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Overwatch League - 2020

[e][h]Overwatch League - 2020
League Information
Overwatch League OWL
World World
Regular Season
Prize pool:
$5,000,000 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Number of Teams:
Liquipedia Tier:
Upcoming Matches
February 22, 2020 - 20:00 UTC
Overwatch League - 2020
February 22, 2020 - 22:00 UTC
Overwatch League - 2020
February 23, 2020 - 00:00 UTC
Overwatch League - 2020
February 23, 2020 - 20:00 UTC
Overwatch League - 2020
February 23, 2020 - 22:00 UTC
Overwatch League - 2020


Offseason Key Dates[edit]

  • Sept. 30, 2019
    • Signing window opens for teams to exercise team options on existing player contracts, negotiate extensions with currently signed players, or sign players from their affiliated academy team competing in Contenders.
  • Oct. 7, 2019
    • Teams that have completed exercising (or declining) all existing contract options may submit free-agent player contracts to the League Office for approval. Teams may also submit player trades for approval.
  • Nov. 11, 2019
    • 2019 season agreements officially end. Any players not under contract into the 2020 season become free agents. In order to facilitate these players signing with new teams before the initial roster deadline, those players set to become free agents in November are permitted to discuss contracts with other teams before their 2019 contracts formally expire.
  • Nov. 15, 2019
    • Deadline for all teams to have a minimum of eight players under contract. Teams may sign or trade players until June 15, 2020, at 5 p.m. PT.

  • Players who were born on or before June 15, 2002, are eligible to sign Overwatch League contracts for the 2020 season.


  • Regular Season - February 8th - August 9th, 2020
    • All 20 teams will play 28 matches across a total of 52 homestand weekend events hosted at venues across the world. Wins and losses will count towards teams' full-season records and all-important seeding for the postseason.
  • Midseason Tournament - During 2020 Regular Season Break (Week 13)
    • After 9 matches played, the top Atlantic and Pacific conference teams, along with the next two teams in the standings regardless of division, will qualify for midseason tournament.
  • Postseason (Playoffs)
    • At the conclusion of the season, the best teams will play together for an epic tournament to crown a champion at the Grand Finals.

Final Results[edit]

Section Date Prize Pool Winner Runner-Up Score
Playoffs 2020 TBD TBD
Overall Season 2020 TBD TBD

Player Awards[edit]


Roster Moves[edit]

Roster Moves

Suspensions and Fines[edit]

Suspensions and Fines
Sharing confidential league information


Atlantic Conference[edit]

Boston Uprising
DPSNew Zealand Colourhex DPSSouth Korea Jerry 
DPSSouth Korea Munchkin TankSouth Korea Axxiom 
TankUnited Kingdom Fusions TankCanada Mouffin 
TankNetherlands brussen SupportSouth Korea Myunbong 
SupportUnited States Swimmer   
A55 - 6th Overwatch League Season 1
CSweden Mineral CGreece iLka 
CFrance Ascoft CFrench Polynesia Mini 
AUSA spackle ACanada MrBleeple 
Main Roster
A55 - 6th Overwatch League Season 1
London Spitfire
DPSSouth Korea Schwi DPSSouth Korea Babel 
DPSSouth Korea ALTHOUGH DPSSouth Korea Glister 
TankSouth Korea BERNAR TankSouth Korea JMAC 
TankSouth Korea Jihun TankSouth Korea Clestyn 
SupportSouth Korea Krillin SupportSouth Korea Fuze 
SupportSouth Korea Highly SupportSouth Korea SanGuiNar 
A11st Overwatch League Season 1
CSouth Korea Agape CSouth Korea aWesomeGuy 
CSouth Korea Pavane CSouth Korea Twinkl 
Main Roster
A11st Overwatch League Season 1
New York Excelsior
DPSSouth Korea Saebyeolbe DPSSouth Korea Libero 
DPSSouth Korea Nenne DPSSouth Korea WhoRU 
TankSouth Korea Mano TankSouth Korea HOTBA 
TankSouth Korea Bianca SupportSouth Korea JJonak 
SupportSouth Korea Anamo SupportSouth Korea Mandu 
A33rd Overwatch League Season 2
CSouth Korea imt CSouth Korea WhyNot 
CSouth Korea Garrincha   
Main Roster
A33rd Overwatch League Season 2
Paris Eternal
DPSSouth Korea Sp9rk1e DPSFrance SoOn 
DPSFrance NiCOgdh DPSSouth Korea Xzi 
TankFrance BenBest TankSouth Korea NoSmite 
TankUnited Kingdom Smex TankSouth Korea Hanbin 
SupportFrance HyP SupportUnited Kingdom Kruise 
SupportPortugal Greyy SupportFrance FDGoD 
B414th Overwatch League Season 2
CSouth Korea Rush CSouth Korea Levi 
CSouth Korea Aid   
Main Roster
B414th Overwatch League Season 2
Toronto Defiant
DPSBelgium Logix DPSCanada Mangachu 
DPSCanada Agilities DPSCanada Surefour 
TankUnited States Beast TankSweden Nevix 
SupportSouth Korea RoKy SupportSouth Korea KariV 
SupportDenmark Kellex   
B717th Overwatch League Season 2
CFrance Féfé CFrance Lilbow 
CFrance Albless AGermany Barroi 
Main Roster
B717th Overwatch League Season 2
Atlanta Reign
DPSSouth Korea Erster DPSUnited States babybay 
DPSSouth Korea Edison DPSSweden SharP 
TankUnited States Gator TankSouth Korea Pokpo 
TankUnited States frd TankUnited States Hawk 
SupportFinland Masaa SupportUnited States Dogman 
SupportGermany Kodak SupportUnited States Fire 
A55 - 6th Overwatch League Season 2
CUnited States Sephy CFrance Silence 
CSouth Korea Mentalist ACanada Danny 
Main Roster
A55 - 6th Overwatch League Season 2
Florida Mayhem
DPSSouth Korea Sayaplayer DPSSouth Korea BQB 
DPSSouth Korea Yaki TankSouth Korea Fate 
TankSouth Korea Gargoyle TankSouth Korea Karayan 
SupportSouth Korea Kris SupportSouth Korea Byrem 
SupportSouth Korea Gangnamjin   
B111th Overwatch League Season 1
CSouth Korea KuKi CSouth Korea INSIGHT 
CSouth Korea DOX CIreland Robert Yip 
Main Roster
B111th Overwatch League Season 1
Houston Outlaws
DPSFinland LiNkzr DPSUnited States Danteh 
DPSUnited States Hydration DPSUnited States blasé 
TankBelgium SPREE TankUnited States Muma 
TankSouth Korea MekO SupportUnited States Boink 
SupportUnited States Rawkus SupportSouth Korea Rapel 
SupportSouth Korea Jecse   
A77th Overwatch League Season 1
CUnited States Harsha CUnited States Clockwork 
CUnited States Dream CSouth Korea Hooreg 
Main Roster
A77th Overwatch League Season 1
Philadelphia Fusion
DPSSouth Korea Carpe DPSIsrael Eqo 
DPSSouth Korea Ivy DPSUnited Kingdom ChipSa 
DPSSouth Korea Heesu TankFrance Poko 
TankSouth Korea SADO TankSouth Korea Fury 
SupportUnited Kingdom Boombox SupportSouth Korea Alarm 
SupportUnited Kingdom FunnyAstro   
A22nd Overwatch League Season 1
CSouth Korea KDG CUnited Kingdom ChrisTFer 
CSouth Korea Mobydik AFinland Seita 
Main Roster
A22nd Overwatch League Season 1
Washington Justice
DPSUnited States Corey DPSUnited States Stratus 
DPSSouth Korea TTuba TankSweden ELLIVOTE 
TankSweden LullSiSH TankSouth Korea rOar 
SupportSouth Korea ArK SupportSouth Korea AimGod 
B717th Overwatch League Season 2
CSingapore JohnGalt CSouth Korea Sup7eme 
CSouth Korea Wiz CCanada Bani 
Main Roster
B717th Overwatch League Season 2

Pacific Conference[edit]

Chengdu Hunters
DPSTaiwan Baconjack DPSChina JinMu 
DPSChina Leave TankChina Elsa 
TankChina LateYoung TankChina Ameng 
TankTaiwan ATing SupportChina Molly 
SupportChina Lensa SupportChina Kyo 
SupportChina Yveltal   
A911 - 12th Overwatch League Season 2
CTaiwan Ray CChina Dokkaebi 
CChina Garry   
Main Roster
A911 - 12th Overwatch League Season 2
Guangzhou Charge
DPSChina Eileen DPSSouth Korea Happy 
DPSUnited States nero TankSouth Korea Rio 
TankSouth Korea Cr0ng SupportSouth Korea Chara 
SupportSouth Korea Shu SupportChina Wya 
SupportSpain neptuNo   
A99 - 10th Overwatch League Season 2
CSouth Korea J1N CSouth Korea Tydolla 
CSouth Korea Sungwoo AUnited Kingdom Cuddles 
ATaiwan Cassis   
Main Roster
A99 - 10th Overwatch League Season 2
Hangzhou Spark
DPSSouth Korea Adora DPSSouth Korea Bazzi 
DPSSouth Korea GodsB DPSSouth Korea SASIN 
TankChina guxue TankSouth Korea Ria 
SupportSouth Korea iDK SupportSouth Korea BeBe 
SupportChina Coldest SupportChina Mika 
A44th Overwatch League Season 2
CSouth Korea Mask CChina U4 
CSouth Korea yeah   
Main Roster
A44th Overwatch League Season 2
Seoul Dynasty
DPSSouth Korea FITS DPSSouth Korea ILLICIT 
DPSSouth Korea Profit TankSouth Korea Michelle 
TankSouth Korea Marve1 TankSouth Korea Gesture 
SupportSouth Korea tobi SupportSouth Korea Creative 
SupportSouth Korea Bdosin   
A77 - 8th Overwatch League Season 2
CSouth Korea Changgoon CSouth Korea MMA 
CSouth Korea WizardHyeong ASouth Korea RacoonPanda 
ASouth Korea Bongwoori ASouth Korea Dorong 
Main Roster
A77 - 8th Overwatch League Season 2
Shanghai Dragons
DPSChina Diya DPSSouth Korea diem 
DPSSouth Korea DDing DPSSouth Korea Fleta 
DPSSouth Korea LIP TankSouth Korea Geguri 
TankSouth Korea Void TankSouth Korea Stand1 
TankSouth Korea Fearless SupportSouth Korea Luffy 
SupportSouth Korea Izayaki SupportSouth Korea LeeJaeGon 
A99 - 10th Overwatch League Season 2
CSouth Korea Moon CChina creed 
CSouth Korea Dongsu CSouth Korea Jfeel 
Main Roster
A99 - 10th Overwatch League Season 2
Dallas Fuel
DPSFrance aKm DPSUnited States ZachaREEE 
DPSSouth Korea Decay DPSSouth Korea Doha 
TankCanada NotE TankAustralia Trill 
TankSouth Korea Gamsu SupportSpain HarryHook 
SupportFrance uNKOE SupportSouth Korea Closer 
SupportCanada Crimzo   
A910th Overwatch League Season 1
CUnited States Aero CSouth Korea Vol'Jin 
CCanada Tikatee CSouth Korea Yong 
Main Roster
A910th Overwatch League Season 1
Los Angeles Gladiators
DPSSouth Korea birdring DPSVietnam MirroR 
DPSUnited States Jaru TankUnited States SPACE 
TankSouth Korea OGE TankSouth Korea Bischu 
TankFinland LhCloudy SupportFinland Shaz 
SupportFinland BigGoose SupportUnited States Paintbrush 
A55 - 6th Overwatch League Season 2
CUnited States dpei CUnited States Faustus 
CAustralia face CUnited States CurryShot 
Main Roster
A55 - 6th Overwatch League Season 2
Los Angeles Valiant
DPSUnited States KSF DPSDenmark Shax 
DPSUnited States Apply DPSUnited Kingdom KSP 
TankUnited States McGravy TankSouth Korea Dreamer 
TankUnited States GiG SupportSouth Korea Lastro 
SupportSouth Korea RaiN   
A33 - 4th Overwatch League Season 1
CUnited States Packing10 CUnited States Stoop 
CUnited States reprize CAustralia Gunba 
Main Roster
A33 - 4th Overwatch League Season 1
San Francisco Shock
DPSUnited States sinatraa DPSSouth Korea Architect 
DPSSouth Korea Striker DPSSouth Korea ANS 
DPSSouth Korea Rascal TankUnited States super 
TankSouth Korea ChoiHyoBin TankSouth Korea smurf 
SupportUnited States moth SupportSouth Korea Viol2t 
A11st Overwatch League Season 2
CSouth Korea Crusty CUnited States Junkbuck 
CSouth Korea Arachne AUnited States Alined 
AUSA Merci   
Main Roster
A11st Overwatch League Season 2
Vancouver Titans
DPSSouth Korea Haksal DPSSouth Korea Stitch 
DPSSouth Korea SeoMinSoo TankSouth Korea JJANU 
TankSouth Korea Fissure SupportSouth Korea SLIME 
SupportSouth Korea Twilight SupportSouth Korea ryujehong 
A22nd Overwatch League Season 2
CSouth Korea paJion CSouth Korea Yang1 
ASouth Korea Andante   
Main Roster
A22nd Overwatch League Season 2


Match Overview[edit]

Click here for the Match Overview of regular season.

Regular Season[edit]

Season Conference Standings[edit]

Atlantic Conference
1. New York Excelsior2-06-1+5
2. Toronto Defiant1-03-1+2
3. Paris Eternal1-14-3+1
Atlanta Reign0-00-00
Florida Mayhem0-00-00
Houston Outlaws0-00-00
Philadelphia Fusion0-00-00
Washington Justice0-00-00
9. Boston Uprising0-10-3-3
10. London Spitfire0-21-6-5
1. New York Excelsior2-06-1+5
1. Philadelphia Fusion2-06-1+5
3. Toronto Defiant▼11-03-1+2
4. Paris Eternal▼11-14-3+1
4. Washington Justice1-14-3+1
6. Florida Mayhem1-13-30
Atlanta Reign0-00-00
8. Boston Uprising▲10-10-3-3
9. London Spitfire▲10-21-6-5
10. Houston Outlaws0-20-6-6

Pacific Conference
1. Vancouver Titans2-06-2+4
2. San Francisco Shock1-03-1+2
3. Los Angeles Valiant1-13-4-1
Chengdu Hunters0-00-00
Guangzhou Charge0-00-00
Hangzhou Spark0-00-00
Seoul Dynasty0-00-00
Shanghai Dragons0-00-00
9. Los Angeles Gladiators0-12-3-1
10. Dallas Fuel0-22-6-4
1. Vancouver Titans2-06-2+4
2. San Francisco Shock1-03-1+2
3. Los Angeles Valiant1-13-4-1
Chengdu Hunters0-00-00
Guangzhou Charge0-00-00
Hangzhou Spark0-00-00
Seoul Dynasty0-00-00
Shanghai Dragons0-00-00
9. Los Angeles Gladiators0-12-3-1
10. Dallas Fuel0-22-6-4

Season League Standings[edit]

League Standings
1. New York Excelsior2-06-1+5
2. Vancouver Titans2-06-2+4
3. San Francisco Shock1-03-1+2
3. Toronto Defiant1-03-1+2
5. Paris Eternal1-14-3+1
6. Los Angeles Valiant1-13-4-1
Atlanta Reign0-00-00
Chengdu Hunters0-00-00
Florida Mayhem0-00-00
Guangzhou Charge0-00-00
Hangzhou Spark0-00-00
Houston Outlaws0-00-00
Philadelphia Fusion0-00-00
Seoul Dynasty0-00-00
Shanghai Dragons0-00-00
Washington Justice0-00-00
17. Los Angeles Gladiators0-12-3-1
18. Boston Uprising0-10-3-3
19. Dallas Fuel0-22-6-4
20. London Spitfire0-21-6-5
1. New York Excelsior2-06-1+5
1. Philadelphia Fusion2-06-1+5
3. Vancouver Titans▼12-06-2+4
4. San Francisco Shock▼11-03-1+2
4. Toronto Defiant▼11-03-1+2
6. Paris Eternal▼11-14-3+1
6. Washington Justice1-14-3+1
8. Florida Mayhem1-13-30
9. Los Angeles Valiant▼31-13-4-1
Atlanta Reign0-00-00
Chengdu Hunters0-00-00
Guangzhou Charge0-00-00
Hangzhou Spark0-00-00
Seoul Dynasty0-00-00
Shanghai Dragons0-00-00
16. Los Angeles Gladiators▲10-12-3-1
17. Boston Uprising▲10-10-3-3
18. Dallas Fuel▲10-22-6-4
19. London Spitfire▲10-21-6-5
20. Houston Outlaws0-20-6-6

Additional Data[edit]

Country Representation[edit]

#Country / RegionRepresentationPlayers
1South Korea South Korea114 / 202 (56%)ALTHOUGH, ANS, Adora, AimGod, Alarm, Anamo, ArK, Architect, Axxiom, BERNAR, BQB, Babel, Bazzi, Bdosin, BeBe, BiaNcA, Bischu, Byrem, Carpe, Chara, ChoiHyoBin, Clestyn, Closer, Cr0ng, Creative, DDing, Decay, Doha, Dreamer, Edison, Erster, FITS, Fate, Fearless, Fissure, Fleta, Fury, Fuze, Gamsu, Gangnamjin, Gargoyle, Geguri, Gesture, Glister, GodsB, HOTBA, Haksal, Hanbin, Happy, Heesu, Highly, ILLICIT, IZaYaKI, Ivy, JJANU, JJoNak, JMAC, Jecse, Jerry, Jihun, Karayan, KariV, Krillin, Kris, LIP, Lastro, LeeJaeGon, Libero, Luffy, Mandu, Mano, Marve1, MekO, Michelle, Munchkin, Myunbong, Nenne, NoSmite, OGE, Pokpo, Profit, RaiN, Rapel, Rascal, Ria, Rio, RoKy, SADO, SASIN, SLIME, SP9RK1E, Saebyeolbe, SanGuiNar, Sayaplayer, Schwi, SeoMinSoo, Shu, Stand1, Stitch, Striker, TTuba, Twilight, Viol2t, Void, WhoRU, Xzi, Yaki, birdring, diem, iDK, rOar, ryujehong, smurf, tobi
2United States United States28 / 202 (14%)Apply, Beast, Boink, Corey, Danteh, Dogman, Fire, Gator, GiG, Hawk, Hydration, Jaru, KSF, McGravy, Muma, Paintbrush, Rawkus, SPACE, Stratus, Swimmer, ZachaREEE, babybay, blasé, frd, moth, nero, sinatraa, super
3China China15 / 202 (7%)Ameng, Coldest, Diya, Eileen, Elsa, JinMu, Kyo, LateYoung, Lengsa, M1ka, Molly, Wya, Yveltal, guxue, leave
4France France8 / 202 (4%)BenBest, FDGod, HyP, NiCOgdh, Poko, SoOn, aKm, uNKOE
5United Kingdom United Kingdom7 / 202 (3%)Boombox, ChipSa, FunnyAstro, Fusions, KSP, Kruise, Smex
6Canada Canada6 / 202 (3%)Agilities, Crimzo, Mangachu, Mouffin, NotE, Surefour
7Finland Finland5 / 202 (2%)BigGoose, LhCloudy, LiNkzr, Masaa, Shaz
8Sweden Sweden4 / 202 (2%)ELLIVOTE, LullSiSH, Nevix, SharP
9Belgium Belgium2 / 202 (1%)Logix, SPREE
10Denmark Denmark2 / 202 (1%)Kellex, Shax
11Spain Spain2 / 202 (1%)HarryHook, neptuNo
12Taiwan Taiwan2 / 202 (1%)ATing, Baconjack
13Australia Australia1 / 202 (0%)Trill
14Germany Germany1 / 202 (0%)Kodak
15Israel Israel1 / 202 (0%)Eqo
16Netherlands Netherlands1 / 202 (0%)brussen
17New Zealand New Zealand1 / 202 (0%)Colourhex
18Portugal Portugal1 / 202 (0%)Greyy
19Vietnam Vietnam1 / 202 (0%)MirroR

Additional Information[edit]


LanguageEnglish SpeakingChinaFranceSouth KoreaBrazilItaly

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