Four Angry Men

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China Wu Jing Dian
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Four Angry Men, often abbreviated 4AM is a Chinese PUBG Team.

The PUBG Roster was formed on November 13, 2017 - one week before KakaoGames Asia Inviational 2017, with the original roster consisting of former League of Legends & Overwatch Players.

4AM has been considered as a widely popular team with one of the biggest fanbase of PUBG Teams in China. Ahead of WEGL Weibo Cup a secondary team was launched, named MA4 which is the reversed name of 4AM.



Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
ID Name Role Join Date
China GodV Wei Zhen Captain 2017-11-13 [1]
China Cpt Sun Yu-Ze Starter 2017-11-13 [1]
China Forever Wu Zheng Starter 2018-06-06 [4]
China ZGG01 Wang Xin Starter 2019-02-05 [8]
China Xiaojue Yu Shi-Yao Starter 2019-03-28[9]
China Long Long Zong-Quan Starter 2019-07-10 [12]
China vv Wu Wei Starter 2019-07-10 [12]
China 2xing He Yong Starter 2019-07-10 [12]
China xxxLu Wei Daying Starter 2019-07-10 [11]


Former Squad
ID Name Role Join Date Leave Date New Team
China GuCun Ma Shi-Heng Starter 2017-11-13 [1] 2019-04-04[10]
China Long Long Zong-Quan Starter 2018-04-27 [3] 2019-01-21 Marvelous Four
China vv Wu Wei Starter 2018-11-06 [6] 2019-01-21 Marvelous Four
China Summer Li YinJiang Starter 2018-06-06 2019-01-21 Marvelous Four
China 2xing He Yong Starter 2018-11-?? 2019-01-21 Marvelous Four
Former Players
ID Name Role Join Date Leave Date New Team
China Aluka Peng Zhen-Ming Starter 2017-11-13 [1] 2018-12-04 [7]
China West Wu Jun-Xi Starter 2018-07-22 [5] 2019-01-21
China NB211 Zhou Lin-Li Starter 2017-11-13 2017-12-4 Super Survivor Squad


ID Name Position Join Date
China Wu Jing-Dian Wu Jing-Dian Manager
China Kenny Gu XianJun Analysts
China Xiaoyao Tang shi Head Coach
China Karl Skipper


Date Placement Tier Tournament Prize
2019-09-22 A55th A2Major PUBG Champions League 2019: Summer Regular Season $0
2019-04-21 A77th A1Premier FACEIT Global Summit: PUBG Classic $16,000
2018-11-25 B717 - 24th A2Major PUBG China Pro Invitational Season 2 $0
2018-11-09 A22nd A2Major Jingdong Cup Season 2 $21,756
2018-10-19 A66th A2Major Huya Tianming Cup 2018 $3,023
2018-10-14 B515th A2Major PGL-PUBG Fall Invitational 2018 $1,000
2018-09-30 A66th A2Major Bausch+Lomb ImbaTV Super League $1,460
2018-09-22 B414th A7Qualifier Bausch+Lomb ImbaTV Superleague - Qualifier $0
2018-09-16 A55th A2Major Douyu PUBG Golden Legends 2018 $4,392
2018-09-02 A66th A2Major StarSeries & i-League PUBG Season 2 $2,000
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