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Random list of 100 retired players/coaches/commentators etc.
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World Player Team Role Role 2

Denmark Mande DPS
France Riskin Support
United States Midnight Flex
Germany art1er DPS
United Kingdom hypoc Support
South Korea EFFECT DPS
Japan FifTy DPS
China tenight Support
United States Darksma DPS
Taiwan Bow
China godV DPS
Canada xQc Tank
Australia maid Coach
France Wrath Coach
Saudi Arabia iM7 Flex
Australia Custa Support
United States Minish DPS
Latvia GGMentality Coach
United Kingdom MikeyA DPS
Israel Darkartas Tank
China LanDo Support
Australia Swilko Support
China Hibiki DPS
United States Fahzix Support
China aAa DPS
China Zod Tank
Japan SamuraiD Tank
United Kingdom Cuddles Coach
United States Clockwork Coach
Sweden Liddano DPS / Flex
Canada Verbo Support Manager
United States KyKy Coach
Canada shu Coach
Hungary tomzeY Support
Thailand CigaretteS DPS
Netherlands Kaas Support
China FateHolder DPS
China JustIBb Tank
Japan AmeKen DPS
Uruguay Frix Tank
United States Shereshoy Tank
Brazil ShadowSong Tank
United States BreadExpert Support
Japan Aktm DPS
United States ZachaREEE DPS
Canada zza DPS
China Dec12th DPS
United States TiG
China YouYou Support
Latvia sharyk Tank
South Korea White DPS
Brazil Xoazu Tank
Portugal didex Manager
South Korea Papiyong Tank
China Ziran DPS
China flood DPS
United States reaver DPS
China Assassin DPS
Denmark SpoXez DPS
China ByeK Support
China Aidoudou Tank
Denmark Mono Support
United States Rawkus Support
United States deBett Tank
France Deylen Support
Italy Nisa Support
United States Adam Support Manager
South Korea KoX Support
Spain Linepro Support
Belgium ythnk Support/Coach
Brazil dudu
China Muggle DPS
France Ours2Rue Tank
Sweden Eure DPS
China S01D Flex
Uruguay xRavaged Tank
Australia Hus DPS
China Haker DPS
China Pangge Tank
Lithuania evokje
Canada AntoL Support
Brazil TH7
Belarus Clozz Tank
Australia Meritt Support
China zmmmm Flex
Canada AZK DPS
China MelonZ tank
China XiaoBai Support
United States torkTJO
China Tian Tank
China LLNYA Support
Argentina Jhein
Netherlands Blizp DPS
Sweden eMIL Tank
Italy HearThBeaT Dps
France Asox DPS
China Fengm1an Support
United Kingdom vowels Coach
Sweden Zaphe Support
France Ounga Dps