PUBG China Masters 2019

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[e][h]PUBG China Masters 2019
League Information
PUBG China Masters PUBG China Masters
China Shanghai
VSPN Studio
Game Mode:
Squads FPP
Prize Pool:
¥500,000 CNY
(≃ $70,367 USD)
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:


PUBG China Masters is a Season Finale event in China, and for the First year of PUBG Champions League. The event are one part of China's portion of 2019 Official competitive season held by PUBG Corporation. The 2019 competitive season will culminated at the PUBG Global Championship 2019.


  • Masters - October 8th-13th
    • Squad FPP
      • 24 Teams split into dual-phase tournament

Stage One - Oct 8-10th[edit]

Stage Two - Oct 11-13th[edit]

Prize Pool[edit]

¥500,000 CNY ( $70,200 USD~ ) are spread among the teams as seen below:
In case of the top 2 teams being VC Gaming or Four Angry Men, who both already qualified for PGC 2019
,the slot will be given to the third and fourth place.

(Converted USD prizes are based on the currency rate on Oct 13, 2019: 1 CNY ≃ 0.14074 USD.)


  • In case of a team from Spring do qualified again from the Summer's allocations, the spot is given to the next team that is not qualified from Spring.

Stage One[edit]

ViCi Gaming
1China QFFF
2China Vama
3China 77owo
4China Milu
5China FengMan
6 TBD 
7 TBD 
8 TBD 
CChina oldman
Team Weibo
1China NB103
2China 067
3China Enigma86
4China Little1ee
5China Running
6China Sfzx
7 TBD 
8 TBD 
CChina xxxk
YTG Gaming
1China YuChEn
2China EzTong
3China Zmmm
4China 2dog
5China ToBi
6 TBD 
7 TBD 
8 TBD 
All Gamers
1China shuiwa
2China Nubi
3China Lsn
4China Libro
5China hongA
6China NGK
7 TBD 
8 TBD 
Joy Tiger Gaming
1China Arya
2China Xiaorong
3China Freedom
4China Roar
5China YLLL
6China Agua
7 TBD 
8 TBD 
Divine 7 Gaming
1China King
2China ChanHui
3China YANG
4China Tys
5China 9FF
6China GongMian
7 TBD 
8 TBD 
CSouth Korea cOup
DAE Gaming
1China Dy577
2China yanQ
3China m200
4China Smallccc
5China Timon
6 TBD 
7 TBD 
8 TBD 
Luminous Stars
1China Seventeen
2China Easy
3China Karl
4China Wnnn
5China Aduo
6 TBD 
7 TBD 
8 TBD 
Royal Never Give Up
1China Rain
2China JiyunX
3China shuaishuai
4China tiaotiaohu
5China Aak
6 TBD 
7 TBD 
8 TBD 
1China Leyii
2China LuRen
3China Tianqi
4China T1antian
5China LinShuNN
6China Future
7 TBD 
8 TBD 
1China M1go
2China Cpup
3China Crazy112
4China Maps
5China Box
6China Carrot
7 TBD 
8 TBD 

Stage Two[edit]

VC Gaming
1China Summer
2China DouM
3China Tide
4China DJBOY
5China 11ccc
6China sp1ce
7 TBD 
8 TBD 
Black Ananas
1China Dec12th
2China Joe
3China zHeee
4China Pig
5China Forever
6 TBD 
7 TBD 
8 TBD 
1China Yuren
2China Cobra
3China By-
4China Mad98
5China Manguo
6China Halo
7 TBD 
8 TBD 
LinGan e-Sports
1China AhaNg
2China Bbi
3China Xx
4China Zccc
5China 949
6 TBD 
7 TBD 
8 TBD 


Stage One[edit]

Placements and killsPoints
TeamTotalRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7Round 8Round 9Round 10Round 11Round 12Round 13Round 14Round 15Round 16Round 17Round 18
1.TianbaTianba Tianba134261212130001101010110336255267710033903326221403344448166712235881201115000160112677
2.QM GamingQM Gaming QM131901162991401181339011110551108881334422713335884400536653775388811144554444
3.Divine 7 GamingDivine 7 Gaming D7G1288155442244331204444331204453557199816653551105535222644110553533110332612128144
4.Royal Never Give UpRoyal Never Give Up RNG1287144160111300026101053447177900053559044626681119033445526991109971001107714055
5.AMY SPACETIMEAMY SPACETIME AMY1284444110441004411011160331401135331101414354444441602226771107790334444535571559011
6.DAE GamingDAE Gaming DAE11315000140225366160001303335441202235001101010904490551101010100221400062551001181111101212
7.Super Survivor SquadSuper Survivor Squad SSS105110447111120113566357711033711162557133269962331000013022130331102211055120447122
8.Team WeiboTeam Weibo Weibo1001205526996233130441200062554477160001007735882666620016011150221400013033150003588
9.Joy Tiger GamingJoy Tiger Gaming JTG9853441006681669033140225366140002666130008111110991107714011623390779066904413011
10.Oh My GodOh My God OMG9510011110772655531126551502262331301116000120117177140551201111033713344441403311000
11.Luminous StarsLuminous Stars Lstars941405535771504471441100044101016000110001102211011111501115011816612011263312055624412011
12.Triumphant Song GamingTriumphant Song Gaming TSG923566530071551004481551601126121214033537710011130115311901116022100556255534410022
13.ViCi GamingViCi Gaming VG801100090229000444411099130118188444462771301110022160111103371111304414022353315011
14.Yowant GamingYowant Gaming YTG76160228188160226299100118122110441501115011160005344130336233812281553599110116211
15.Lao Yue GouLao Yue Gou LYG711303312000110001406671889011130111004414022110001201112033359944331501126991003316011
16.All GamersAll Gamers AG516211150003510101500015011100111501112022120221502214000711115044100551600016011130555344

Stage Two[edit]

Placements and killsPoints
TeamTotalRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7Round 8Round 9Round 10Round 11Round 12Round 13Round 14Round 15Round 16Round 17Round 18
1.InfantryInfantry iFTY150905512000100113599110101035993577624435661003310022351919442211066531135772611118122
2.QM GamingQM Gaming QM1404477907735334444110101053005344351313710011099110441103371661501162559033100333555
3.Divine 7 GamingDivine 7 Gaming D7G13981331401116011716644662688264412088110881402226121211011111102290884455625571009088
4.TianbaTianba Tianba125150004466444411011116222110131313033140001000090331200044112616164466906612011441114044
5.Royal Never Give UpRoyal Never Give Up RNG124160001005581551501114000903311088712262772644130111001153111101111267713011120331101515
6.Four Angry MenFour Angry Men 4AM11911012121505562441104415000140001403390008155130221404416022626626663566447735662666
7.LinGan e-SportsLinGan e-Sports LGE10726101081441204426559033120221500044221300044881601126771109910000110001501162446255
8.VC GamingVC Gaming VC96120223566535514000352216000622211066441115022356653228111356681115311814415011
9.Ark GameteamArk Gameteam ARK951003311066110121212066130001300090111501153101053338111904490001601111066100111101113022
10.Team WeiboTeam Weibo Weibo93110221104415033130227133449971221102215011160115344130111500071447166110661108810044
11.FunPlus PhoenixFunPlus Phoenix FPX881402226667155905526881501181662633140441101115000622214011531112022715590445333
12.DAE GamingDAE Gaming DAE87621153331302253118155623310044160001602271441108815055351111140331500011044150337100
13.AMY SPACETIMEAMY SPACETIME AMY857100130222655100111201110000110551302211010101204471007100160116233100772688535516011
14.Still Moving Under GunfireStill Moving Under Gunfire SMG6953221600090228122100228155160005312129033811144448144130228111160008177130114411
15.Black AnanasBlack Ananas BA621302262221100062005344110004488814426336255626612000120001201114011160111403311000
16.Super Survivor SquadSuper Survivor Squad SSS583588713314000160221601171441200010000120113566902214011100441301113066140111600012066

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