Due to a recent event involving harassment and abuse of our volunteer contributors due to content on one of our pages, we have written a Community Update to address the issue and to explain our stance on covering controversies on the wiki.

Liquipedia:Community Update/2

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We at Liquipedia are alarmed by the recent behaviour from members of the Pokémon VCG community toward our valued contributors. Our volunteers have been harassed, experiencing significant abuse on Liquipedia and through social media.

Liquipedia disapproves of these actions. Under no circumstances do we condone harassment or abuse.

Our Goals and Values[edit]

Liquipedia’s goal is to archive all of esports.

We want to catalogue and share all notable occurrences within esports. What is notable often depends on what is reliable or verifiable (which is why our wikis do not cover many amateur tournaments).

Esports history is not just about the results, the prize money or the transfers between teams. We think the best way to archive esports is to think about it as human stories. As in, stories about individual challenges, stories of people overcoming obstacles, stories of disqualifications or bans, and stories of the impact people have on a particular scene. All of these help answer the question, “How did we get where we are today?”

At Liquipedia, we support people sharing their stories because it makes the esports scene safer, welcoming, and more inclusive. In a case where word stands against word, when it is difficult to judge who is telling the truth, our position is to consider both histories.

We also believe that it is important for us, as both individuals and communities, to not immediately dismiss the testimony of a victim as this may lead to re-victimization.

The Current Controversy on The Pokémon Wiki[edit]

To establish a timeline of relevant events, we’ve contacted tournament organizers and many of the individuals involved.

  • On June 7, 2021, a volunteer contributor added a Controversy section to InfamousChris’ page after his child’s account was banned from a tournament. There was suspicion that InfamousChris had been playing under his child’s name.
  • On September 16, a new user with the name PokemonStart blanked the InfamousChris page. This change was rejected and the page’s content was reinstated.
  • Following a request later that day, some personal details were removed from the page (following our policies on such matters). The Controversy section remained.
  • Beginning on the 16th, volunteer contributors were sent messages asking for the content on the Controversy section to be removed.
  • On September 17, after the InfamousChris page was blanked multiple times, Liquipedia employees locked the page so neither the volunteer contributors on the Pokémon wiki nor anyone new could alter the page.
  • Over the next few days, active volunteer Pokémon Liquipedia contributors received significant harassing and abusive messages. In one case, a volunteer was forced off their socials, and eventually decided to leave both the Liquipedia and Pokémon communities.
    • We have reached out and offered support to all affected contributors.

We began evaluating the text in the Controversy section to make sure it was a fair representation of events and to establish as clear a picture as possible without exclusively relying on the wiki’s linked references.

The Controversy section covers two events, which we examined individually:

The first event occurred in 2020, when members of the Pokémon community accused others of toxicity and abuse. At that time, three different individuals mentioned InfamousChris in regards to instances of bullying and harassment.

The second event occurred in June 2021, when a player with the handle of Kiki_Kiaraz was banned from Hatterene Series III, a tournament for female and non-binary Pokémon players. Tournament admins banned the Kiki_Kiaraz account because they suspected that InfamousChris — who is the partner of Kiki_Kiaraz’s mother — was playing the games. Afterwards, a rule change was made to prohibit players under the age of 13 from participating in future tournaments.

InfamousChris published a TwitLonger denying all of these allegations. He claimed to have proof that he did not play on the Kiki_Kiaraz account during the tournament. However, Chris did not provide a link to such evidence, and Liquipedia has been unable to find any. We spoke to the tournament organizers in question and learned that they had not changed their ban. We believe the current text on the Controversy page is a fair representation of these events.


Liquipedia cannot condone anyone harassing our contributors. The tactics used in an attempt to remove text from the page went far beyond a reasonable request.

After a serious investigation and our due diligence, we’ve concluded that the page’s text should not be removed or altered. The page will remain locked for the time being.

If you have suggestions for edits or immediate questions, please write on the talk page or contact one of Liquipedia’s employees directly on Discord. - The Liquipedia Team