Patch 1.40

[e][h]Patch 1.40
Patch Information
Release Date:
  • Bastion's Brick Challenge
  • Bastion buff
  • Symmetra and Zarya nerf
  • Sigma adjust

Patch Highlights[edit]

Bastion’s Brick Challenge

Get ready to play with Bastion’s Brick Challenge and some special, unlockable in-game content! Wins in Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade will earn you themed sprays, player icons, and a new legendary skin: Brick Bastion! Tune in to participating Twitch broadcasters while they’re playing Overwatch any time through 9/30 to earn a total of seven Bastion’s Brick Challenge sprays and icons!

Workshop Updates[edit]

  • New Workshop actions:
    • Create Dummy Bot
      • Creates a dummy bot, which is a full player that has no human or AI controlling it. Using other Workshop actions, dummy bots can move, aim, press buttons, and do most things that human players can do.
    • Destroy Dummy Bot
      • Destroys a dummy bot.
    • Start Throttle In Direction
      • Either sets or modifies the throttle (directional movement input) for a given player (human, AI bot, or dummy bot).
    • Stop Throttle In Direction
      • Stops the change to throttle being caused by Start Throttle In Direction.
    • Create Beam Effect
      • Creates a beam effect between two positions (either or both of which may be a player).
  • New parameters to existing Workshop actions:
    • Create HUD Text
      • New SpectatorVisibility option for defining when spectators can see the text.
      • New colors have been added to Text Color.
    • Create In-World Text
      • New SpectatorVisibility option for defining when spectators can see the text.
      • New colors have been added to Text Color.
    • Create Effect and Play Effect
      • New colors have been added.
  • New Workshop value:
    • Is Dummy Bot
      • Whether a given player is a dummy bot.
  • New Workshop Inspector features:
    • Copy current variables to CSV [PC-Only] :
      • Copies the currently visible variables to the system clipboard in CSV format. These can be pasted into text and spreadsheet applications.
    • Copy all variables to CSV [PC-Only] :
      • Copies all variables throughout the Inspector history for the currently selected entity to the system clipboard in CSV format. These can be pasted into text and spreadsheet applications.
    • Copy current variables as actions:
      • Copies the currently visible variables to the clipboard in Workshop text format. These can be pasted back into a Workshop action list.

Hero Updates[edit]


  • Self-repair
    • Self-repair no longer consumes resource while Bastion is at full health
    • Bastion now correctly initiates 0.25 sec of recovery time when canceling Self-Repair by firing


  • Primary Fire
    • Beam width lowered from 0.3 meters to 0.2
    • Beam DPS per level lowered from 65/130/195 to 60/120/180


  • Primary Fire
    • Beam width is now 0.15 meters and no longer scales with energy
    • Max Beam DPS lowered from 190 to 170


  • Hyper Spheres
    • Explosion damaged reduced from 35 to 30
  • Experimental Barrier
    • Added a toggle option for deploying Sigma’s Experimental Barrier
    • Being hacked by Sombra will now recall his barrier if it is deployed. (EMP will still destroy the barrier first if both are in range)
  • Accretion
    • Explosion damage increased from 50 to 60
  • Gravitic Flux
    • Intro cast time increased from 0.4 seconds to 0.6

Bug Fixes[edit]


  • Workshop - Fixed a bug that caused the "Enable Workshop Inspector" option not to reset when using Restore Defaults
  • Workshop - The "Is Firing Primary" Workshop value now correctly reports whether Sigma is using his Hyperspheres
  • Fixed an issue where killing D.Va's mech via Environment kill would not always grant the full amount of ult charge
  • Fixed an issue where knockbacks would sometimes be shorter than intended if the target was moving down an incline
  • Players should no longer get stuck inviting players when using 'Stay As Team' feature
  • Attempting to save a highlight without sufficient disk space now displays an appropriate error message
  • Fixed an issue where the first person camera would be incorrectly offset when switching heroes in some workshop scenarios
  • Competitive arcade season ratings now display a skill rating in the career profile
  • Season 1 competitive end ratings now show correctly in leaderboards


  • Paris
    • Fixed a bug that allowed Moira's Biotic Orb to pass through the attacker's spawn door
    • Fixed a bug that allowed players to shoot through one of the spawn doors


  • Ashe
    • Improved the ability for B.O.B. to get through doorways and more consistently make it to where he was launched towards
  • Bastion
    • Fixed a bug where Bastion was not entering a recovery state when immediately firing weapons after Self-Repair is used
  • Brigitte
    • Fixed a bug with Brigitte’s Repair Pack cooldown scalar not working in custom games
  • D.Va
    • Fixed a bug that allowed D.Va's mech to block Earthshatter briefly during the destruction animation
  • Hanzo
    • Fixed a bug that caused Hanzo's bow to flicker when switching to Sonic Arrow, when certain skins were equipped
  • Lucio
    • Fixed an issue where knockbacks applied to enemies moving down ramps would not knock back as far as intended.
  • Mercy
    • Fixed a bug where Mercy could sometimes mispredict being able to Guardian Angel to a teammate who had died behind a wall.
  • Orisa
    • Fixed a bug that caused players to be thrown further than intended when escaping the pulling effect of Orisa's Halt
  • Sigma
    • Fixed a bug that caused the first-person animations for Kinetic Grasp, Accretion, Experimental Barrier return/retract, and primary fire not to play correctly when used immediately after being frozen
    • Fixed a bug that caused Hyperspheres to appear without any VFX or animation after letting the cast timer on Gravitic Flux expire
    • Fixed a bug that incorrectly allowed Sigma to gain shields after absorbing a healing orb from Moira with his Kinetic Grasp
    • Corrected various Sigma team color visual effects
    • Fixed a bug with Sigma’s Damage Blocked average per 10 min not appearing in career profile
  • Sombra
    • Fixed a bug with Sombra detection radius being affected by player aim pitch
  • Wrecking Ball
    • Fixed an issue preventing Wrecking Ball specific stats from showing up in the Career Profile
    • Fixed a bug with adaptive shields area being affected by aim pitch
  • Zenyatta
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Zenyatta from using a Teleporter while Transcendence is active