Glacius: Broadcasts


Detailed Broadcasts[edit]

DateTierTournamentPositionPartner List
2021-05-08A4C-TierFPSThailand TournamentFPSThailand Tournament 2021: April-MayCommentator
2021-03-30A4C-TierFPSThailand TournamentFPSThailand Tournament 2021: MarchCommentator
2021-03-28A1S-TierPUBG Global ChampionshipPUBG Global Invitational.S 2021Thai Commentator
2021-03-01A4C-TierFPSThailand TournamentFPSThailand Tournament 2021: FebruaryCommentator
2020-12-20A7Showm.PUBG Super TournamentPUBG Super TournamentCaster
2020-11-22A1S-TierPUBG Continental SeriesPUBG Continental Series 3: Asia PacificThai Commentator
2020-11-20A1S-TierPUBG Continental SeriesPUBG Continental Series 3: AsiaThai Commentator
2020-10-18A2A-TierPUBG Thailand Master SeriesPUBG Thailand Master Series 2020Commentator
2020-09-13A1S-TierPUBG Continental SeriesPUBG Continental Series 2: Asia PacificThai Commentator
2020-08-15A4C-TierPUBG Thailand OpenPUBG Thailand Open 2020Caster
2020-08-09A1S-TierPUBG Mobile World LeaguePUBG Mobile World League 2020 - Season 0: EastThai Commentator
2020-07-04A1S-TierPUBG Continental SeriesPUBG Continental Series 1: Asia PacificThai Commentator
2020-06-21A6QualifierRazer SEA InvitationalRazer SEA Invitational 2020 ThailandCommentator
2020-05-23A1S-TierPUBG Continental SeriesPUBG Continental Series: Charity Showdown - Asia PacificThai Commentator
2020-05-10A4C-TierOnslaught LeagueOnslaught League Season 4Thai Commentator
2020-05-03A7Showm.Nations SummitPUBG Nations Allstar SummitThai Commentator
2020-03-01A2A-TierSEA Super CupPUBG Southeast Asia Super Cup 2020 - Phase 1Thai Commentator
2019-12-22A2A-TierOGN/SupermatchSeoul Cup OGN Supermatch 2019Thai Commentator
2019-11-24A1S-TierPUBG Global ChampionshipPUBG Global Championship 2019Thai Commentator
2019-11-17A6QualifierLegion of ChampionsLegion of Champions IV 2019 - Thailand QualifierCommentator
2019-08-11A1S-TierPUBG Nations CupPUBG Nations Cup 2019Thai Commentator (FPSThailand)
2019-07-28A1S-TierMET Asia SeriesMET Asia Series: PUBG ClassicCommentator
2019-07-28A1S-TierPUBG Mobile Club OpenPUBG Mobile Club Open - Spring Split Global FinalsThai Commentator
2019-07-20A7Showm.DXRacer Fund For KidsDXRacer Fund For Kids CharityThai Commentator
2019-06-23A6QualifierPUBG Southeast Asia ChampionshipPSC 2019 - MET Thailand QualifierCaster
2019-04-21A1S-TierFACEIT Global SummitFACEIT Global Summit: PUBG ClassicThai Commentator
2019-04-21A7Showm.FACEIT Global SummitFACEIT Global Summit: Sunday Roast ShowmatchThai Commentator
2019-03-24A2A-TierPUBG Southeast Asia ChampionshipPUBG Southeast Asia Championship 2019 - Phase 1Commentator & Analyst
2018-12-22 A3B-TierWinter WarWinter War PUBG MobileCaster
2018-11-26A7Showm.Twitch RivalsTwitch Rivals - Thailand IVCaster
2018-11-16A5MonthlyFPSThailand Squad TournamentLG Gaming Monitor PUBG Tournament - NovemberCaster
2018-11-08A4C-TierGeForce Cup PacificGeForce Cup Pacific - ThailandCaster
2018-10-28 A3B-TierPUBG Mobile Campus Survival SeriesPUBG Mobile Campus Survival Series 2018Commentator
2018-10-19A5MonthlyFPSThailand Squad TournamentLG Gaming Monitor PUBG Tournament - OctoberCaster
2018-10-07A7Showm.Game is WarGame is War - Matchday 3Caster
2018-09-30A7Showm.Game is WarGame is War - Matchday 2Caster
2018-09-21A4C-TierPUBG Mobile Campus Survival SeriesPUBG Mobile Campus Survival Series 2018: PochinkiCommentator
2018-09-15A5MonthlyFPSThailand Squad TournamentLG Gaming Monitor PUBG Tournament - SeptemberCaster
2018-09-14A4C-TierPUBG Mobile Campus Survival SeriesPUBG Mobile Campus Survival Series 2018: RozhokCommentator
2018-09-09A7Showm.Game is WarGame is War - Matchday 1Caster
2018-08-25A5MonthlyFPSThailand Squad TournamentLG Gaming Monitor PUBG Tournament - AugustCaster
2018-07-07A1S-TierPUBG Survival SeriesPUBG Survival Series 2018 - Season 2Caster
2018-06-22A4C-TierPUBG Global InvitationalPUBG Global Invitational 2018 - ThailandCommentator