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United Arab Emirates Paul Roy
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Nigma Galaxy is a UAE-based Esports organization. Spread across a diverse international roster of 10 teams the organization has professionals from 22 countries. Since its introduction to the competitive gaming scene in 2019, the team has fielded lineups in titles such as CS: GO, League of Legends, Dota 2, PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile, Rocket League, and Fortnite. On September 20th, 2021 Galaxy Racer merged with Team Nigma to create Nigma Galaxy. [1]

The organization entered India on 3rd July 2020 by acquiring the roster of the then PUBG Mobile team Celtz.



  • July 3rd - Galaxy Racer Esports signed the roster of Celtz forming GXR Celtz. [2]
  • September 8th - Signs the roster of SynerGE rebranding to Galaxy Racer. [3]
  • November 10th - Signed GodNixon as a Content Creator.[4]

Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
ID Name Role Join Date
India Ted Manmeet Singh Assaulter 2021-10-03[11]
India MJ Harshit Mahajan Assaulter 2020-07-03[2]
India Smxkie Shekhar Patil IGL 2021-12-01[13]
India Artemis Assaulter 2021-12-02[14]


Inactive Players
ID Name Role Join Date Inactive Date
India Ultron Hemanth Sethi Assaulter 2020-07-03[2] 2021-09-16[9]
India Owais Mohammed Owais Lakhani IGL 2020-04-10[6] 2021-09-16[9]
India MaxKasH Akash Anandani Assaulter 2020-04-10[6] 2021-09-16[9]


Former Players
ID Name Role Join Date Leave Date New Team
India RoXX Yogesh Yadav IGL, Support 2020-07-03[2] 2021-10-??
India Seervi Naresh Kumar IGL 2021-10-03[11] 2021-11-30[12]
India Skrillz Prajwal Assaulter 2021-10-03[11] 2021-11-30[12]
India Seervi Naresh Kumar IGL 2020-09-08[3] 2021-04-02 Red owl GamingRed owl Gaming Red owl Gaming
India AustinX Sujoy Das Fragger 2020-09-08[3] 2021-04-02 Revenant EsportsRevenant Esports Revenant Esports
India Ted Manmeet Singh Fragger 2020-09-08[3] 2021-02-28 Red owl GamingRed owl Gaming Red owl Gaming
India Zigsaw Ajay Karangale Assaulter 2020-09-08[3] 2021-02-28 HEROES OFFICIALHEROES OFFICIAL HEROES OFFICIAL
India Shryder Shubham Singh Rawat Support 2020-09-08[3] 2020-11-??
India AshGamer Anshdeep Singh Support 2020-07-03[2] 2020-09-??
India Attanki Randeep Singh Bhullar Assaulter 2020-07-03[2] 2020-09-?? TeamINDTeamIND TeamIND


Temporary stand-ins
ID Name Replacing ID Name Tournament(s)
India VIRU  
Orange RockOrange Rock
Viren Mahipalsingh Gour
India Ultron Hemanth Sethi PMIS 2020



ID Name Position Join Date
United Arab Emirates Paul Roy CEO 2020-07-03[2]
India Maxtern Sagar Thakur Content Creator 2021-01-19[5]
Malaysia Savior Muhammad Hazwan Abd Halim Coach 2022-01-15[15]


Former Organization
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Organization
India Aurum Pratik Mehra Coach 2021-05-18[7] 2021-10-02[10]
India Nova Rahul Dhankhar Content Creator 2021-01-19[5] 2021-09-04[8] GodLike EsportsGodLike Esports GodLike Esports
India GodNixon Luv Sharma Content Creator 2020-11-10[4] 2020-11-11
India Sherlock Monika Jeph Content Creator 2020-09-08[3] 2020-??-??


Date Placement Tier Tournament Prize
2021-09-01 A22nd A4C-Tier Weekly Wars: Season 1 $685
2021-08-31 A22nd A4C-Tier iQOO All Stars Cup $1,712
2021-06-12 A88th A2A-Tier PUBG Mobile Pro League - Arabia Season 1: Finals $3,000
2021-06-05 B212th A2A-Tier PUBG Mobile Pro League - Arabia Season 1: League $4,500
2021-05-01 B313th A2A-Tier PUBG Mobile Star Challenge Arabia 2021 Ramadan Edition $1,800
2020-08-30 A99th A3B-Tier PUBG Mobile Club Open - Fall Split 2020: India $1,100
2020-08-20 A11st A4C-Tier Crew Mania $533
2020-08-09 B414th A1S-Tier PUBG Mobile World League Season 0: East $10,500
2020-08-05 A11st A4C-Tier Loco Gamer League: PUBGM Monsoon Knockouts $1,335
2020-07-05 B212th A2A-Tier PUBG Mobile India Series 2020 $1,272
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Earnings Chart[edit]




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