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Shanghai Dragons (上海龙之队 in Chinese) is the team representing Shanghai, China in the Overwatch League. The team is owned by NetEase, a Chinese Internet technology company that distributes Blizzard games in China.


  • January 9th - RUI is announced to have joined the team's Coaching staff.[6]
  • February 13th - Sky, Geguri, Fearless and Ado join the team.[7]
  • March 6th - U4 steps down as the Head Coach and Kong will act as a stand-in Head Coach.[8]
  • March 27th - creed is announced to have joined the team as an Assistant Coach.[9]
  • March 29th - Undead is released from the team.[10]
  • April 4th - Daemin is officially announced to have joined the team.[11]
  • May 9th - Head Coach RUI parts ways with the team, citing "health issues". Kong once again takes on Interim Head Coach duties.[12]
  • June 5th - MG is announced to have parted ways with the team.[13]
  • September 2nd - Shanghai Dragons announce several departures of players and staff. Geguri, Fearless and Diya remain on the team from Season 1.[14][15]
  • September 21st - BlueHaS is announced to have joined the team as the Head Coach.[16]
  • October 22nd - diem, DDing, YOUNGJIN, Luffy, CoMa, and GuardiaN join the team.[17]
  • November 4th - Levi joins the team as Assistant Coach.[18]

Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
# ID Name Role Join Date
China 87 Diya (Two-way) Weida Lu DPS 2017-10-31 [4]
South Korea 96 Geguri Seyeon Kim Tank 2018-02-13 [7]
South Korea 21 diem Minseong Bae DPS 2018-10-22 [17]
South Korea 31 DDing Jinhyeok Yang DPS 2018-10-22 [17]
South Korea 66 Luffy Seonghyeon Yang Support 2018-10-22 [17]
South Korea 10 envy Kangjae Lee Tank 2019-06-18 [23]
South Korea 22 Izayaki Minchul Kim Support 2019-07-19 [25]
South Korea 1 Fleta Byungsun Kim DPS 2019-11-13 [33]


Former Players
# ID Name Role Join Date Leave Date New Team
South Korea 13 CoMa Kyungwoo Son Support 2018-10-22 [17] 2019-11-08 [31]
South Korea 1 Gamsu Youngjin Noh Tank 2019-02-12 [20] 2019-11-04 [30] Dallas Fuel
South Korea 33 YOUNGJIN Youngjin Jin Flex 2018-10-22 [17] 2019-10-23 [29]
South Korea 11 GuardiaN Junhwan Jo Tank 2018-10-22 [17] 2019-06-12 [22]
South Korea 8 Fearless Euiseok Lee Tank 2018-02-13 [7] 2019-04-12 [21] Team CC
China 66 Xushu Junjie Liu Tank 2017-10-31 [4] 2018-09-02 [14] Legend Young Beyond
China 26 Roshan Wenhao Jing Tank 2017-10-31 [4] 2018-09-02 [14] Light Gaming
China 13 Altering Yage Cheng Support 2017-10-31 [4] 2018-09-02 [14] Flag Gaming (Stand-in)
China 9 Fiveking Zhaoyu Chen Support 2017-10-31 [4] 2018-09-02 [14] Team CC
China 7 Freefeel Peixuan Xu Support 2017-10-31 [4] 2018-09-02 [14] Young Kaiser Gaming.Red
China 22 Sky Junjian He Support 2018-02-13 [7] 2018-09-02 [14]
South Korea 99 Ado Gihyeon Chon DPS 2018-02-13 [7] 2018-09-02 [14] Washington Justice
South Korea 10 Daemin Daemin Kim DPS 2018-04-04 [11] 2018-09-02 [14] Blank Esports
China 72 MG Dongjian Wu Tank 2017-10-31 [4] 2018-06-05 [13] Big Time Regal Gaming
China 21 Undead Chao Fang DPS 2017-10-31 [4] 2018-03-29 [10] LinGan e-Sports



# ID Name Position Join Date
South Korea   Moon Byungchul Moon Head Coach 2019-09-23[28]
China   creed Xiao Yan (晏骁) Assistant Coach 2018-03-27 [9]
China   Van Yang Van General Manager 2017-11-19 [5]
USA   Michael Michael Sun Operations Director 2018-04-06
China   Bear Chen Yue Chen Players Manager 2018-07-01
China   Zen Zheng Yang Senior Operations Specialist 2018-08-23
China   Zheran Zhang Staff Member/Translator 2018-09-25
China   Xiaose Huang Xudong (黄旭东) Chief Hypeman 2019-01-30[19]


Former Organization
# ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Organization
China   Haotian Piao Operations Specialist/Translator 2018-07-24 2019-10-09
South Korea   BlueHaS Seonghwan We Head Coach 2018-09-21[16] 2019-09-23[27]
South Korea   Levi Chunghyeok Jeong (정충혁) Assistant Coach 2018-11-04 [18] 2019-09-23[27] Paris Eternal (Assistant Coach)
China   K4 Yiting Lyu Cinematographer/Photographer 2018-12-20 2019-09-04 [26]
Taiwan   Briana Chia Wei Kuo Marketing/PR Manager 2017-11-19 2019-09-04 [26]
  Harry Team Support 2017-11-19 [5] 2018-08-??
China   Shaco Team Leader 2017-11-19 [5] 2018-??-??
South Korea   Kong Junyoung Son (손준영) Head Coach 2017-11-19 [5] 2018-09-02 [15] BlossoM (Coach)
China   Nai8 Jia Jia (贾嘉) Analyst 2017-11-19 [5] 2018-09-02 [15]
China   RUI Xingrui Wang (王星睿) Head Coach 2018-01-09 [6] 2018-05-09 [12] Chengdu Hunters (Head Coach)
China   U4 Congshan Chen (陈丛山) Head Coach 2017-11-19 [5] 2018-03-06 [8] LinGan e-Sports (Coach)


Date Placement Tier Tournament Results Prize
2019-08-31 A99 - 10th A1Premier Overwatch League Overwatch League - 2019 Playoffs 3 : 4 $0
2019-08-25 B111th A1Premier Overwatch League Overwatch League - 2019 Regular Season 13/15 Grp. S. $0
2019-07-14 A11st A2Major Overwatch League Overwatch League - 2019 Stage 3 Playoffs 4 : 3 $200,000
2019-05-09 A55 - 8th A2Major Overwatch League Overwatch League - 2019 Stage 2 Playoffs 1 : 3 $25,000
2018-06-17 B212th A1Premier Overwatch League Overwatch League - Inaugural Season 0/40 Grp. S. $25,000
2017-12-08 A99 - 11th A4Misc Overwatch League Overwatch League - Inaugural Preseason 0/-/2 Grp. S. $0
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  • The Shanghai Dragons hold the record for most consecutive losses in a professional esport ever, with a losing streak of 42 games that stretched from January 10th, 2018 to February 22nd, 2019.


Team Uniform[edit]

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