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Template:Infobox player

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[e][h] Hungrybox
Player Information
Juan Manuel DeBiedma
June 21, 1993 (1993-06-21) (age 28)

This template produces an Infobox on a player page.


These are the variables in the Player template:

  • id = Main player ID/alias. Set this field to the romanized ID if the player uses an ID in their native language.
  • nativeid = The player's alias in their native language if it is not romanized.
  • image = Picture
  • caption = caption
  • name = Real Name
  • birth_date = {{Birth date and age|YYYY|MM|DD}}
  • location = current residence of player
  • country = 2-letter country code
  • country2 = Second country (if needed).
  • games_played = The games in which the player competed in. (i.e. "VGC", "TCG" or "TCG, VGC")
  • status = The current status of the player. (i.e. Active, Inactive, Retired, Deceased)
  • years_active= The year(s) the person was active as a player
  • team = Current Team (if multiple teams: separate with ,)
  • sponsor = Player's personal sponsor
  • ids = Alternative IDs
  • site = Player's Homepage
  • twitch = Username on Twitch
  • stream = Link to stream (if not on Twitch)
  • youtube = YouTube Channel Name
  • twitter = Username on Twitter
  • facebook = Public page on Facebook
  • instagram = Username on Instagram
  • reddit = Username on Reddit.com
  • tlprofile = Username on TeamLiquid.net
  • tlstream = Stream Name on TeamLiquid.net
  • achievements = List of premier tournament wins. Use Template:LeagueIconSmall and link to the specific event. For example: "{{LeagueIconSmall|evo|link=EVO 2014 Championship Series}}" to produce:
  • history = Team History. Use Template:TH. For example: "{{TH|2010-09-07 - '''Present'''|Team Liquid}}


The following code was used to create the infobox on this page.

{{Infobox player
|name=Juan Manuel DeBiedma
|crew=CLASH Tournaments
|birth_date={{Birth date and age|1993|06|21}}

Copy / Paste

{{Infobox player
|birth_date= {{Birth date and age|YYYY|MM|DD}}