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FaZe Clan

[e][h]FaZe Clan
Team Information
United Kingdom iuKeEe
United States Zephyr
United States Lee Trink
Total Earnings:
SL i-League 1 DH Austin Showdown PEL Phase 2 GLL Grand Slam PEL Phase 3
Organization: 2010-05-30
PUBG: 2017-11-10

FaZe Clan is an American professional esports organization. Initially, it was a YouTube channel with various sniping videos, similar to another American organization OpTic Gaming. They fielded their first competitive roster in Call of Duty: Black Ops II and competed in every Call of Duty title ever since. In 2016, FaZe Clan expanded into other first-person shooter competitive games: Counter-Strike and Overwatch. FaZe Clan is the most subscribed eSports organization on YouTube with over 4 million subscribers.



Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
ID Name Role Join Date
Sweden Fuzzface David Tillberg-Persson IGL 2017-11-10 [1]
Russia ubah Ivan Kapustin Main Fragger 2018-10-19 [5]
Norway Aitzy Ludvik Jahnsen Fragger 2018-11-11 [6]
Denmark Gustav Gustav Blønd Fragger 2020-01-14[8]

Temporary stand-ins
ID Name Replacing ID Name Tournament(s)
Norway Aitzy   Ludvik Jahnsen
PGL-PUBG Fall Invitational 2018
Global Loot League Season 3 - Europe
Norway Aitzy  
Ludvik Jahnsen
Sweden Haxete Adrian Blom OGA PUBG PIT Invitational
Denmark Gustav  
Gustav Blønd
Sweden Haxete Adrian Blom StarSeries & i-League PUBG Season 2


Former Players
ID Name Role Join Date Leave Date New Team
Finland mxey Anssi Pekkonen Captain 2017-11-10 [1] 2020-02-28[12] Team Liquid
Finland Jembty Jere Kauppinen Rifler 2017-11-10 [1] 2018-10-17 [4] Team Liquid
Sweden Haxete Adrian Blom 2017-11-10 [1] 2018-08-?? Team Reciprocity
Austria MeToR Maximilian Lion 2017-11-10 [1] 2018-01-25 Alliance



ID Name Position Join Date
United States Lee Trink Chief executive officer 2015
Brazil Temperrr Thomas Oliveira Owner 2010-08-02
United States Apex Yousef Abdelfattah Owner 2011-03-06
Canada Rain Nordan Shat Owner 2012-09-19
United States Rug Brian Awadis Owner 2012-11-24
United States Banks Richard Bengtson Owner 2013-03-24
United States Adapt Alexander Hamilton Owner 2013-11-08
United States Offset Kiari Kendrell Cephus Owner / Investor 2019-08-15
United States PreZ Greg Selkoe President 2017-12
Norway Erik Anderson Head of esports
United States Zephyr Ramon Perez Manager 2017-11-10 [1]
United Kingdom iuKeEe Luke Dainton European manager 2018-06-22 [3]
Canada Didz Dylan Didiano Coach 2020-02-18 [11]


Former Organization
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Organization
Denmark Larsen Mathias Winther Larsen Analyst 2019-06-20[13] 2020-02-16[10]

Historical Drop Locations[edit]

Map Phase 2 Phase 3
Erangel Mini Power/ Compounds east of Mylta Mini Power/ Compounds east of Mylta
Miramar Monte Neuvo Monte Neuvo
Sanhok N/A Pai Nan


Date Placement Tier Tournament Prize
2020-03-19 A11st A3Minor Toby's Tryhard Thursday - Week 1 $500
2020-03-01 A88th A2Major Global Loot League Season 4 $4,000
2020-02-09 A66th A7Qualifier Global Loot League Season 4 - EMEA Finals $0
2019-11-24 A22nd A1Premier PUBG Global Championship 2019 $600,000
2019-10-06 A11st A1Premier PUBG Europe League 2019 - Phase 3 $100,000
2019-07-21 A11st A1Premier GLL Grand Slam: PUBG Classic $130,000
2019-07-07 A11st A1Premier PUBG Europe League 2019 - Phase 2 $100,000
2019-05-05 A33rd A2Major PUBG Europe League 2019 - Kick-off Cup $15,000
2019-04-07 A77th A1Premier PUBG Europe League 2019: Phase 1 $7,500
2018-12-08 A33rd A2Major Global Loot League Season 3 $11,000
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