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World Player Team Role Role 2

United Kingdom sycaplayer DPS
South Korea CCJ DPS
South Africa Raliator flex
Czech Republic Wochtulka Support
United States Minish DPS
Australia Minny Tank
South Korea Agnes DPS
China ZiJin Tank Dps
Norway AverageJonas Tank
United States Adam Support Manager
China Masami Support
United States salty Tank
Japan Rrmy DPS
Thailand Bello DPS
Japan Xeraphy Support
Italy joYnt Coach
United States Gingerpop Support
China ChaoS DPS
Denmark SpoXez DPS
Canada ConnorJ DPS
South Korea TimeBoy DPS
China 11520 Support
Philippines Grandeesauto Support Tank
United States Zergling Support
United States Rawkus Support
United States Rusto Manager
Brazil TH7 dps
Israel awkward Support
Singapore Cryptic DPS
Finland Dommels tank
Taiwan DizZy DPS
Italy SharPPP Coach
Finland Kryma Support
South Korea Physics Support
Austria DrysTc DPS
South Korea Brek Tank
Germany Mete Tank
United Kingdom Realzx Flex
Canada MrBleeple Analyst
France KnOxXx Coach Tank
China Google DPS
China AskTheWine Support
China YouYou Support
South Korea KoX Support
Spain dhaK Support
Denmark dafran DPS
Taiwan S1nkler Support
France Deylen Support
Sweden Henzu DPS
China MinoY Support
China bone Support
Brazil Dilascio tank DPS
United States Wolf DPS
China Timon DPS
South Korea Dahim DPS
Sweden Zebbosai Support
Italy fighteR Flex
Sweden Leodeddz Flex
Italy DragonEddy Tank
Taiwan Keres support
Spain Shevatas Support
Sweden Graceful Flex
United Kingdom Moursi Tank
South Korea Twinkl Coach Support
France Alex DPS
Poland Av3k Support
Japan Sa1nt Flex
Spain Saura DPS
United States zombs DPS
Thailand keRLos DPS Support
China YangYang Tank
Denmark khave Support Coach
Sweden NuttyB Tank
Sweden chipshajen Support
Colombia Pinguino Coach
Finland BAITO DPS Coach
Netherlands Jona DPS
Australia Flake support Coach
Germany Engineer DPS
Canada Wavey DPS
United States Tim Coach
Ethiopia Snow Support
Canada Mantel Coach
United States Far DPS
China LateYoung Tank
China Mist DPS
Brazil KilleR DPS
South Korea ElnA Coach
Croatia aRxEs support
China WinWinQ Coach Support
United States DaHanG Support
France Knaki Coach
Brazil xHM dps
Uruguay Hecate DPS
United Kingdom Cuddles Coach
Peru Persona DPS
Singapore Xenofly Tank
Brazil Bazzanella Support