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Fragbite - Frag League Season 3

[e][h]Frag League Top Division S3
League Information
Fragbite/Fragleague Frag League
Sweden Sweden
Game Mode:
Squads FPP
Prize Pool:
€ 10,600 EUR
(≃ $11,627 USD)
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:


Fragleague is an open esports league organized by Fragbite with focusing on the Swedish and Nordic scene, with divisions for everyone regardless of skill level.

Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • Commentators:
    • Sweden rdl (Alexander Redl)
    • Sweden Tenshi (Lucas Collard)
    • Sweden Zeweig (Alexander Lind)
  • Observer:
    • Norway Ekkz (Karl Johan Kallevik)


  • Frag League Top Division Season 3: November 17th - February 9th, 2019 - 2020
    • Squad FPP
    • League play. (Total of 36 matches)

Prize Pool[edit]

€10,600 EUR $11,627 USD ) are spread among the teams as seen below:

(Converted USD prizes are based on the currency rate on Feb 9, 2020: 1 EUR ≃ 1.0969 USD.)




Frag League Top Division
Team Round 1 Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7Round 8 Round 9 Total
1. Quickmath W1 50W2 24W3 33W4 30W5 52W6 18W7 19W8 41W9 46313
2. Hakkapeliitas W1 17W2 23W3 56W4 12W5 29W6 42W7 39W8 25W9 28271
3. Granit Gaming W1 36W2 17W3 28W4 24W5 32W6 31W7 27W8 46W9 26267
4. YMCA Esports W1 10W2 31W3 27W4 24W5 25W6 35W7 39W8 26W9 34251
5. Team Clueless W1 21W2 29W3 19W4 43W5 26W6 22W7 10W8 55W9 13238
6. Meet Your Makers W1 51W2 32W3 26W4 9W5 15W6 26W7 15W8 15W9 37226
7. Tempus W1 24W2 32W3 24W4 19W5 13W6 40W7 15W8 29W9 22218
8. Where Team W1 16W2 13W3 18W4 37W5 28W6 23W7 23W8 40W9 17215
9. Stellar W1 15W2 32W3 26W4 15W5 21W6 20W7 5W8 41W9 0175
10. Varjoveljet W1 23W2 16W3 16W4 23W5 26W6 31W7 7W8 16W9 17175
11. Who Are You? W1 14W2 17W3 12W4 14W5 14W6 7W7 22W8 15W9 34149
12. Isey Skyr eSports W1 19W2 26W3 19W4 11W5 26W6 7W7 5W8 16W9 11140
13. ONLINERS W1 22W2 27W3 21W4 27W5 15W6 0W7 0W8 0W9 0112
14. Tiltcentralen W1 32W2 11W3 13W4 25W5 10W6 0W7 0W8 0W9 091
15. Conquer Gaming W1 9W2 6W3 2W4 28W5 2W6 0W7 9W8 33W9 089
16. H1T W1 1W2 18W3 18W4 18W5 26W6 0W7 0W8 0W9 081

Country Representation[edit]

#Country / RegionRepresentationPlayers
1Finland Finland25 / 64 (39%)Anonymous, D1gg3r1, FLSHLIGHT, JERPSi, Jap1, Jorgeni, Jumbojuusto, Kojootti, Kova1evy, Kune, Minne-, Mukke, Peltsij, Poro600500, Sampula, Sanekki, Serphi, Sikora, SnakeEagles, Squeye, Stratos, Sunkka, Turbobanaani, Tykist0, jupezik
2Sweden Sweden16 / 64 (25%)Ham-slam, Klubba, MOLNMAN, Marv, Mrtn, NHS, Pikzen, Rhyp, Sammorack, Soldado, StaXx, TrashCanMonster, Twite, Wez, iMomme, p4tr1c
3Denmark Denmark14 / 64 (22%)AegOGbacon, Beami, Coconutfarmer46, FearRedBeard, Flamyy, Hannibr0, HjortdalN, Kenshin GG, Laroan44, Stab, Wookiebookie, YellowFTW, bjorN, clib
4United Kingdom United Kingdom3 / 64 (5%)BladeByerr, Fastrail, Fexx
5Norway Norway2 / 64 (3%)Flow1e, Himannen
6Belgium Belgium1 / 64 (2%)SILERZZ
7Iceland Iceland1 / 64 (2%)veazyy
8Italy Italy1 / 64 (2%)OConnell
9Spain Spain1 / 64 (2%)QuickisAlive