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Organization Information

Samsung MorningStars is an Italian team sponsored by Samsung.

In 2017 Samsung decided to move the first steps in the Overwatch scene after the big success of Samsung Galaxy in League of Legends scene.


The Morning Stars team is born in May 2017, following the "Fight for Glory" event organized by Samsung. The team is formed as a result of the contractual problems of the winning team of the competition. The players who best performed in the tournament were then selected to form a roster of 10 people, initially trained by Edoardo "Ed0zz" Phale, who will remain in charge as a coach until December 2017. Davide "Crirawin" Scavo will instead cover the role of team manager and mental coach until January 2018.
From the beginning of 2018 the official coach is Fabio "Nightslayer" Condoluci, who also played with some team members in previous teams.
In March 2017 Morning Stars qualified for the LAN phases of the Overwatch Premier Circuit, organized by PGEsport, which took place inside the Milan GamesWeek in November of the same year. The Morning Stars lost in the final match against epok team, thus qualifying in second place.
In January 2018 was announced that the team will be joined (after some changes in the original roster), by second team, the Morning Stars Black, which will have many famous players from the Overwatch Italia scene. The coach of this second team will be Alessio "SharPPP" Mameli.



Samsung MorningStars Blue[edit]

Active Squad
ID Name Role Join Date
Italy DragonEddy Edmondo Cerini Tank 2017-05-28
Italy Najiny Mirko Seveso Flex 2017-06-20
Italy thebigone Federico Fantozzi DPS 2017-06-20
Switzerland LUFT Captain Aris Galli Tank 2017-06-20
Spain Linepro Ivo Krasimirov Support 2018-02-09
Italy Nisa Federico Portolani Support 2018-07-09[4]



ID Name Position Join Date
Italy marten78 Martino Mombrini Owner 2017-05-28
Italy Dreamer David Dall'Aglio CEO 2017-05-28
Portugal SanALex Alexandre Simões Project Manager 2018-09-12
Italy CrystalgecKo Nicholas Pietrosanti Team Manager 2018-02-01