Bilibili PUBG Asia Cup

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[e][h]Bilibili PUBG Asia Cup
League Information
Game mode:
Squads FPP
China China
Prize Pool:
¥300,000 CNY
(≃ $0 USD)
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Number of teams:


Broadcast Talent[edit]


Prize Pool[edit]

¥ 300,000 CNY ( $ 47,000 USD ) are spread among the teams as seen below:

(Converted $ USD prizes are based on the exchange rate on Jun 6, 2021: ¥1 CNY ≃ $0.15637 USD)

Base Prize & Awards[edit]

Daily Final Prize
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Place ¥ CNY Place ¥ CNY Place ¥ CNY
A11st ¥ 30,000 A11st ¥ 45,000 A11st ¥ 75,000
A22nd ¥ 15,000 A22nd ¥ 22,500 A22nd ¥ 37,500
A33rd ¥ 7,500 A33rd ¥ 11,250 A33rd ¥ 18,750
A44th ¥ 7,500 A44th ¥ 11,250 A44th ¥ 18,750



Multi Circle Gaming
2China YuanS1
3China Linnnn
4China Hang2y
5China TBD
6China TBD
7China TBD
8China TBD
1China MMing
2China Nannnn
3China HS
4China Aries
5China ZpYan
6China Southya
7China TBD
8China TBD
1China Ming
2China Boxer
3China 970
4China AZ
5China TBD
6China TBD
7China TBD
8China TBD
1China 9
2China Maps
3China LongSkr
4China Boliang
5China TBD
6China TBD
7China TBD
8China TBD
1China LinShuNN
2China LuRenA
3China T1antian
4China Xwudd
5China TangDD
6China TBD
7China TBD
8China TBD
J Team
1China SRR
2China Smallccc
3China 5v
4China DouM
5China TBD
6China TBD
7China TBD
8China TBD
17 Gaming
1China Lilghost
2China SuJiu
3China Xbei
4China qiezi
5China TBD
6China TBD
7China TBD
8China TBD
Champion of Competition
1China FFeng
2China CC108
3China Awe1
4China 16KK
5China HHuai
6China Xyx
7China TBD
8China TBD
Lao Yue Gou
1China Lzy
2China 1LINnini
3China M1Go
4China Dec12th
5China TBD
6China TBD
7China TBD
8China TBD
DD Team
1China QQzai
2China Vama
3China zHeee
4China 61
5China TBD
6China TBD
7China TBD
8China TBD
My Queen
1China Regret
2China BaiLongMax
3China 95k
4China xiaowai
5China TBD
6China TBD
7China TBD
8China TBD
QM Gaming
1China desire
2China J1aoyang
3China meRcy
4China Larry
5China TBD
6China TBD
7China TBD
8China TBD
Four Angry Men
1China Godv
2China xiaohaixxxx
3China CRAZY112
4China Forever
5China xxxLu
6China TBD
7China TBD
8China TBD
Petrichor Road
1China Brong
2China Monsters
3China Longdd
4China Savage
5China TBD
6China TBD
7China TBD
8China TBD
Change The Game
1China LuckyWss
2China LingQiang
3China MonkeyKing
4China M200
5China TBD
6China TBD
7China TBD
8China TBD
1China VoliBEAR
2China Peng
4China yuyu
5China TBD
6China TBD
7China TBD
8China TBD
1China AzEeeeee
2China Cold119
4China OneB7
5China TBD
6China TBD
7China TBD
8China TBD
Senior Challenge Club
1China Bin
2China dabg
3China CHOSEN1
4China M0rgan
5China Xba1
6China TBD
7China TBD
8China TBD
Games Forever Young
1China LuLualways
2China 911x
3China Loong
4China ATongMuu
5China TBD
6China TBD
7China TBD
8China TBD
KaiXin Esports
1China Manguo
3China Yuren
4China Lanren
5China TBD
6China TBD
7China TBD
8China TBD
1China lzqq
2China 067xxx
3China xkkk
4China XP
5China TBD
6China TBD
7China TBD
8China TBD
1China shox
2China mingz1
3China Sixbb
4China NikoSxx
5China TBD
6China TBD
7China TBD
8China TBD
1China 7ubaby
2China YangQic
3China LiBai
4China Lebaby
5China TBD
6China TBD
7China TBD
8China TBD
Killer Rabbit Gaming
1China freeout
2China 2Tap
3China Enpi
4China XxiKkk
5China TBD
6China TBD
7China TBD
8China TBD


1South Korea Hwarang
2South Korea KIMGONI
3South Korea Dlaks
4South Korea NEFiEX
CSouth Korea Namin
CSouth Korea Siege
Danawa e-sports
1South Korea seoul
2South Korea Rex
3South Korea JeffLocka
4South Korea LeClo
5South Korea Salute
CSouth Korea ssonic
1South Korea Sparrow
2South Korea Rain1ng
3South Korea maczora
4South Korea Shadow
CSouth Korea GIO
CSouth Korea NIGO
emTek StormX
1South Korea Heaven
2South Korea YunJong
3South Korea Gyuyeon
4South Korea Piky
CSouth Korea cOup
1South Korea 2heart
2South Korea Minsung
3South Korea Foxy
4South Korea Menteul
CSouth Korea Sick
MaD Clan
1South Korea DAEVA
2South Korea Lash
3South Korea EEND
4South Korea 2tap
5South Korea Gyumin
CSouth Korea Muker
CSouth Korea HongGilDong
1South Korea Aqua5
2South Korea BeaN
3South Korea Hulk
4South Korea daengchae
5South Korea Hwan2da
CSouth Korea Seok
1South Korea Lambu
2South Korea Adder
3South Korea Spear
4South Korea Renba
CSouth Korea Ebiss
CSouth Korea PLIKHE


Group Stage[edit]

Overall Standings
Team Round 1 Round 2Round 3Round 4 Total
D1 43D2 0D3 35D4 0
D1 49D2 0D3 60D4 0
D1 20D2 0D3 0D4 65
D1 40D2 0D3 44D4 0
D1 53D2 0D3 33D4 0
D1 29D2 0D3 0D4 27
D1 15D2 0D3 0D4 9
D1 70D2 0D3 40D4 0
D1 28D2 0D3 0D4 30
D1 20D2 0D3 0D4 27
D1 33D2 0D3 0D4 28
D1 44D2 0D3 14D4 0
D1 33D2 0D3 35D4 0
D1 13D2 0D3 0D4 36
D1 21D2 0D3 0D4 81
D1 38D2 0D3 27D4 0
D1 0D2 44D3 42D4 0
D1 0D2 23D3 0D4 14
D1 0D2 21D3 0D4 35
D1 0D2 27D3 0D4 19
D1 0D2 44D3 38D4 0
D1 0D2 10D3 0D4 13
D1 0D2 54D3 24D4 0
D1 0D2 35D3 0D4 47
D1 0D2 39D3 5D4 0
D1 0D2 42D3 48D4 0
D1 0D2 30D3 0D4 62
D1 0D2 28D3 0D4 38
D1 0D2 23D3 0D4 22
D1 0D2 46D3 22D4 0
D1 0D2 44D3 8D4 0
D1 0D2 44D3 62D4 0
1. Danawa e-sportsDanawa e-sports Danawa e-sports D1 70D2 0D3 40D4 0110
2. NewHappyNewHappy NewHappy D1 49D2 0D3 60D4 0109
3. GHIBLI EsportsGHIBLI Esports GHIBLI Esports D1 0D2 44D3 62D4 0106
4. ATAATA ATA D1 21D2 0D3 0D4 81102
5. TIGERTIGER TIGER D1 0D2 30D3 0D4 6292
6. KaiXin EsportsKaiXin Esports KaiXin Esports D1 0D2 42D3 48D4 090
7. TianbaTianba Tianba D1 53D2 0D3 33D4 086
8. Four Angry MenFour Angry Men Four Angry Men D1 0D2 44D3 42D4 086
9. NEXTNEXT NEXT D1 20D2 0D3 0D4 6585
10. InfantryInfantry Infantry D1 40D2 0D3 44D4 084
11. TITANTITAN TITAN D1 0D2 44D3 38D4 082
12. MaD ClanMaD Clan MaD Clan D1 0D2 35D3 0D4 4782
13. Multi Circle GamingMulti Circle Gaming Multi Circle Gaming D1 43D2 0D3 35D4 078
14. GriffinGriffin Griffin D1 0D2 54D3 24D4 078
15. My QueenMy Queen My Queen D1 33D2 0D3 35D4 068
16. Killer Rabbit GamingKiller Rabbit Gaming Killer Rabbit Gaming D1 0D2 46D3 22D4 068
17. JUFUJUFU JUFU D1 0D2 28D3 0D4 3866
18. emTek StormX e-sportsemTek StormX e-sports emTek StormX e-sports D1 38D2 0D3 27D4 065
19. Lao Yue GouLao Yue Gou Lao Yue Gou D1 33D2 0D3 0D4 2861
20. DD TeamDD Team DD Team D1 44D2 0D3 14D4 058
21. 17 Gaming17 Gaming 17 Gaming D1 28D2 0D3 0D4 3058
22. J TeamJ Team J Team D1 29D2 0D3 0D4 2756
23. Change The GameChange The Game Change The Game D1 0D2 21D3 0D4 3556
24. T1T1 T1 D1 0D2 44D3 8D4 052
25. QM GamingQM Gaming QM Gaming D1 13D2 0D3 0D4 3649
26. Champion of CompetitionChampion of Competition Champion of Competition D1 20D2 0D3 0D4 2747
27. TYLOOTYLOO TYLOO D1 0D2 27D3 0D4 1946
28. 2004STAR2004STAR 2004STAR D1 0D2 23D3 0D4 2245
29. Games Forever YoungGames Forever Young Games Forever Young D1 0D2 39D3 5D4 044
30. Petrichor RoadPetrichor Road Petrichor Road D1 0D2 23D3 0D4 1437
31. PrincePrince Prince D1 15D2 0D3 0D4 924
32. Senior Challenge ClubSenior Challenge Club Senior Challenge Club D1 0D2 10D3 0D4 1323
A vs B
Placements and killsPoints
TeamTotalKillsRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6
1.Danawa e-sportsDanawa e-sports DNW704013000351010110101035111126554444
2.TianbaTianba Tian5326357711055160229000110776255
3.NewHappyNewHappy NH4933150119033100661101111100332699
4.DD TeamDD Team DDT442644998100534415044902211077
5.Multi Circle GamingMulti Circle Gaming MCG432326995322356626551201115000
6.InfantryInfantry iFTY40235355100334433711144663555
7.emTek StormX e-sportsemTek StormX e-sports emT38276222444481771305581445355
8.My QueenMy Queen MQ3325160002612121300010033621111099
9.Lao Yue GouLao Yue Gou LYG33151107712044260062111402213011
10.J TeamJ Team JT29177100713314022445535778100
11.17 Gaming17 Gaming 1728261403362111112055120221504414011
12.ATAATA ATA21181105516033903316033534410000
13.Champion of CompetitionChampion of Competition COC2019100111302215000140117110109055
14.NEXTNEXT NEXT201690661400062448111160117144
15.PrincePrince GnG151212022110111100053551101112033
16.QM GamingQM Gaming QM13118122150007166110221300016011
C vs D
Placements and killsPoints
TeamTotalKillsRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6
1.GriffinGriffin GRF5428140222655265544551302211099
2.Killer Rabbit GamingKiller Rabbit Gaming KRG4624130001500011099622244772666
3.Four Angry MenFour Angry Men 4AM443226131353551404413011150335366
4.TITANTITAN TITAN443210033110221003335111126997144
5.T1T1 T14428110337122356611099904411044
6.GHIBLI EsportsGHIBLI Esports GBL4426110444499814453661402214011
7.KaiXin EsportsKaiXin Esports KX4228535514033530071223577621111
8.Games Forever YoungGames Forever Young GFY392935141462331105514011535516011
9.MaD ClanMaD Clan MaD35221500013077625515044110558111
10.TIGERTIGER TGR3023626610022445581441204413022
11.JUFUJUFU JuFu28207122812213022904481113599
12.TYLOOTYLOO TYL27211204412044904426331002212044
13.2004STAR2004STAR 2004231390221109912000160221100015000
14.Petrichor RoadPetrichor Road PeRo231181223544160111201162224411
15.Change The GameChange The Game CTG2116442290221501110044717710000
16.Senior Challenge ClubSenior Challenge Club SCC1091600016022713311022160009022
E vs G
Placements and killsPoints
TeamTotalKillsRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6
1.GHIBLI EsportsGHIBLI Esports GBL622735333533350011011110661101414
2.NewHappyNewHappy NH60452677711010629926991106614044
3.KaiXin EsportsKaiXin Esports KX483316022110998188531111120117122
4.InfantryInfantry iFTY443362666277140228144269912055
5.Four Angry MenFour Angry Men 4AM422711012121601110033714462226255
6.Danawa e-sportsDanawa e-sports DNW4025535553441600044101081554411
7.TITANTITAN TITAN36211400044441107714000716610044
8.Multi Circle GamingMulti Circle Gaming MCG352690111009953771002290442633
9.My QueenMy Queen MQ352410066130117155353344668133
10.TianbaTianba Tian33134411120002655110441301113022
11.emTek StormX e-sportsemTek StormX e-sports emT271612033150114444621135559022
12.GriffinGriffin GRF241781228100120229077140223544
13.Killer Rabbit GamingKiller Rabbit Gaming KRG221271332655902212000530011022
14.DD TeamDD Team DDT141115033140001300013000100335355
15.T1T1 T18813033900011022150001601115022
16.Games Forever YoungGames Forever Young GFY55110111103315000160001501116000
F vs H
Placements and killsPoints
TeamTotalKillsRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6
1.ATAATA ATA81514415151101010268810055110121211011
2.NEXTNEXT NEXT654262555344811010110111126777155
3.TIGERTIGER TGR6240140001001313110141415011624411088
4.MaD ClanMaD Clan MaD473311077130444488120221505513077
5.JUFUJUFU JuFu38207122441113011266644225388
6.QM GamingQM Gaming QM362290332666533335661204414000
7.Change The GameChange The Game CTG3521351212355514000444490009000
8.17 Gaming17 Gaming 173020100001401116022718835444455
9.Lao Yue GouLao Yue Gou LYG2816263315000100441101171663522
10.J TeamJ Team JT2721812216011150001402253996277
11.Champion of CompetitionChampion of Competition COC2720150447122110009077140002677
12.2004STAR2004STAR 20042216531162881202281111602216022
13.TYLOOTYLOO TYL1914160111201171005355100228155
14.Petrichor RoadPetrichor Road PeRo1491302290223522130111301115011
15.Senior Challenge ClubSenior Challenge Club SCC139120118111625516000812210000
16.PrincePrince GnG971102211011902262111100012011

Grand Final[edit]

Prize Money Standings
Team Round 1 Round 2Round 3 Total
W1 7500W2 0W3 0
W1 0W2 0W3 75000
W1 0W2 0W3 0
W1 30000W2 0W3 0
W1 0W2 0W3 0
W1 7500W2 11250W3 0
W1 15000W2 0W3 37500
W1 0W2 45000W3 0
W1 0W2 0W3 0
W1 0W2 0W3 0
W1 0W2 0W3 18750
W1 0W2 0W3 0
W1 0W2 0W3 0
W1 0W2 0W3 18750
W1 0W2 22500W3 0
W1 0W2 11250W3 0
1. NewHappyNewHappy NewHappy W1 0W2 0W3 7500075000
2. Four Angry MenFour Angry Men Four Angry Men W1 15000W2 0W3 3750052500
3. TianbaTianba Tianba W1 0W2 45000W3 045000
4. ATAATA ATA W1 30000W2 0W3 030000
5. My QueenMy Queen My Queen W1 0W2 22500W3 022500
6. TITANTITAN TITAN W1 0W2 0W3 1875018750
7. KaiXin EsportsKaiXin Esports KaiXin Esports W1 7500W2 11250W3 018750
8. GriffinGriffin Griffin W1 0W2 0W3 1875018750
9. Killer Rabbit GamingKiller Rabbit Gaming Killer Rabbit Gaming W1 0W2 11250W3 011250
10. Danawa e-sportsDanawa e-sports Danawa e-sports W1 7500W2 0W3 07500
12. NEXTNEXT NEXT W1 0W2 0W3 00
13. Multi Circle GamingMulti Circle Gaming Multi Circle Gaming W1 0W2 0W3 00
14. MaD ClanMaD Clan MaD Clan W1 0W2 0W3 00
15. InfantryInfantry Infantry W1 0W2 0W3 00
16. GHIBLI EsportsGHIBLI Esports GHIBLI Esports W1 0W2 0W3 00
17.  0
Day 1
Placements and killsPoints
TeamKillsRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6
1.ATAATA ATA341160111110101113138055120441188
2.Four Angry MenFour Angry Men 4AM14411131360885033120225077401111
3.Danawa e-sportsDanawa e-sports DNW12714011309990221602211131314000
4.KaiXin EsportsKaiXin Esports KX122120001101114022117780443088
5.My QueenMy Queen MQ0277066208830441105590009044
6.MaD ClanMaD Clan MaD027605515033404410022209913044
7.NewHappyNewHappy NH0268044403315000501313140227044
8.GriffinGriffin GRF025130007011201010702210011201111
9.GHIBLI EsportsGHIBLI Esports GBL025305510044808840441304410000
10.TITANTITAN TITAN024508813033130339000307712033
11.NEXTNEXT NEXT0234077906610011140331500011066
12.Multi Circle GamingMulti Circle Gaming MCG0151500014000607760771600016011
13.TIGERTIGER TGR01210033500016000206660225011
14.InfantryInfantry iFTY01090448011110111300070448000
15.Killer Rabbit GamingKiller Rabbit Gaming KRG09110221202270223022401115000
16.TianbaTianba Tian082011160001201115022110226022
Day 2
Placements and killsPoints
TeamKillsRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6
1.TianbaTianba Tian2451110101103311111170112088301212
2.My QueenMy Queen MQ22215000130001500011111130551166
3.KaiXin EsportsKaiXin Esports KX12213033160118022904411884044
4.Killer Rabbit GamingKiller Rabbit Gaming KRG19701111557011130001002210000
5.Danawa e-sportsDanawa e-sports DNW03714033509914044306650882077
6.MaD ClanMaD Clan MaD03220131380441101112055130336066
7.GriffinGriffin GRF02750662099305580441101112022
8.Four Angry MenFour Angry Men 4AM02590221202250444099120338055
9.InfantryInfantry iFTY02112044804420331500060445066
10.GHIBLI EsportsGHIBLI Esports GBL02110000301111903311033404414000
11.NewHappyNewHappy NH021801160116012122066801115000
12.TITANTITAN TITAN0201104410044130661400070117055
13.ATAATA ATA01716033150111001110055906611011
14.Multi Circle GamingMulti Circle Gaming MCG0153044403312044160111602216011
15.NEXTNEXT NEXT01140117022160116022150009055
16.TIGERTIGER TGR011604414000401150441402213000
Day 3
Placements and killsPoints
TeamKillsRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6
1.NewHappyNewHappy NH24110000111010301414116613011301010
2.Four Angry MenFour Angry Men 4AM13670773077100441204410022111212
3.GriffinGriffin GRF1251600012033111010405590334044
4.TITANTITAN TITAN121110005099110111101111889022
5.ATAATA ATA1151177110111300013000605510022
6.Danawa e-sportsDanawa e-sports DNW03890101014044203380332011115077
7.GHIBLI EsportsGHIBLI Esports GBL03015011206612011115066806612000
8.NEXTNEXT NEXT02413055805516011201111160118011
9.InfantryInfantry iFTY022201111603350001600030666022
10.TianbaTianba Tian01940331504490441400070332055
11.My QueenMy Queen MQ0196033700015000909940777000
12.TIGERTIGER TGR018804413033405510044502216000
13.KaiXin EsportsKaiXin Esports KX017504440331400060551200014055
14.Multi Circle GamingMulti Circle Gaming MCG01312011160116022150001104413055
15.Killer Rabbit GamingKiller Rabbit Gaming KRG0111400010011802230441500011044
16.MaD ClanMaD Clan MaD01030449011701170111401115022