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Pokémon Regional Championships

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The Pokémon Regional Championships are the events that a lot of people rely on to get points for Worlds. Regional events for most regions will have 3-4 events and then have 1-2 Special Events to give more points to the region. However, North America get 20+ Regional events every season. Most people will travel far and wide to play in a Regional event so they can get their Worlds invite so be prepared to play international players.

Prize Pools[edit]

Although not as high as the International Championship, Pokémon Regional Championships still give out a decent amount of Championship Points. However, Prize Pools are rather bad if you don't have at least 101 people come to a regional. Most the time, the winner will only be rewarded around $1,000 USD due to attendance. If you happen to get a good amount of players at a regional, then you may be able to get $2,000+ USD if you win.