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Overwatch Contenders 2020 Season 1 Trials: China - Week 2


Pokomen Max
DPSChina n1ghtg0d 
DPSSouth Korea BISHOP 
TankSouth Korea Crown 
TankSouth Korea MINO 
SupportChina Shush 
SupportChina Burner 
CSouth Korea Blur 
A99 - 12th Overwatch Contenders
Sponsor Taking Gaming
DPSSouth Korea Sushi 
DPSSouth Korea EXCEED 
TankChina AMTI 
TankHong Kong Step 
SupportHong Kong AmCrazy 
SupportSouth Korea YDH 
CSouth Korea Reshi 
CSouth Korea SeongSu 
CSouth Korea DaHaeng 
A99 - 12th Overwatch Contenders
DPSSouth Korea Lyrics 
DPSChina ssong 
DPSChina KD 
TankSouth Korea AQO 
TankChina daizi 
SupportSouth Korea Lucia 
SupportChina ML14 
SupportChina HAIJIA 
CChina Bigwhite 
CSouth Korea Lucia 
A66th Overwatch Contenders Trials

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1 The former 1st of Trials Week 1 Group B Light Gaming get the spot of Big Time Regal Gaming in OWC Week 1, the former 5th of Trials Week 1 UNNAMED advanced to the OWC Week 2.


Group A[edit]

Group A
1. Sponsor Taking Gaming3-09-2
2. MDT2-18-4
3. Universe Thinker1-23-6
4. Neutral Break Gaming-X0-31-9

Group B[edit]

Group B
1. UNNAMED2-06-0
2. Pokomen Max1-13-5
3. Phantom Wizard0-22-6