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Pokémon VGC Format: Sword & Shield Ranked Battles Series 12

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SwSh Ranked Battles Series 12 (February 1 − August 31, 2022)[edit]

The Sword & Shield Ranked Battles Series 12 (or VGC 2022 Series 12) is a double battle ruleset for VGC on Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. The rules are similar to the GS Cup format in which two restricted Pokémon such as Mewtwo and Xerneas are allowed in battle. Pokémon are allowed to Dynamax.

  • All battles are Double Battles played on Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield.
  • Each player needs their own Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite and a physical or digital version of Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield to compete.


Eligible Pokémon[edit]

  • Players can include two of the following Restricted Pokémon:
    • Mewtwo
    • Lugia
    • Ho-Oh
    • Kyogre
    • Groudon
    • Rayquaza
    • Dialga
    • Palkia
    • Giratina
    • Reshiram
    • Zekrom
    • Kyurem
    • Xerneas
    • Yveltal
    • Zygarde
    • Cosmog
    • Cosmoem
    • Solgaleo
    • Lunala
    • Necrozma
    • Zacian
    • Zamazenta
    • Eternatus
    • Calyrex
  • Mythical Pokémon are not permitted in battle.
  • All other Pokémon from the Galar Pokédex, the Isle of Armor Pokédex, and the Crown Tundra Pokédex as well as certain other Pokémon are permitted.
  • Only Pokémon obtained in Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield or those with the battle-ready symbol are eligible.
  • Pokémon will be allowed to Dynamax.
  • All Pokémon are set to Lv. 50, including Pokémon below Lv. 50.
  • Duplicate Pokémon are not allowed.
  • Duplicate held items are not allowed.

Timer Regulations[edit]

  • Each battle begins with a 90-second Team Preview phase.
  • In each battle, players have the following time limits:
    • 7 minutes of Your Time
    • 45 seconds of Move Time
    • 20 minutes of Game Time