JIB PUBG Thailand Pro League Season 3 - Premier Division

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[e][h]JIB PUBG Thailand Pro League Season 3 - Premier
League Information
JIB Thailand Pro League
Game version:
Game mode:
Squads FPP
Thailand Thailand
Prize Pool:
฿132,000 THB
(≃ $4,200 USD)
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Number of teams:


Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • Casters:
    • Thailand BOM (Ittipol Panikabutr)
    • Thailand Fame (Supanut Wannasangkhum)
    • Thailand yArm (Natdanai Sriglindee)


  • Regular Season: 16 Teams league system
    • 6 Weeks - 4 Rounds every Friday and Saturday. (8 Rounds in total each week)
    • Squad FPP
    • SUPER
    • For "2019 v.1 Bluezone Timing" Click here
Phase Delay Wait Move DPS Shrink Spread Land Ratio
1 90 180 270 0.6 0.4 0.5 0
2 0 90 120 0.8 0.55 0.56 0
3 0 60 120 1 0.6 0.56 0
4 0 60 150 3 0.6 0.56 1
5 0 50 120 5 0.65 0.56 0
6 0 50 120 8 0.65 0.56 0
7 0 50 90 10 0.65 0.56 0
8 0 50 60 14 0.7 0.56 1
9 0 10 160 18 0.001 10 0
  • Each team will be allowed up to 7 players for the roster
  • Teams are allowed to change the roster after Week 3


Prize Pool[edit]

฿11,000 THB will be given in every Playday. Total of ฿132,000 THB ( $4,168.64 USD )

  • The following winnings in prize pool will show the total winnings throughout 6 weeks.

Base Matchday Winnings
Place ฿ THB
A11st ฿5,000
A22nd ฿3,000
A33rd ฿1,500
A44th ฿1,000
A55th ฿500


Beyond Esports4, 21
1Thailand benzwick
2Thailand tleviphu
3Thailand eLotic
4Thailand Sceat
2BE.Black8, M4
1Thailand SerKriZ
2Thailand botbas
3Thailand Lonsup
4Thailand PROTAXX
CThailand Lumbardy


For News and Roster Changes "before the start of season", Click here.

1 Thailand PuuChiwz steps down from Purple Mood E-Sports active roster.
2 Thailand Sparker leaves Tokio Striker.
3 Thailand Lionarz- contract expired, leaves Armory Gaming, Thailand ThanawatTH returns to the active roster.
4 Beyond Esports revamped their roster. Sign Thailand benzwick, Thailand HoN_BoYa and Thailand Sceat.
5 Lucid Dream revamped their roster. Sign Thailand LESER_XD, Thailand Dracary_S from Astro and Thailand Kefka
6 Thailand PENGUINSx leaves Pinto Gaming. Sign Thailand aSahAzA from Logitech G.Host
7 Thailand HuaHed steps down from Attack All Around active roster to coach. Thailand ZOFIRST benched.
8 2BE.Black revamped their roster. Sign Thailand Bosser and Thailand Lonsup from Beyond Esports and Lucid Dream respectively. Thailand PU2GE, Thailand KimS1VA and Thailand BabyOYZ- leaves, Thailand Lumbardy moves to coach for both 2BE teams.
9 Thailand Shaggyyy leaves Golden Cat. Signed Thailand BLACKCATZ-
10 Thailand BOBSTER join 2BE.4Horsemen.
11 Team Aqua parted ways with the roster, returns to Khaomokkhai
12 Attack All Around sign Thailand SviTT and Thailand MTXZ.
13 SharpeR Esports acquired the roster of Halem, now known as SharpeR Blue. Thailand J4rnN0te, Thailand miKezKung, Thailand RANGSITPIROM and Thailand Sprite left the team. Sign Thailand Samino and Thailand Angelling.
14 Tokio Striker sign Thailand PAJOTH and Thailand Buffys, Thailand JERICOz leaves.
15 Logitech G.Host sign new roster of Thailand DIDDILYZ , Thailand Nicky69, Thailand Sunsnappz- , Thailand FolkKz- and Thailand Arimited-
16 Roster of Star Light Gaming parted ways with the organization, continue as DEX. Thailand ETSolution leaves, sign Thailand BriskerMLG and Thailand Earnsama
17 Roster of Astro parted ways with the organization. Signed by FW ESPORTS. Signed Thailand Moszy, Thailand Anou and Thailand RESOULS-XV
18 Roster of Logitech G.Host parted ways with the organization. Continue as MerlinMor.
19 Roster of DEX signed by Neolution Esports.
20 Tokio Striker released Thailand PAJOTH and signed Thailand J4nku2of.
21 Purple Mood E-Sport signed Thailand HoN_BoYa from Beyond Esports.

For News and Roster Changes "during mid-season" (notes are started with M), Click here.

1 Thailand SviTT steps down from Attack All Around, Signed Thailand Arty.
2 Thailand TeenoiPpt transferred to Golden Cat, Signed Thailand Hopperz and Thailand S1ngAsOng
3 Thailand Yaknoi and Thailand Anou leaves FW ESPORTS. Signed Thailand BAS_CHARKIEz, Thailand nRadio and Thailand JERiCoz.
4 2BE.Black signed Thailand PROTAXX from Golden Cat. Thailand Bosser and Thailand OPtiMai leaves.
5 Thailand BOBSTER leaves 2BE.4Horsemen, Signed Thailand Rubickz from Forest Esports
6 MerlinMor signed Thailand HKDs
7 Thailand Merqulas- leaves Neolution Esports, Signed Thailand d4ddyyy and Thailand G-SHOCK_XD
8 Thailand OrdinaryPS leaves Khaomokkhai, Signed Thailand Hyperpro


Team Round 1 Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6 Total
1. Purple Mood E-SportPurple Mood E-Sport Purple Mood E-Sport W1 88W2 57W3 108W4 70W5 86W6 49458
2. Armory GamingArmory Gaming Armory Gaming W1 61W2 47W3 63W4 76W5 81W6 69397
3. Golden CatGolden Cat Golden Cat W1 54W2 84W3 39W4 45W5 80W6 93395
4. Tokio StrikerTokio Striker Tokio Striker W1 28W2 79W3 38W4 103W5 62W6 33343
5. 2BE.Black2BE.Black 2BE.Black W1 39W2 45W3 83W4 37W5 34W6 42280
6. Beyond EsportsBeyond Esports Beyond Esports W1 52W2 60W3 20W4 69W5 31W6 46278
7. 2BE.4Horsemen2BE.4Horsemen 2BE.4Horsemen W1 36W2 35W3 52W4 32W5 51W6 45251
8. SharpeR BlueSharpeR Blue SharpeR Blue W1 26W2 45W3 24W4 41W5 53W6 60249
9. Pinto GamingPinto Gaming Pinto Gaming W1 57W2 48W3 34W4 16W5 30W6 55240
10. KhaomokkhaiKhaomokkhai Khaomokkhai W1 40W2 58W3 31W4 53W5 22W6 34238
11. TalentTalent Talent W1 43W2 26W3 45W4 28W5 53W6 42237
12. MerlinMorMerlinMor MerlinMor W1 48W2 57W3 24W4 38W5 15W6 42224
13. Lucid DreamLucid Dream Lucid Dream W1 56W2 23W3 46W4 19W5 38W6 40222
14. Attack All AroundAttack All Around Attack All Around W1 43W2 22W3 41W4 47W5 27W6 26206
15. Neolution EsportsNeolution Esports Neolution Esports W1 17W2 22W3 44W4 10W5 35W6 35163
16. FW EsportsFW Esports FW Esports W1 35W2 10W3 22W4 38W5 31W6 21157

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