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[e][h]Hangzhou SparkHangzhou Spark Miro
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Gong Jin-hyuk
February 26, 1996 (age 26)
Alternate IDs:
Approx. Total Winnings:
Signature Heroes:
Winston Reinhardt Orisa
2016-08-?? – 2017-10-23
2017-08-22 – 2018-09-02
2018-10-02 – 2020-11-04
Gen.G (Streamer)
2021-01-26 – 2021-11-15
Team Diamond (Coach)
2021-11-15 - Present

공진혁 "Miro" (born February 26, 1996) is a Korean coach and tank who is currently working for Hangzhou Spark.


Miro was widely regarded as the best main tank in Overwatch from 2016 to early 2017. [1] He and team Lunatic-Hai dominated APEX Season 2 and APEX Season 3. However, his performance slumped drastically during the Overwatch League Inaugural Season when he competed as a part of Seoul Dynasty in Mid 2017. At the end of the season, Seoul Dynasty confirmed that Miro will step down from their roster.[2] He later transitioned into a streamer position in Gen.G[3] for a brief period before beginning his coaching career for Team Diamond in 2021.

He is known as the "Godfather of Main Tanks," for pioneering the fundamentals of Winston mechanics and positioning, revolutionizing Overwatch into a Dive composition era.[4]

Gear and settings[edit]

Mouse settings [citation needed] (list of) (calculate)
Mouse Curvature Circumference Mouse Setup Sensitivity
3871 MPI
2.54 deg/mm
5.6 in/rev
14.2 cm/rev
1040 CPI 9.4
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2018-06-17HA8thA1S-TierOverwatch League - Inaugural Regular SeasonOverwatch LeagueOverwatch LeagueOverwatch League - Inaugural Regular SeasonSeoul DynastySeoul DynastySeoul Dynasty22/18Grp S.$75,000
2017-12-09AA1stA1S-TierOverwatch League - Inaugural PreseasonOverwatch LeagueOverwatch LeagueOverwatch League - Inaugural PreseasonSeoul DynastySeoul DynastySeoul Dynasty 
2017-10-21EA5 - 6thA1S-TierOverwatch APEX Season 4Overwatch APEXOverwatch APEXOverwatch APEX Season 4Lunatic-HaiLunatic-HaiLunatic-Hai1/-/2Grp S.$7,137
2017-10-15AA1stA2A-TierSeoul Cup - OGN Super MatchSeoul CupSeoul CupSeoul Cup - OGN Super MatchLunatic-HaiLunatic-HaiLunatic-Hai3 : 1Cloud9 KongDooCloud9 KongDoo$60,000
2017-07-29AA1stA1S-TierOverwatch APEX Season 3Overwatch APEXOverwatch APEXOverwatch APEX Season 3Lunatic-HaiLunatic-HaiLunatic-Hai4 : 3Team KongDoo PantheraTeam KongDoo Panthera$92,707
2017-04-08AA1stA1S-TierOverwatch APEX Season 2Overwatch APEXOverwatch APEXOverwatch APEX Season 2Lunatic-HaiLunatic-HaiLunatic-Hai4 : 3RunAwayRunAway$89,910
2016-12-18BA2ndA2A-TierIntel Extreme Masters Season XI GyeonggiIEMIEMIntel Extreme Masters Season XI GyeonggiLunatic-HaiLunatic-HaiLunatic-Hai1 : 3LW RedLW Red$20,000
2016-12-03EC5 - 8thA1S-TierOverwatch APEX Season 1Overwatch APEXOverwatch APEXOverwatch APEX Season 1Lunatic-HaiLunatic-HaiLunatic-Hai0 : 2Team KongDoo UnciaTeam KongDoo Uncia$6,337
2016-11-05AA1stA1S-TierOverwatch World Cup 2016Overwatch World CupOverwatch World CupOverwatch World Cup 2016South KoreaSouth KoreaSouth Korea4 : 0RussiaRussia$18,000
2016-10-16BA2ndA1S-TierAPAC Premier 2016APAC PremierAPAC PremierAPAC Premier 2016Lunatic-HaiLunatic-HaiLunatic-Hai1 : 4RogueRogue$30,000
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2022-07-23EA5 - 6thA1S-TierOverwatch League 2022 - Midseason MadnessOverwatch LeagueOverwatch LeagueOverwatch League 2022 - Midseason MadnessHangzhou SparkHangzhou SparkHangzhou Spark2 : 3Philadelphia FusionPhiladelphia Fusion$25,000
2022-06-05DA4thA1S-TierOverwatch League 2022 - Kickoff ClashOverwatch LeagueOverwatch LeagueOverwatch League 2022 - Kickoff ClashHangzhou SparkHangzhou SparkHangzhou Spark0 : 3Seoul DynastySeoul Dynasty 
2021-11-07EA5 - 6thA2A-TierNetEase Esports X Tournament - 2021 - WinterNetEase Esports X TournamentNetEase Esports X TournamentNetEase Esports X Tournament - 2021 - WinterTeam DiamondTeam DiamondTeam Diamond0/-/2Grp S. 
2021-10-10GA7thA2A-TierOverwatch Contenders 2021 Season 2: KoreaOverwatch ContendersOverwatch ContendersOverwatch Contenders 2021 Season 2: KoreaTeam DiamondTeam DiamondTeam Diamond2 : 4World Game Star PhoenixWorld Game Star Phoenix$8,000
2021-07-21AA1 - 2ndA3B-TierOverwatch Contenders 2021 Season 2 Trials: KoreaOverwatch ContendersOverwatch ContendersOverwatch Contenders 2021 Season 2 Trials: KoreaTeam DiamondTeam DiamondTeam Diamond3 : 1LeamicsLeamics 
2021-05-18HA8thA2A-TierOverwatch Contenders 2021 Season 1: KoreaOverwatch ContendersOverwatch ContendersOverwatch Contenders 2021 Season 1: KoreaTeam DiamondTeam DiamondTeam Diamond2 : 3Team BMTeam BM$7,000
2021-03-04BA2ndA3B-TierOverwatch Contenders 2021 Season 1 Trials: KoreaOverwatch ContendersOverwatch ContendersOverwatch Contenders 2021 Season 1 Trials: KoreaTeam DiamondTeam DiamondTeam Diamond3 : 2All From AcademyAll From Academy 
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