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Gen.G Esports

Team Information
South Korea Seong "WatchinU" Hu Bae
Total Earnings:
PKL 2019 Phase 2 MET Asia Series Global Championship 2019 PWI 2019
Placement Summary

Gen.G is a Korean/American professional esports organization. The current team was formed in August 2018 following the merge of the Gen.G Gold and Gen.G Black teams.


In November 2017 organisation formed two Korean-based PUBG teams - KSV Notitle / KSV NTT ( later rebranded to Gen.G Black ) and KSV AseL ( later rebranded to KSV CLES, then to Gen.G Gold )

Gen.G Black started 2018 strong, winning first major Korean PUBG league in AfreecaTV PUBG League ( APL ) Pilot Season in February, followed by defending their championship in APL Season 1 in May and representing South Korea in IEM Katowice PUBG Invitational and PUBG Global Invitational.

Meanwhile, KSV_AseL struggled throughout winter of 2018, after which they've replaced players 'LeeTaeJun' and 'Aloha' with two rookies, 'Loki' and 'Chelator'. These changes proved successful as KSV CLES / Gen.G Gold racked up three second-place finishes throughout PUBG Korea League Season 1 ( APL Season 1 , SpoTV Warfare Masters Pro Tour and OGN Survival Series Season 2 ) before finishing 1st in PKL 2018 Season 1 and winning the PUBG Global Invitational TPP World Championship.

On August 16th it have been announced that organisation will merge their teams into single PUBG roster. A unified roster got mixed results as they finished 11th in Starladder & I-League PUBG Season 2 in September, 4th in PUBG Korea League Season 2 Finals, 9th in PUBG Japan Series Winter Invitational in December and 14th in Korea League 2019 Phase 1 in March, before returning to the top with a championship runs in Korea League 2019 Phase 2, MET Asia Series and once again, become the PUBG Global Championship winner and bring home more than 2 million dollars.


Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
ID Name Role Join Date
South Korea Loki Park Jung-young Fragger 2018-08-16 [1]
South Korea Pio Cha Seung-hoon IGL 2019-04-29 [11]
South Korea Aqua5 Yoo Sang-ho Co IGL,Support 2019-12-11 [13]
South Korea Inonix Na Hee-joo Fragger 2020-03-23 [15]


Inactive Players
ID Name Role Join Date Inactive Date
South Korea YoonRoot (Streamer) Hyunwoo Yoon Sniper 2018-08-16 [1] 2018-08-17 [2]


Former Players
ID Name Role Join Date Leave Date New Team
South Korea Menteul Im Yeong-su Fragger 2019-12-11 [13] 2020-03-30[16] Team VSG
South Korea Chelator Kim Min-ki Support 2018-08-16 [1] 2019-12-11 [14] Gen.G Esports
South Korea Esther Go Jeong-wan Fragger 2018-08-16 [1] 2019-12-11 Gen.G Esports
South Korea taemin Kang Tae-min Support 2019-01-11 [8] 2019-12-05 [12]
South Korea Dozer (Trainee) Kang Min-Seong Support 2018-11-19 [5] 2019-04-24 Element Mystic
South Korea maczora Han Dae-kyu Starter 2018-12-22 2019-04-23 [9] SeolHaeOne Prince
South Korea WICK2D Jin-hyeong Kim Starter 2018-08-16 [1] 2018-12-19 [6] DeToNator.KOREA
South Korea SimSn Younghoon Sim IGL 2018-08-16 [1] 2018-10-29 [4]
South Korea EscA Injae Kim Fragger 2018-18-06 2018-08-20 [3] OP Gaming Rangers



ID Name Position Join Date
South Korea WatchinU Bae Seong-hu Head Coach 2018-08-16 [1]
South Korea Chelator Kim Min-ki Coach 2019-12-11 [14]


Former Organization
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Organization
South Korea Esther Go Jeong-wan Content Creator 2019-12-11 2020-07-10 [17]
South Korea Banbazi Myeongwon Choi Head Coach 2018-08-16 [1] 2018-12-22 [7]
South Korea HANKEONHEE Keon Hee Han Coach 2018-08-16 [1] 2018-12-22 [7]