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[e][h] Sideshow
Commentator Information
Josh Wilkinson
May 23, 1994 (1994-05-23) (age 26)
Signature Hero:
2020-05-29 – 2020-06-06
2020-06-06 - 2020-06-20

Josh "Sideshow" Wilkinson is a freelance writer, analyst & caster from the United Kingdom.

He was previously a Team Fortress 2 caster, commentator and expert for teamfortresstv as well as a player. He currently writes for and is a co-host of the show Through the Grapevine by, as well as the « Plat Chat » podcast.

Notable Events[edit]


  • Used to be a medical student. He eventually got kicked from the school he used to attend for academic purposes. He states that he intentionally failed his coursework to avoid getting removed for unprofessional conduct due to sharing copyrighted and classified files with other students.[1]
  • Sideshow has become a player for the Florida Mayhem, obtaining a two-week contract after "defeating" Florida Mayhem member Yaki in a 1v1 Pharah battle. Sideshow had challenged Yaki to a duel, claiming that he could reach 5 eliminations before Yaki could reach 20.
  • Sideshow’s contract was transferred to the Los Angeles Gladiators after Sideshow raised $8,000 on a charity stream with Los Angeles Gladiators coach dpei.




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