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[e][h] NB211
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Zhou Lin-Li
Approx. Total Earnings:
2018-07-?? - Present
2017-12 - 2018-07-??
2017-10 - 2017-12

Zhou "NB211"Lin-Li is a Chinese player currently playing for Super Survivor Squad. He is one of the best players in China. He is the killing king of PUBG Asia Invitational/G-Star 2017. After that match, he left Four Angry Men and set up King-Zong SSS,which is predecessor of Super Survivor Squad. In PUBG China Pro Invitational/2018 ,he led the team to the runner-up, and got the killing king. It's also worth mentioning that in the last game of the match, he killed Four Angry Men whole team at the bridge head of the west bridge by his own in Erangel. Because of this, he is called the god of war. After that game, he set up Super Survivor Squad and be independence from King-Zong for some objective reasons. In PUBG China Pro Invitational/Season 2, he led the team to the runner-up again, and won the qualification of participating in PUBG Asia Invitational/2019.


Date Placement Tier Tournament Team Prize
2020-08-16 A44th A6Qualifier PUBG Champions League 2020: Fall Preseason $0
2020-08-09 B738th A2A-Tier PUBG Champions League 2020: Summer $0
2020-06-03 C121st A2A-Tier Huya PUBG League - Season 6 $0
2020-05-09 A99th A2A-Tier Douyu PUBG Golden Legends Season 9 $0
2020-04-26 B616th A2A-Tier PUBG Champions League 2020: Spring $2,825
2020-03-16 A66th A4C-Tier VSPN Miracle Star Weekend - Week 3 $0
2019-07-10 A88th A2A-Tier WEGL Weibo Cup 2019 $1,162
2019-06-09 B010th A1S-Tier PUBG Champions League 2019 - Spring $5,789
2018-11-25 A22nd A2A-Tier PUBG China Pro Invitational Season 2 $71,970
2017-11-19 A22nd A1S-Tier PUBG Asia Invitational G-Star 2017 - Squad $36,400
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Earnings Chart[edit]