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PUBG Champions League (known as PCL) is a PUBG professional league in China. The league represents China's portion of 2019 Official competitive season held by PUBG Corporation.


Pro League Era (2019)[edit]

On November 6th, 2019. PUBG Corporation introduced the official pro competitions in nine different regions around the globe, recognized as a part of the 2019 Official competitive season (as of SUPER 1.6.0 - the current Pro League and Pro Circuit classifications are now removed, all regions share the same level of classification).

Alongside of Pro Leagues there'll numerous global events being held throughout the year, including the Nations Cup in August and the Global Championship in November where the world champion of each season will be crowned.

China is the only region to start their pro league ecosystem in Phase 2, with DPGL S6 serving as the sole tournament for 2019 Phase 1 qualifications.

The Chinese league is produced by VSPN, with the league's main stadium is the VSPN Studio in Shanghai,China.

Global Series Era (2020 - present)[edit]

Following the 2020 Global Series announcement on December 10th, 2019, it was announced that the PCL will continue its operation for 2020 Season, although with a shortened schedule created to fit the 2020 key event dates. In the 2020 Season, both PCL and PDL will have one more season (compared to 2 PCL and 3 PDL seasons in 2019), and the league will also allow each participant team to sign two non-Chinese players.


The PCL ecosystem are span across three phases, in each phases contains the following events

  • Champions: Main league, the highest division of Chinese PUBG.
    • Teams playing all matches offline, with $300,000 USD in each phase and spots at the global events.

  • Development: Secondary league, Contenders division.
    • Unlimited signups with Teams playing their divisional stage online, then offline for the finals.
    • Top 10 secures a spot in the Champions Preseason

  • Champions Preseason: Preseason Tournament.
    • Bottom 6 from Champions vs Top 10 from Development Finals in an Offline tournament
    • Top 6 secures next phase's Champions seat.

  • Masters (Phase 3 2019 Only): Season Finale, pitting the absolute best of Champions.
    • 24 Best teams from Champions Spring and Summer
    • Top 2 of Masters qualified for the Global Championship.



Event Date Prize Pool 1st 2nd
PUBG Champions League 2020: Fall
2020-10-02 2020-10-02 to 2020-10-23
Four Angry Men Multi Circle Gaming
PUBG Champions League 2020: Summer
2020-07-19 2020-07-19 to 2020-08-09
Infantry Champion of Competition
PUBG Champions League 2020: Spring
2020-04-05 2020-04-05 to 2020-04-26
Luminous Stars Lao Yue Gou
PUBG Champions League 2019: Summer Playoffs
2019-09-25 2019-09-25 to 2019-09-29
Four Angry Men Infantry
PUBG Champions League 2019: Summer Regular Season
2019-08-19 2019-08-19 to 2019-09-22
Infantry QM Gaming
PUBG Champions League 2019 - Spring
2019-04-29 2019-04-29 to 2019-06-09
VC Gaming Black Ananas


Event Date Prize Pool 1st 2nd
PUBG China Masters 2019
2019-10-08 2019-10-08 to 2019-10-13
Infantry QM Gaming


Event Date Prize Pool 1st 2nd
PUBG Development League 2019 - Summer Finals
2019-07-12 2019-07-12 to 2019-07-14
For The Glory
No team template exists for name "choice of god".
PUBG Development League 2019 - Spring Finals
2019-03-23 2019-03-23 to 2019-03-31
CEGM The Jams E-Sports Club
PUBG Development League 2019 - Spring: Division B
2019-03-13 2019-03-13 to 2019-03-17
The Jams E-Sports Club J Team
PUBG Development League 2019 - Spring: Division A
2019-03-06 2019-03-06 to 2019-03-10
CEGM Still Moving Under Gunfire


Event Date Prize Pool 1st 2nd
PUBG Champions League - Summer Preseason
2019-08-01 2019-08-01 to 2019-08-04
1124 Yowant Gaming
PUBG Champions League - Spring Preseason
2019-04-09 2019-04-09 to 2019-04-14
ViCi Gaming VC Gaming