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[e][h]The Mirage Island
Organization Information
Asia Pacific
Games Played:
Staff Members
Event Organizer:
Brian "Asada" Soh
• Alan "Aventheim" Chia
• Justin Lok
• Martin "mewmart" Tan
• Matthew "Luchist" Hui
Stream Producer:
Zongying "tan_zying" Tan
Former Staff:
• Ryan "opkil" Loh
• Shang "slyx183" Loh
• Shawn "AquaDragon" Tang
Team Robo Video Games
by Ryan "opkil" Loh
The Mirage Island
This is sample template infobox.

This template produces an Infobox on an organization page.


{{Infobox organization
|name=The Mirage Island
|region=Asia Pacific
|commentators={{al|Alan|Aventheim|Chia}}, {{al|Justin Lok}}, {{al|Martin|mewmart|Tan}}, {{al|Matthew|Luchist|Hui}}
|former_staff={{al|Ryan|opkil|Loh}}, {{al|Shang|slyx183|Loh}}, {{al|Shawn|AquaDragon|Tang}}
|founded_as=Team Robo Video Games
|renamed_as=The Mirage Island
|footnotes=This is sample template infobox.



  • name = Name of organization to be displayed at the top of the infobox
  • image = Logo/image of organization
  • caption = Caption for image
  • region = Geographical region (e.g. North America, Latin America, Europe, Oceania, Asia Pacific)
  • location = Country/location of organization
  • location2 = 2nd country/location (if applicable)
  • sponsors = Name of sponsor for the organization
  • partners = Name of partners
  • games_played = VGC, TCG or Pokemon Go
  • website = The URL of the organization's website

Staff Members

  • organizer/organizers = Tournament or event organizers. Add s
  • commentator/commentators = Members of commentary team
  • producer/producers = Members of the stream production team
  • members = Other members (specify role)
  • former_staff = Former staff members


Do not include the URL prefix for social media!

  • site = Name of website (include full URL)
  • discord = Discord channel ID, suffix after (https://discord.gg/)
  • twitter = Twitter username, suffix after (https://twitter.com/)
  • facebook = Facebook username, suffix after (http://facebook.com/)
  • twitch = Twitch username, suffix after (https://www.twitch.tv/)
  • youtube = channel name or the part of the URL which contains 'channel/...', suffix after (http://www.youtube.com/)
  • reddit = Sub-Reddit name, include 'r/' (e.g. 'r/VGC'), suffix after (http://www.reddit.com/)


  • founded = Date of founding
  • founder = Name of founder
  • founded_as = Original name if not founded with current name
  • renamed = Date of renaming
  • renamed_as = New name
  • disbanded = Date of disbanding

Blank Declaration

{{Infobox organization