ESL AU & NZ Championship 2019 - Phase 2

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[e][h]ESL AU & NZ Championship - Phase 2
League Information
ESL AU & NZ Championship AU & NZ Championship
Australia Australia
Game Mode:
Squads FPP
Prize Pool:
$15,000 AUD
(≃ $10,320 USD)
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:

ESL AU & NZ Championship is a PUBG professional circuit in Ocenia. The series represents Oceania's 2019 Official Pro Circuit season held by PUBG Corporation. The 2019 competitive season will culminated at the PUBG Global Championship 2019.


Broadcast Talent[edit]


  • ESL AU & NZ Championship - Phase 2 : May 28th 2019 - June 19th 2019
    • Squad FPP
      • Top 10 from Phase 1
      • 6 Teams from Open Qualifiers
    • 4 Weeks of league play. (Total of 40 matches)
      • 2 Matchdays - Every Tuesday and Wednesday
      • All matches will be played online


Prize Pool[edit]

$15,000 AUD ( ~$10,307.40 USD ) are spread among the teams as seen below:

(Converted USD prizes are based on the currency rate on Jun 19, 2019: 1 AUD ≃ 0.68801 USD.)


ANZ Championship - Phase 1[edit]

For notes on the "Phase 1 Teams" Click here.

1 Full roster of DQ Gravity signed by Justice Esports.
2 Australia Spaggy and Australia Textil3 leave SYF Gaming and replace Australia BiggyyJ and Australia Sweetsoul on Team Immunity.
3 Australia Suhhz and Australia Nomercy leave Cigar.
4 Australia W0LF_FPV leaves Justice Esports
5 Justice Esports Signed New Zealand Linksy.
6 Australia HappyNoVitez signed by SYF Gaming, Athletico signed Australia Xtreme.
7 CIGAR renamed to EZPZ Corporation.
8 Roster of OTG Esports acquired by FURY Australia.
9 EZPZ renamed to Sweaety & the Secret Agents.
10 Avant Gaming released the PUBG Roster, continued as Hell Yeah Brothers.

Open Qualifier[edit]


Team Round 1 Round 2Round 3Round 4 Total
1. Athletico EsportsAthletico Esports Athletico Esports W1 122W2 134W3 170W4 114540
2. IncognitoIncognito Incognito W1 73W2 88W3 71W4 90322
3. Hell Yeah BrotherHell Yeah Brother Hell Yeah Brother W1 53W2 99W3 109W4 32293
4. Justice EsportsJustice Esports Justice Esports W1 110W2 53W3 52W4 48263
5. SYF GamingSYF Gaming SYF Gaming W1 66W2 85W3 32W4 70253
6. Team ImmunityTeam Immunity Team Immunity W1 65W2 37W3 57W4 74233
7. VendettaVendetta Vendetta W1 46W2 43W3 65W4 72226
8. FURY AustraliaFURY Australia FURY Australia W1 59W2 30W3 51W4 74214
9. Charm FarmersCharm Farmers Charm Farmers W1 49W2 73W3 37W4 45204
10. Outlaws GamingOutlaws Gaming Outlaws Gaming W1 40W2 31W3 54W4 78203
11. Ground Zero GamingGround Zero Gaming Ground Zero Gaming W1 38W2 67W3 39W4 55199
12. Sweety & The Secret AgentsSweety & The Secret Agents Sweety & The Secret Agents W1 43W2 49W3 56W4 49197
13. Washed Up FraggersWashed Up Fraggers Washed Up Fraggers W1 43W2 41W3 22W4 50156
14. Auxiliaries GamingAuxiliaries Gaming Auxiliaries Gaming W1 28W2 32W3 32W4 32124
15. EZPZ CorporationEZPZ Corporation EZPZ Corporation W1 33W2 17W3 36W4 1298
16. Oddity EsportsOddity Esports Oddity Esports W1 27W2 31W3 11W4 2190

Qualified for GLL Grand Slam
Retains spot onto Phase 3
Relegated to Phase 3 Qualifier

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