivy10003.8G PRO Wireless
Argentina izAvenge8003.038G203
South Korea IzayakiFnaticFnatic FNC800100062.338G 403
United States JAKENTMR RotationNTMR Rotation NTMR.R8006640G Pro Superlight
South Korea JJANU160063.2G PRO Wireless
South Korea JJoNak1000240G403
Vietnam Jaemud dogmud dog MD160010002.0035X2V2
South Korea Janus400100021G PRO Wireless
Thailand JaoTae80010005EC1-A
United States Jaru8003.5G900
Japan JasperCrazy RaccoonCrazy Raccoon CR16004.00
Thailand JayCoTeenage RisingTeenage Rising TR16001000Hz11DeathAdder V3 Pro
Brazil JeFer16001.724EC2-B
South Korea Jecse160062.75Ultralight 2
South Korea Erster16002.27G903
South Korea Jerry1000100063.235G PRO Wireless
South Korea JMAC800111133G PRO
South Korea Jihun16505.505.5033G403 Wireless
Canada Joemeister80010006644G703
United States JoobiMaryville UniversityMaryville University MAR16004.00Viper Mini Signature Edition
South Korea JungB1n14005.51G703
United States k1ngMaryville UniversityMaryville University MAR800400064.6Viper V2 Pro
Israel KAFEEEEEE80010005.2G-Pro Wireless
Saudi Arabia KORZDragons EsportsDragons Esports DGE145010002.03G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
Saudi Arabia KSAA45001.7G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
United States KSF80064.8750Ultralight 2 Cape Town
Austria Kabaji8004.0038EC2-B
United Kingdom KaiENCEENCE ENCE80064.537.89G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
South Korea Kaiser8006.98G903
Poland Kapey774MetaboizMetaboiz MTB80010Viper V2 Pro
South Korea KariV800100063.536G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
Brazil Kazma10002.838G305
Denmark Kellex80063.5G PRO Wireless
Ukraine kensi80010006638Mamba Wireless
Finland kepa80010006338EC1-A
United States Kephrii40020006835Gladius
Sweden kevsterENCEENCE ENCE8007.0737G Pro X Superlight
Portugal kiler4fun100050063.33G100s
Brazil KilleR800100065.0040AJ199
South Korea Kilo80063.440G304
Finland KissA800100063DeathAdder Chroma
Germany Kodak80064.5G PRO Wireless
Brazil kolero80010006435FK2
Denmark Kragie8006437G PRO Wireless
United States KresnikSouthern New Hampshire University SapphireSouthern New Hampshire University Sapphire SNHU.S5002.73G703
South Korea Krillin8003.93.933G PRO Wireless
United Kingdom Kruise8006530G PRO Wireless
Saudi Arabia KssarPlayz80010004.85G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
United Kingdom Kyb800100064.232G403
Sweden LATEKS800100066G PRO Wireless
Saudi Arabia LBBD7Twisted MindsTwisted Minds TM160010002.0340G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
South Korea LIPCrazy RaccoonCrazy Raccoon CR8005.433G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
Switzerland LUFT1500100065G703
Australia lab16002.0037.94Starlight Pro
United Arab Emirates LastBoss18006DeathAdder
South Korea Lastro80010003.538Starlight-12 Ares
France Leaf10005G PRO Wireless
South Korea LeeJaeGonFnaticFnatic FNC8006638G PRO
United Arab Emirates LegendaryROC EsportsROC Esports ROC16001000245.5G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
China JimmyOldest ProOldest Pro OP100073.3G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
United States LepTSMTSM TSM8005UltralightX M
Turkey LethalIllinois State UniversityIllinois State University ISU16002.2545G PRO Wireless
Austria Levitate12005.9Viper Mini
Finland LhCloudyENCEENCE ENCE1600100010.04Kone AIMO
Finland LiNkzr8006537.89G PRO Wireless
China XerneasOldest ProOldest Pro OP8007G PRO Wireless
China JamLee40010006334G703
China Apr1ta16002.5538
South Korea Libero800100063.538VIPER ULTIMATE
Sweden Liddano
Italy LilYung400100068.5g403
Spain Linepro800100065G903
China KanekiTeam CCTeam CC CC800100067.56G PRO
Belgium Logix80010006438G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
Sweden Love1200100083.7537.89G PRO X Superlight
China Dizzy80010006545G903
China DiyaTeam CCTeam CC CC320061.36G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
Netherlands Lucht8002.8
Sweden Luddee40066.00%G Pro Wireless
South Korea Luffy80062.7534EC2-A
China Elsa8005EC2-B
United States LyricBoise State UniversityBoise State University BSU1600100062.338Model O-
South Korea MCDHypnosHypnos HYP8001000643G PRO Wireless
South Korea MER1TToronto DefiantToronto Defiant TOR80065.0740G PRO X SUPERLIGHT 2
South Korea MN3800545G903
China LateYoung80066G102
South Korea Mag80069G PRO Wireless
Saudi Arabia Magnum80010005.0040.00G PRO Wireless
Thailand MaksalTeenage RisingTeenage Rising TR80040007.638Fabulous Beasts
United States MaltheL16003.14G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
Canada Mangachu80063.5030G PRO Wireless
Sweden Manneten8006638FK-2
South Korea Mano8006G PRO
South Korea Marve180010004G PRO Wireless
Argentina Matiash4k'm'16003G PRO Wireless
Russia MayN800100066
United States McGravyUniversity of California, IrvineUniversity of California, Irvine UCI80064.25Viper
South Korea MekO80069G PRO Wireless
Sweden MellunSovereignsSovereigns SOV800100085.544G Pro Superlight X
Thailand Mickie80010006628Deathadder V2
Italy Midna800100063.8Rival 300
Wales MikeyA800100068G903
United States MineUniversity of California, San Diego GoldUniversity of California, San Diego Gold UCSD16002.16Deathadder V3 Pro
Austria MinimiAWW YEAHAWW YEAH AY16003.5
South Korea Miro10409.4G402
Vietnam MirroRENCEENCE ENCE8001000432Atlantis Mini
Russia Mistakes160062.5033G PRO Wireless
United States MomentumFisher MenFisher Men FM320010005G502
Argentina Moonlight4006G PRO
Germany MooseStopToxicityStopToxicity ST160065G PRO Wireless
United States moth80064.137.89Ultralight 2
Portugal mowzassaG PRO Wireless
United States Mumashroom squadshroom squad SHROOM2000100064.33G PRO Wireless
South Korea Munchkin8007.538Deathadder
Sweden Munkmutta800100065.2537.94G PRO Wireless
United States Mycrazycat80010005.2G PRO Wireless
South Korea Myunb0ng90010002.630G PRO
Argentina MáximoTanuki EsportsTanuki Esports TANU16001000102.35G403
Russia NLaaeR80065G305
United States NOS13503
South Korea Na1st80066.742Scream One
Australia naahmie80010006638G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
Italy Najiny1600100062.75G PRO
Serbia NecrosAWW YEAHAWW YEAH AY80010008GPRO X Superlight
South Korea Neko80063.75G PRO Wireless
South Korea Nenne80064.538G PRO Wireless
Spain neptuNo8006543EC2-A
United States NeptunePirates in PyjamasPirates in Pyjamas PiP80010005G PRO Wireless
United States neroM80M80 M8080010006730G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
Croatia Nerthus1000100044G500s
Germany Nesh800100064EC2-A
South Korea Nest90010003.12G903
Australia NeuuThe Great ShowmenThe Great Showmen TGS1600200062.2251.47ULX Tiger
Sweden Nevix800100064.530G703
France NiCOgdh1100100065.8034G300S
Puerto Rico Niann03ViceVice VICE8001000103.25Viper Ultimate
United States Nich800100067.88Model O
Japan NicoVARRELVARREL VL800437G903
Portugal Nightyz80010006535Deathadder
Italy Nisa3000100063.99G703
South Korea NoSmite1600614G PRO
Mexico nomy3200100061.5G305
Canada NotE80066Ultralight Sunset
Thailand NutsuruSama16003.5
South Korea OGE8004.5G900
Thailand oPuTo80010006.834.9X2 Premium Black
Thailand Olivier80010005.5G 903
Saudi Arabia olpxSheer ColdSheer Cold SC16002.03
Norway Onigod1600100072.32-3.0338G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
China EileenSolus VictoremSolus Victorem SV9506G903
Russia Outbreak16001000335G403
United States p0intFisher CollegeFisher College FSH800531Sora V2
United States P3t9LUniversity of Texas at DallasUniversity of Texas at Dallas UTD10001000630ZOWIE U2
South Korea PERFACT10001000538G304 Lightspeed Wireless
United States PYYYOUR8006ZA11
United States Paintbrush80010003.840G PRO Wireless
Thailand Pannys80010005.5Ultralight Phantom
New Zealand parTimeless AUTimeless AU TML.AU1600100062.545Sora V2
Thailand Patiphan80010004.65XM1R
Iraq Pause8007FK2
South Korea Peka100063.95G PRO Wireless
South Korea Pelican8009.7535G304
China Assassin80063.41Air58
South Korea Persia160061.75G PRO Wireless
Poland PhilionMetaboizMetaboiz MTB16001000237.89G PRO X Superlight 2
South Korea Pine5001540G102
South Korea Fox8004435G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
New Zealand plihs80065.5Viper Ultimate
France Poko800712.5G703
South Korea Pokpo80066
Finland poks800100067
South Korea Probe16002.6338G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
South Korea Profit8008.2538G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
South Korea ProperTeam FalconsTeam Falcons FLC8007.0238G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
South Korea Prophet16002.545Razer Viper V2 PRO
South Korea ProudPoker FacePoker Face PF800100065.0539.8G PRO X Superlight
United Kingdom provide80010003.541.8Deathadder V2 Pro
United States PuggoUniversity of Texas at DallasUniversity of Texas at Dallas UTD8001000540G Pro Wireless Superlight V1
United States Pummy80010004.5/638/51.46MZ1
Thailand pumpkinmatcha800104DEATHADDER ESSENTIAL
Australia PunkThe Great ShowmenThe Great Showmen TGS80066.5G305
Spain Punk100040006437.89Razer Viper V2 Pro
Sweden Purge80063Rival 600
Saudi Arabia QlmAl QadsiahAl Qadsiah QAD16001.8537.89G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
Saudi Arabia QuartzTwisted MindsTwisted Minds TM160010002.0345.50G Pro Wireless
Thailand QueEn1600100010EC2-A
Finland rCk8003.543EC1-A
South Korea rOar80068.37G PRO Wireless
United States RaikkerFisher CollegeFisher College FSH80010004.5Pulsefire
Brazil Raizen716003.650G203
United States RakattackENCEENCE ENCE8004
5 (only Brigitte, Lifeweaver)
6 (only Lucio, Mercy)
Ultralight X
South Korea Rapel1000448G903
South Korea RascalZETA DIVISIONZETA DIVISION ZETA80010006535Kone Pure Owl-Eye (White)
United States Rawkus4001000610.7430G 403
Canada RenantheraUniversity of California, IrvineUniversity of California, Irvine UCI800100064.84G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
South Korea Revenge1000437G PRO
United States reverse80010008.0Pro Superlight
South Korea Ria400610G PRO Wireless
Finland Ricky800103.9G PRO Wireless
Finland Ripa160061.5EC1-B
South Korea RoKy8002.38G903
Portugal Rod4005005Ultralight 2
United States RokitTSMTSM TSM8007.62EC1-A
Russia Rubikon800100065.538EC2-A
United States RupalToronto DefiantToronto Defiant TOR80010004.2EC2-CW
South Korea ryujehong400100064.3037.99MX518 Legendary
United States s9mmWinthrop UniversityWinthrop University WIN8007.62 All, 5.62 SojournG PRO X SUPERLIGHT
Denmark VP8004.530G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
Finland SKIPAH80010006535EC2-A
South Korea SLIME100067.437G903
United States SPACE800100069Logitech G903
Belgium SPREE800100066.0035EC2-A
United States STAS1S40040006.4536.53Atlantis Mini 4K
South Korea Saebyeolbe8001000437.89AEROX 3 WIRELESS GHOST
United States Salieri80077.00G PRO
South Korea SanGuiNar140063.7530G PRO Wireless
Wales Sardonyx800100085.545X2 Mini
Finland VP16003.5HTX 4K
South Korea Sayaplayer100010006538G PRO 3366
United States SchippOhio State UniversityOhio State University OSU12501000107.51G PRO Wireless
United States Seagull16002.36G PRO
Austria SeicoeSpacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming SSG16002.57G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
Netherlands sennaGreen FortniteGreen Fortnite GFORT16002.55Atlantis OG V2 PRO
South Korea SeoMinSoo1600100062Rival 600
South Korea SeonJun200011.540G304
Finland Setlet800100063.530FK2
Canada ShRedLock8001000G PRO Wireless
Russia ShaDowBurn10001000610Mamba HyperFlux
Romania shadder2k12005.75MM710
Sweden SharPnu.agenu.age NUA16003EC2-A
Denmark ShaxSovereignsSovereigns SOV8005.540.00Ultralight 2 Cape Town
Finland Shaz80010003.7540Hati
South Korea ShuCrazy RaccoonCrazy Raccoon CR800533EC1-A
United States silkthread800100066.244Ultralight Pro
United States SillyPhil49University of Illinois OrangeUniversity of Illinois Orange ILL.O8004.20G502
United States sinatraa80010006933G PRO Wireless
Denmark Sindustries8005.7538Rival 300
Saudi Arabia SirMajedTeam FalconsTeam Falcons FLC80010004.538G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
Brazil skulp320010001.2537.89G PRO Wireless
United States sleepy80064.0040G PRO Wireless
South Korea Smiley100065.538G PRO WIRELESS
South Korea smurfTeam FalconsTeam Falcons FLC80010006537G PRO X SUPERLIGHT WHITE
Finland SnappeSavannah College of Art and DesignSavannah College of Art and Design SCAD16002.05G903 Wireless
Sweden snillo160063G305
France SoOn80010006940Aerox 3
Germany SoaxSt. Clair CollegeSt. Clair College SCC8006G PRO Wireless SUPERLIGHT 2
Australia SolaceHavocHavoc HVC900400064.837.89Viper V3 Pro
Åland sonder80010007Xlite v2
South Korea SP9RK1E8006.7538Viper
Sweden SparkRSpacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming SSG800545G903
South Korea SpectraM80M80 M8010001000108G703 Hero
United States Speedily80066Starlight Pro TenZ
United States Spirit8005G703
Croatia sprEEEzy1600100064FK2
South Korea Stalk3rTeam FalconsTeam Falcons FLC16003.5838DeathAdder V3 Pro
South Korea Stand11000438G903
Russia Stanyyy80010001035Rival 300
Canada steel8005006538ScreaM One
South Korea Stitch800100063.7545Rival 600
United States Stratus80066G PRO Wireless
South Korea Striker800430G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
Brazil Stylo80010G403 Prodigy Gaming
United States SugarfreeToronto DefiantToronto Defiant TOR800730G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
Saudi Arabia Suhail120010003Model O
United States super80067G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
France SuperPlouk8007S2-DIVINA
Canada SurefourSentinelsSentinels Sentinels90063.040G400s
France Surya8006630EC2-A
Brazil Svenko80010007.2538Viper Mini
United States Swimmer8005.5538G PRO Wireless
Thailand THEE160010002.5EC1-A
Thailand THITIKORN40010004.2Pulsefire FPS Pro
United States TR33M80M80 M8080010005.9G305
South Korea TTuba10005.1G PRO Wireless
Finland Taimou400100067.0235FK2
United States Talespin8006EC1-A
China KaMi80067.230
United States Tanner800330g900
Poland teksolMetaboizMetaboiz MTB8004.1240Viper V3 Pro
South Korea Teru160010003G PRO Wireless
Brazil TheSeriusGuiAnd They SayAnd They Say ATS16002.50S1
Italy thebigone1600100063.75G305
Thailand thk160010004.99G PRO Wireless
South Korea TiZi8006.5Model O
South Korea tobi800100068.5044G900 Chaos Spectrum
Russia Tonic850100067G703
South Korea Toyou800100063.9G703 HERO
Finland Trickwide16003EC2-A
Australia Trill80012G PRO Wireless
Finland Tseini1600100061.9344EC1-A
France Tsuna8006535G PRO Wireless
India Tuna80010006model o
Sweden TviQ8001000740G PRO Wireless
South Korea Twilight800440G903
Netherlands TwoEasy80050065.35EC2-A
Netherlands TwolzZVoyagerVoyager VYGR3200100061638Deathadder
Russia uNFixed80010006535EC2-A
France uNKOE800100061240G-PRO
United States UltraVioletM80M80 M80800337Viper V2 Pro
South Korea Valentine8008G703
Estonia vallutaja80050063.99Razer DeathAdder Elite
United States VegaToronto DefiantToronto Defiant TOR80010005G PRO
South Korea Venom8006536G402
South Korea vigilanteTwisted MindsTwisted Minds TM8004.17G PRO Wireless
South Korea Vindaim8007.2138G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
United States VisionMaryville UniversityMaryville University MAR80010004.0630G Pro X Superlight
South Korea Void8005G PRO Wireless
Denmark W1ll13004.20Deathadder V2 Mini
United Kingdom Wack0800100066ZA11
China Shush160010.5
South Korea WaterClub Of CowardsClub Of Cowards COC10005G PRO X Superlight White
South Korea WekeedGen.G Global AcademyGen.G Global Academy GGA80065.00G903
Romania WexA One Man ArmyA One Man Army AOMA8001000108G Pro Wireless
South Korea WhoRU80067.2530Air58 Ninja
South Korea Whybe1000100064.030G PRO
France winz100010006439G303
South Korea WooHyaL800613G PRO
United States wub800105.0038Viper Ultimate V2
Brazil xHM800100064.530DeathAdder Chroma
Canada xQc8006-11G PRO Wireless
Uruguay xRavaged120015DeathAdder Chroma
Singapore Xeno80010006/114.1638Ultralight 2 Cape Town
South Korea xepheR90065G PRO Wireless
Cambodia xtenGreen FortniteGreen Fortnite GFORT800535Purefire Haste Wireless
China B6128003.85
China guxueLGD.OALGD.OA LGD.OA16006Viper Mini Signature Edition
South Korea Xzi1000100064.9538G903
Spain xzodyalGaimin GladiatorsGaimin Gladiators GG6004.75G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
South Korea YOUNGJIN110062.1G900
Saudi Arabia YZNSAROC EsportsROC Esports ROC80010004G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
South Korea Yaki16003.37G PRO Wireless
United States YakshaSavannah College of Art and DesignSavannah College of Art and Design SCAD12004G PRO Wireless
South Korea YeChan Park800200064.535EC1-A
United States yeHHHNRG ShockNRG Shock NRG.S40010006.5G PRO Wireless
China JinMuOldest ProOldest Pro OP8005EC2-B
United States YimitraGreen FortniteGreen Fortnite GFORT40010008.05G Pro Wireless
Saudi Arabia YoubiTwisted MindsTwisted Minds TM16002.03G Pro Superlight
China huiy1180015G502
South Korea ZESTRunAwayRunAway RA1600100063.330G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
United States zPanthrArizona State UniversityArizona State University ASU80010002.75G Pro Wireless
France zYKK800100067.545.00G PRO Wireless
United States ZachaREEE800100067.8835g903
Finland zappis8005.1535EC2-B
Yemen Zeerocious8001000104.2530G PRO Wireless
United States zeruhhNTMRNTMR NTMR80010007.02Starlight Pro Tenz
China MmonkLGD.OALGD.OA LGD.OA8006.5
United States zhulanderUniversity of Illinois OrangeUniversity of Illinois Orange ILL.O80010007/113.5G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
United States ZinniaUniversity of California, San Diego GoldUniversity of California, San Diego Gold UCSD8004.5G PRO X SUPERLIGHT
United States ZoeyValentineValentine VAL160040003.52Deathadder V3 Pro
South Korea zunba8003-4Deathadder
China NinibabyWenzhou OuyueWenzhou Ouyue WOY8002.5G PRO X SUPERLIGHT(pink)
Finland Zuppeh800100064.540G903