PUBG Champions League - Fall 2020 Preseason

[e][h]PUBG Champions League 2020: Fall Preseason
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PUBG Champions League is a PUBG professional league in China. The league represents China's portion of 2020 Official competitive season held by PUBG Corporation. The 2020 competitive season will culminated at the PUBG Global Championship 2020.


  • Champions Fall Preseason: August 11th - August 16th, 2020
    • 32 Teams in total
  • 28 Teams divide into 4 groups
    • Single Round-robin across all groups
  • Top 4 Teams qualified for Champions Fall

Prize Pool[edit]

VTOPNET disqualified from Preseason spot due to rule violation.


1China Q77 
2China QiuQ18 
3China S1Yue 
4China ShiTouNJ 
5China Smoke 
DT Gaming
1China April3 
2China Davie 
3China Five97TnT 
4China Seven 
Battle Scene Gaming
1China AiLaT1ao 
2China BeiQiu 
3China BulrenQF 
4China YuHappY 
ShanXi Gaming
1China LrW 
2China QingCheng 
3China nLJyoo21 
4China yanG 
ANS Gaming
1China DouZiDSB 
2China Fiona 
3China FreeJimBoy 
4China LongGG 


Regular Season
Team Round 1 Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6 Total
1. My Queen AB 0CD 58AC 52BD 0AD 0BC 42152
2. Delivery Guys Gaming AB 56CD 0AC 39BD 0AD 48BC 0143
3. Ark Gameteam AB 43CD 0AC 65BD 0AD 34BC 0142
4. Super Survivor Squad AB 42CD 0AC 0BD 40AD 0BC 56138
5. DT Gaming AB 76CD 0AC 0BD 7AD 0BC 50133
6. Lao Yue Gou AB 52CD\ 0AC 0BD 36AD 0BC 37125
7. Change The Game AB 28CD 0AC 48BD 0AD 49BC 0125
8. Team Weibo AB 40CD 0AC 0BD 60AD 0BC 24124
9. GodLike Gaming AB 0CD 16AC 49BD 0AD 0BC 58123
10. TITAN AB 0CD 43AC 56BD 0AD 0BC 22121
11. Luminous Stars AB 0CD 19AC 0BD 46AD 52BC 0117
12. Divine 7 Gaming AB 0CD 43AC 0BD 48AD 25BC 0116
13. Black Ananas AB 31CD 0AC 0BD 36AD 0BC 44111
14. For The Queen AB 0CD 53AC 0BD 30AD 28BC 0111
15. Su4 E-Sports Club AB 0CD 40AC 0BD 31AD 33BC 0104
16. ShanXi Gaming AB 0CD 40AC 0BD 9AD 52BC 0101
17. Axi Esports Club AB 40CD 0AC 0BD 28AD 0BC 32100
18. ASMG AB 36CD 0AC 21BD 0AD 39BC 096
19. RushB AB 0CD 35AC 29BD 0AD 0BC 2791
20. Kuaile Gaming AB 0CD 35AC 0BD 26AD 30BC 091
21. Xiao Ji AB 0CD 21AC 0BD 45AD 22BC 088
22. ANS Gaming AB 0CD 34AC 0BD 31AD 21BC 086
23. Battle Scene Gaming AB 0CD 45AC 20BD 0AD 0BC 2186
24. Games Forever Young AB 22CD 0AC 36BD 0AD 27BC 085
25. Chuang Shi Gaming AB 0CD 18AC 28BD 0AD 0BC 3682
26. NanZhao Gaming AB 16CD 0AC 37BD 0AD 29BC 082
27. LinGan e-Sports AB 29CD 0AC 13BD 0AD 36BC 078
28. J Team AB 17CD 0AC 0BD 36AD 0BC 2073
29. ZHIKE AB 12CD 0AC 29BD 0AD 31BC 072
30. Invictus Gaming AB 14CD 0AC 0BD 34AD 0BC 1967
31. Soy Milk Squad AB 0CD 22AC 16BD 0AD 0BC 2765
32. For The Glory AB 0CD 20AC 11BD 0AD 0BC 2960

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