Patch August 11, 2021

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[e][h]August 11, 2021
Patch Information
Release Date:
  • General Updates
  • Bug Fixes

General Updates[edit]

Feature Update: Social Options Menu: Text Chat Settings[edit]

  • New Options
    • Group Text Chat - On / Off
    • Team Text Chat - On / Off
    • Match Text Chat - On / Off
    • General Text Chat - On / Off

Developer's Comment: Players will now have the ability to turn off text chat individually for Group, Team, Match and General chat channels effectively muting them separately. These options can be found within Text Chat settings on the Social Options menu.

Bug Fixes[edit]


  • Junkertown
    • Fixed a bug that allowed players to stand on top of a building panel near the initial attacker's spawn location


  • Ana
    • Fixed a bug that caused golden weapon textures to appear missing when equipping the Haroeris skin
  • Pharah
    • Fixed a bug that caused her rocket launcher to disappear after using the Rocket Guitar emote
  • Tracer
    • Fixed a bug that caused her pistol muzzles to not always return to their proper position after firing