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Bharat "Ribbiz" Reddy
Total Earnings:
PMPL SA S1: FinalsPMPL SA S1: Finals ESL India 2020 Summer
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OREsports is an Indian PUBG Mobile team and is owned by Pole To Win International (PTW).



Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
ID Name Role Join Date
India Vexe Arth Trivedi Rifler 2021-06-19[22]
India Aditya Aditya Mathe Entry Fragger 2021-06-19[22]
India Destro Ammar Khan IGL 2021-06-19[22]
India Anto Joe Michael Anto Entry Fragger,Assualter 2019-11-19[2]


Former Players
ID Name Role Join Date Leave Date New Team
India GiLL Arshpreet Gill Singh Rifler,Filter 2020-06-17[11] 2021-10-16[25]
India VIRU Viren Mahipalsingh Gour Assualter 2020-04-21[10] 2021-05-09[21] Red owl GamingRed owl Gaming Red owl Gaming
India Mavi Harmandeep Singh IGL,Assualter 2019-08-29[1] 2021-05-08[20] Team SouLTeam SouL Team SouL
Former Players
ID Name Role Join Date Leave Date New Team
India Daljitsk Daljit Singh Sniper 2019-11-27[4] 2020-09-09[18] TeamINDTeamIND TeamIND
India Sc0utOP (Loan)
Tanmay Singh Assaulter 2020-07-02 [16] 2020-08-10[17] FnaticFnatic Fnatic
India Vampire Eleen Raj Support,Assualter 2020-01-28[6] 2020-06-17 GodLike EsportsGodLike Esports GodLike Esports
India John Assaulter 2020-02-01[8] 2020-02-23
India Sandhu Arashmeet sandhu Support 2019-08-29[1] 2020-01-14[5]
Former Players
ID Name Role Join Date Leave Date New Team
India Carry Gopal Sarda Assualter 2019-08-29[1] 2019-11-27[3] GodLike EsportsGodLike Esports GodLike Esports
India Xz1st Chisin Raingaim Assualter 2019-08-29[1] 2019-11-27[3] GodLike EsportsGodLike Esports GodLike Esports



ID Name Position Join Date
India Ribbiz Bharat Kiran Reddy Manager 2019-08-29[1]
India Tanisha Content Creator 2020-06-20[12]
India Clash Universe Content Creator 2020-06-22[14]
India CaseToo Aditya Sharma Content Creator 2020-06-22[15]


Former Organization
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Organization
India Ocean Ocean Sharma Coach, Content Creator 2020-06-21[13][23] 2021-10-02[24]
India Axelin Dhruv Gupta Coach 2020-01-29[7] 2020-04-12[9]




Earnings Chart[edit]


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