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Dunia Games League 2020: Pro League

[e][h]Dunia Games League 2020: DG Pro League
League Information
Dunia Games League Dunia Games League
Dunia Games
Indonesia Jakarta
Game Mode:
Squads TPP
Prize Pool:
Rp 144,000,000 IDR
(≃ $10,381 USD)
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:

Dunia Games League is a PUBG Mobile League in Indonesia.


Broadcast Talent[edit]


  • Dunia Games League 2020 Pro Qualifier: 2019
    • 16 invited teams.
      • 48 matches:
        • 2 Matchdays per week: 4 Matches per day
  • Top 8 teams proceed to Grand Final.

Prize Pool[edit]

(Converted USD prizes are based on the currency rate on Feb 16, 2020: 1 IDR ≃ 7.0E-5 USD.)


BOOM Esports
1Indonesia Ramones 
2Indonesia SVAFVEL 
3Indonesia GodInEst 
4Indonesia Voker 
5Indonesia IkyAr 
Bigetron RA
1Indonesia Zuxxy 
2Indonesia Luxxy 
3Indonesia Ryzen 
4Indonesia MiCROBOY 
5 TBD 
EVOS Esports
1Indonesia EXC 
2Indonesia Auro 
3Indonesia Foxe 
4Indonesia Kayzee 
5 TBD 
Aerowolf LIMAX
1Indonesia Alien 
2Indonesia Spaov 
3Indonesia Renalre 
4Indonesia Potato 
5Indonesia Jinbei 
Dranix Esports
1Indonesia Kaizerg 
2Indonesia REXXA 
3Indonesia Vinz 
4Indonesia Cryzen 
5Indonesia Lyzerg 
Aura Esports
1Indonesia Rossezy 
2Indonesia JaydeN 
3Indonesia ROSES 
4Indonesia Kent 
5 TBD 
CIndonesia Entruv 
Louvre Esports
1Indonesia Ozora 
2Indonesia SlayeR 
3Indonesia 2EZ 
4Indonesia Tomz 
5Indonesia Kyn 
The Prime Esports
1Indonesia TAkata 
2Indonesia Velope 
3Indonesia Turca 
4Indonesia Oritch 
5 TBD 
Island Of Gods
1Indonesia F2R 
2Indonesia Omega 
3Indonesia Gangsta 
4Indonesia Ludens 
5 TBD 
Victim Esports
1Indonesia FAJAR 
2Indonesia Banyuu 
3Indonesia JugHead 
4Indonesia Cisun 
5Indonesia TBD 
Onic Esports
1Indonesia Matthew 
2Indonesia Alvirlo 
3Indonesia Kape 
4Indonesia NiKK 
5Indonesia CHOKENG 
Morph Team
1Indonesia RensKy 
2Indonesia Jeixy 
3Indonesia noMrcy 
4Indonesia Zabrol 
5Indonesia SNAKE 
1Indonesia Choco 
2Indonesia 27KYGODZ 
3Indonesia MasGaga 
4Indonesia PalaGimpe 
5Indonesia TBD 
1Indonesia Dron 
2Indonesia WarunK 
3Indonesia BoonK 
4Indonesia Nerpehko 
5 TBD 
CIndonesia Wolfy 
1Indonesia HADEPE 
2Indonesia Jerrsy 
3Indonesia AVIC 
4Indonesia Hitman 
5Indonesia Zulhaq 
Alter Ego
1Indonesia Badru 
2Indonesia Stacvi 
3Indonesia Heroes 
4Indonesia Smithh 
5 TBD 
1 Zulhaq has been transferred to BONAFIDE replacing Pacman
2 Tomz and Kyn joins Louvre Esports replacing Zulhaq
3 2cool and Oryn has been dropped by WAW Nero and is replaced by nMrcy
4 GodInEst and Voker replaced Berry and Thompson
5 Victim Esports replaced Karma with FAJAR
6 RAYKI has been transferred to BOOM
7 Radeath has been dropped by NFT Esports
8 Cisun has been transferred to Victim'
9 Waw Nero Rebranded to Morph Team
10 TakaNome Change name to RensKy
11 Chokeng has been transferred to Onic Esport


Regular Season
Team Round 1 Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6 Total
1. Bigetron RA W1 155W2 137W3 100W4 143W5 80W6 123738
2. Aura Esports W1 74W2 120W3 118W4 83W5 51W6 48494
3. Aerowolf LIMAX W1 104W2 81W3 66W4 81W5 55W6 102489
4. Dranix Esports W1 48W2 97W3 70W4 70W5 91W6 112488
5. Morph Team W1 57W2 83W3 66W4 130W5 70W6 65471
6. Victim Esports W1 79W2 38W3 79W4 64W5 97W6 86443
7. RRQ RYU W1 45W2 69W3 102W4 61W5 107W6 48432
8. BOOM Esports W1 67W2 54W3 70W4 40W5 96W6 89416
9. Louvre Esports W1 51W2 33W3 78W4 75W5 112W6 51400
10. Alter Ego W1 57W2 61W3 68W4 57W5 77W6 75395
11. Onic Esports W1 71W2 79W3 43W4 70W5 51W6 69383
12. The Prime W1 41W2 65W3 70W4 76W5 55W6 72379
13. Island Of Gods W1 73W2 83W3 67W4 46W5 41W6 32342
14. EVOS Esports W1 71W2 46W3 43W4 62W5 33W6 58313
15. BONAFIDE W1 59W2 42W3 37W4 43W5 53W6 28262
16. NFT ESPORTS W1 60W2 41W3 42W4 17W5 53W6 42255