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Player Information
Romanized Name:
Ryu Je-hong
September 5, 1991 (age 31)
Alternate IDs:
ninja, hllyyllh, 류제홍, Ryunak, TETRIS
Approx. Total Winnings:
Signature Heroes:
Ana Zenyatta Moira
2016-08-?? – 2017-10-23
2017-08-22 – 2019-11-27
2019-11-27 – 2020-05-06
2021-01-11 - Present
Gen.G esports (Streamer)

Jehong "ryujehong" Ryu is a South Korean Flex Support player recently playing for Vancouver Titans and is currently a content creator for Gen.G esports.

He is widely known for extraordinary playmaking abilities and accuracy, as well as for his wide hero pool. Ryujehong is regarded as one of the best Support players in the professional scene, most famously for his Ana play.
He was also a D.Va and Zarya player when dean and Je-hong were members of Lunatic-Hai. Both players rotated between the roles of Support and Tank (Zarya-D.Va).

Jehong is an ex-member of one of the best amateur CS 1.6 clans, Elysium Cell, where he played under the tag of Ninja. He was later drafted to Lunatic-Hai in 2008, briefly playing for their CS 1.6 squad before to make his transition to Netmarble's first person shooter, SpecialForces 2, as a part of the StX Soul roster. After his victory at the second season of the Special Force 2 Pro League, Ryujehong, along with the rest of the roster, were released. Following the disbanding of the team, he would re-join Lunatic-Hai as the captain of their "Counter Strike Online" roster. After a disappointing second place finish in the GomTV "Challenger" series, Ryujehong would take a hiatus from competitive play to complete his miltary service.[1]

Gear and settings[edit]

Mouse settings [2] (list of) (calculate)
Mouse Curvature Circumference Mouse Setup Sensitivity Zoom
MX518 Legendary
681 MPI
0.447 deg/mm
31.7 in/rev
80.5 cm/rev
400 CPI
@ 1000 Hz
4.30 37.99%
No date of last update specified!


  • Ana - 4.33


  • He won the first Overwatch World Cup.
  • Jehong's blood type is A. [3]
  • He has completed his Korean Military Service in the Air Force. [4]
  • He went by the name “ninja” while he played Counter Strike. [5]
  • His jersey number (14) has been retired by the Seoul Dynasty. [6]
  • His role model is NaDa.[3]


2019-09-297th - 8thA1S-TierOverwatch League 2019 - PlayoffsOverwatch LeagueOverwatch LeagueOverwatch League 2019 - PlayoffsSeoul DynastySeoul DynastySeoul Dynasty1 : 4Hangzhou SparkHangzhou Spark$200,000
2019-07-145th - 8thA1S-TierOverwatch League - 2019 Stage 3 PlayoffsOverwatch LeagueOverwatch LeagueOverwatch League - 2019 Stage 3 PlayoffsSeoul DynastySeoul DynastySeoul Dynasty1 : 3San Francisco ShockSan Francisco Shock$25,000
2018-06-178thA1S-TierOverwatch League - Inaugural Regular SeasonOverwatch LeagueOverwatch LeagueOverwatch League - Inaugural Regular SeasonSeoul DynastySeoul DynastySeoul Dynasty22/18Grp S.$75,000
2017-11-041stA1S-TierOverwatch World Cup 2017Overwatch World CupOverwatch World CupOverwatch World Cup 2017South KoreaSouth KoreaSouth Korea4 : 1CanadaCanada$9,000
2017-10-151stA2A-TierSeoul Cup - OGN Super MatchSeoul CupSeoul CupSeoul Cup - OGN Super MatchLunatic-HaiLunatic-HaiLunatic-Hai3 : 1Cloud9 KongDooCloud9 KongDoo$60,000
2017-07-291stA1S-TierOverwatch APEX Season 3Overwatch APEXOverwatch APEXOverwatch APEX Season 3Lunatic-HaiLunatic-HaiLunatic-Hai4 : 3Team KongDoo PantheraTeam KongDoo Panthera$92,707
2017-04-081stA1S-TierOverwatch APEX Season 2Overwatch APEXOverwatch APEXOverwatch APEX Season 2Lunatic-HaiLunatic-HaiLunatic-Hai4 : 3RunAwayRunAway$92,958
2016-12-182ndA2A-TierIntel Extreme Masters Season XI GyeonggiIEMIEMIntel Extreme Masters Season XI GyeonggiLunatic-HaiLunatic-HaiLunatic-Hai1 : 3LW RedLW Red$20,000
2016-11-051stA1S-TierOverwatch World Cup 2016Overwatch World CupOverwatch World CupOverwatch World Cup 2016South KoreaSouth KoreaSouth Korea4 : 0RussiaRussia$18,000
2016-10-162ndA1S-TierAPAC Premier 2016APAC PremierAPAC PremierAPAC Premier 2016Lunatic-HaiLunatic-HaiLunatic-Hai1 : 4RogueRogue$30,000
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Date Tier Tournament Team Award Prize
02Tournament Awards
02 2017-07-29 021 A1S-Tier 02 Overwatch APEX Overwatch APEX Season 3 02Lunatic-Hai Lunatic-HaiLunatic-Hai 02MVP Vote 021,779$1,779
02 2017-04-08 021 A1S-Tier 02 Overwatch APEX Overwatch APEX Season 2 02Lunatic-Hai Lunatic-HaiLunatic-Hai 02MVP Vote 021,713$1,713


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