Frag League Regional Norway Season 9

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[e][h]Frag League Regional Norway Season 9
League Information
Frag League
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Squads FPP
Norway Norway
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Fragleague is an open esports league organized by Fragbite with focusing on the Swedish and Nordic scene, with divisions for everyone regardless of skill level. The top 2 placed teams qualify to Top Division Playoff while the teams placed between 3-12 qualify to Regional Playoff and the bottom 4 teams are relegated.

Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • Commentator:
    • TBA


  • Frag League Regional Norway Season 9 - October 17th - November 14th, 2022
    • Squad FPP
    • League play. (Total of 20 matches)

Prize Pool[edit]



Regional Norway
Team Round 1 Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5 Total
W1 25W2 15W3 14W4 24W5 20
W1 13W2 2W3 7W4 1W5 12
W1 14W2 4W3 4W4 20W5 8
W1 9W2 46W3 13W4 47W5 28
W1 24W2 8W3 15W4 0W5 0
W1 42W2 33W3 47W4 25W5 12
W1 51W2 31W3 47W4 23W5 22
W1 28W2 37W3 8W4 31W5 8
W1 8W2 30W3 8W4 38W5 32
W1 26W2 37W3 31W4 30W5 39
W1 18W2 7W3 19W4 18W5 21
W1 8W2 17W3 0W4 0W5 0
W1 17W2 25W3 52W4 18W5 33
W1 39W2 25W3 36W4 7W5 44
W1 18W2 18W3 22W4 37W5 22
W1 25W2 30W3 27W4 19W5 0
1. Oisann!Oisann! Oisann! W1 51W2 31W3 47W4 23W5 22174
2. SiestaBoyzSiestaBoyz SiestaBoyz W1 26W2 37W3 31W4 30W5 39163
3. Onan IdrettslagOnan Idrettslag Onan Idrettslag W1 42W2 33W3 47W4 25W5 12159
4. Valuable VeteransValuable Veterans Valuable Veterans W1 39W2 25W3 36W4 7W5 44151
5. VOIDNOVOIDNO VOIDNO W1 17W2 25W3 52W4 18W5 33145
6. goblin squadgoblin squad goblin squad W1 9W2 46W3 13W4 47W5 28143
7. Wace E-sportWace E-sport Wace E-sport W1 18W2 18W3 22W4 37W5 22117
8. Sami Gamers WhiteSami Gamers White Sami Gamers White W1 8W2 30W3 8W4 38W5 32116
9. Real gangstasReal gangstas Real gangstas W1 28W2 37W3 8W4 31W5 8112
10. Welcome To FerryPierWelcome To FerryPier Welcome To FerryPier W1 25W2 30W3 27W4 19W5 0101
11. All Against UsAll Against Us All Against Us W1 25W2 15W3 14W4 24W5 2098
12. SlowstormSlowstorm Slowstorm W1 18W2 7W3 19W4 18W5 2183
13. Endgame EsportEndgame Esport Endgame Esport W1 14W2 4W3 4W4 20W5 850
14. NocturnalzZNocturnalzZ NocturnalzZ W1 24W2 8W3 15W4 0W5 047
15. W1 13W2 2W3 7W4 1W5 1235
16. Terran MaraudersTerran Marauders Terran Marauders W1 8W2 17W3 0W4 0W5 025