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World Player Team Role Role 2

Brazil kolero Retired
Portugal Ins DPS
USA dummy Retired Support
Lithuania evokje Retired
Canada DoT Retired DPS
China Xushu Retired Flex/DPS
Sweden cocco Coach
Netherlands stefan Support
China Mozz Retired Tank
South Korea Poro Retired DPS
United Kingdom Realzx Flex
South Korea Kisu Retired Support
Australia ckm Retired DPS
China Saury Retired Tank
Spain Linepro Retired Support
China 233333 Retired Support
Norway Aateigen Support
China Riddle Retired DPS
Brazil dudu
Ethiopia Snow Support
USA Minstrel Support
China Tpor Retired DPS
Taiwan Notalk Retired Flex
China Three3 Retired Tank
South Korea Pelka Retired Support
China Ksharp Retired DPS
China LittleCat Retired Support
China Syida Retired Support
China JeeeeeeeE Retired DPS
China Starlike Retired Support
China DHsea Retired Tank/DPS
USA spOh Support / Flex
USA Jay3 Retired DPS
South Korea Daily Retired Tank
Sweden Eure DPS
Sweden Zave Retired Support
South Korea Le1gend Retired Tank
Denmark BALLOC Retired Off-Tank
Poland MATTH Retired Flex DPS
China Haker Retired DPS
Canada steel Retired DPS
USA Bird DPS, flanker
Russia Fyzu
Italy thebigone Retired DPS
China PP Retired Support
China Kangyi DPS
USA Clockwork Retired Coach
South Korea Beom Retired Tank
USA Dahun Retired Support
USA PsychoWaffle Retired Support
China Rain Retired DPS
Finland Woomera DPS
China mEm0ry Retired Tank/DPS
China Key Retired DPS
USA DaHanG Retired Support
Japan Ynnnnnnn DPS
Portugal Nightyz Support
Brazil Nextage Retired
China Unturned Retired Flex
Spain Guitonius Retired Tank
China AmuM2m Retired Support
New Zealand Legabril Retired Tank
Sweden Zaphe Support
China Fear Retired DPS
China Kael Retired Tank
China tenight Retired Support
USA Darksma Retired Flex DPS
China 1SHEN Retired Support
Taiwan Keres Retired
China zmmmm Retired Flex
Brazil deh Support
Spain Lawliet Support
South Korea MedalOfHonor Retired DPS
Finland Lalli DPS
China Zod Retired Tank
France Noki Support
Finland Tseini Retired Flex/DPS
Finland hocz
Brazil prod Retired
Germany Veineless Retired Support
Japan Pepper DPS
France KabaL Retired IGL/Support
USA Kayuun Retired DPS
USA Minish Retired DPS
Japan ろく6935 Retired Tank
USA Seagull Retired Flex
Taiwan KMoMo Retired Flex
Mexico Dcop Retired Tank
China alan Retired DPS
China XiaoJue Retired DPS
China Kata Retired DPS
Belarus cYpheR Retired DPS
China Kuzan Retired Flex
South Korea Stellar Retired DPS
China YouYou Retired Support
Italy carnifex Retired DPS
USA Gingerpop Retired Support
Spain Winghaven Retired Tank
South Korea dean Retired Tank