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Meet Your Makers, often abbreviated MYM, is a multigaming organization based in Germany, with divisions featuring Dota 2, Hearthstone, Call of Duty 4, Battlefield 4, PUBG, FIFA and Heroes of the Storm. The MYM brand is one of the most recognizable in esports, with a storied history reaching back to 2000.


Danish MYM[edit]

Meet Your Makers, was founded as a Danish organization by Mark Peter "Mercy" Fries in 2000. The team has featured numerous legendary names within eSports, such as their former Norwegian Counter-Strike 1.6 team or three-time ESWC World Champion Polish team, their Warcraft III Dream Team, which featured players like Grubby, Moon and Lyn, as well as their legendary Danish Defense of the Ancients team, considered by many as one of the best and most stable DotA teams of all time.

MYM also hosted the famous MYM Prime Nations (an international country-based DotA tournament) and MYM Prime Defending DotA tournaments.

The Danish organisation faced financial difficulties (after paying very lucrative salaries to their players, including a record sum for their star Warcraft III player, Moon), and the company went bankrupt and closed down in 2009, including their famous DotA and Warcraft III squads.

German MYM[edit]

In August 2009, a German company bought the MYM brand and restarted operations, and brought back their Defense of the Ancients and recruited Warcraft III teams as well as later picking up Counter-Strike 1.6, FIFA, StarCraft II, Dota 2, League of Legends, and Hearthstone teams.


Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
ID Name Role Join Date
Norway Flow1e Patrick Florelius Captain 2018-08-18
Norway CLAYZILLA Chris Leon Johansen 2019-04-??
United Kingdom TheSaiint Luke Rogers 2019-04-??
Netherlands Triquo Thomas Reuser 2019-04-??


Former Players
ID Name Role Join Date Leave Date New Team
Norway Rubzi Ruben Olsen Starter 2019-01-?? 2019-04-08 [2] Ronin Horde
Austria F1nguin Franz Eder Starter 2019-01-?? 2019-04-08 [2]
Norway TheDoubles (Substitute) Marius Leite Hansen Substitute 2018-08-18 2019-04-08 [2]
Norway intenZ Sturla Høberg Starter 2019-01-?? 2019-04-08 [1] Ronin Horde
Norway Sphoof Sturla Rørvik Starter 2018-08-18 2018-10-11
Sweden Stoff Christopher Bergsten Captain 2018-08-18 2018-11-19
Norway Beecube Simon Kongelstad Starter 2018-11-12 2018-12-22



ID Name Position Join Date
Turkey Revylz Harun Yavuz Manager
Norway BjanGo Bjørn-Ola B. Lang Coach 2018-08-18



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