PUBG Continental Series 5: Asia

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[e][h]PUBG Continental Series 5: Asia
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Asia Asia
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$250,000 USD
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The PUBG Continental Series is an online regional tournament structure organized by PUBG Corporation. The 2021 season will culminate at Global Championship 2021


Broadcast Talent[edit]


Most Chicken Rule

  • The winner of the match is the team who wins the Chicken Dinner
  • The winning team of the Series will be determined by the number of Chicken Dinners won

Tiebreakers (in order)

  • 1. Total kills
  • 2. Last match placement
    • If tied teams have not competed any matches together, then 4th tiebreaker is applied
  • 3. Best performing match (best placement)
  • 4. Most kills in team's best performing match
    • Should there be a tied best match within a single team, the match with higher kill points is used
  • 5. Most damage in team's best performing match
    • Should there be a tied best match within a single team, the match with higher damage is used
  • 6. If all cannot break the tie, prize is evenly split among tied teams

  • The team with the most amount of prize money will be declared the Champion of Series 5

Prize Pool[edit]

The initial prize pool of the tournament is $250,000 USD.
$230,000 USD is awarded throughout the tournament, and $20,000 USD awarded as Special Awards.

PCS5 Weekly Series Prize
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Place $ USD Place $ USD Place $ USD
A11st $ 17,000 A11st $ 20,000 A11st $ 29,000
A22nd $ 12,000 A22nd $ 14,000 A22nd $ 20,000
A33rd $ 8,500 A33rd $ 10,000 A33rd $ 14,500
A44th $ 7,000 A44th $ 8,000 A44th $ 11,000
A55th $ 5,000 A55th $ 6,000 A55th $ 8,500
A66th $ 4,500 A66th $ 5,000 A66th $ 7,000
A77th $ 3,500 A77th $ 4,000 A77th $ 5,500
A88th $ 2,500 A88th $ 3,000 A88th $ 4,500



PWS: East Asia[edit]

Champions League[edit]

JP/TW Fixed Seat[edit]


  • If teams are tied on the total prize money, Tiebreakers are applied in order as seen below:
    • 1. Total number of WWCD across 3 weeks
    • 2. Total Kill Points across 3 weeks
    • 3. Final Placement in Week 3

Additional Content[edit]

Country Representation[edit]

#Country / RegionRepresentationPlayers
1South Korea South Korea34 / 74 (46%)2tap, Adder, Alphaca, Americano, Asura, BeaN, Corn, DAEVA, EEND, Esther, Heaven, indigo, Inonix, Lambu, Lash, LeClo, Loki, maczora, Makne, Pio, Rain1ng, Renba, Rex, Salute, seoul, Shadow, Silky, Sparrow, Spear, Starlord, Tosi, Under, YJ, ZEAREM
2China China28 / 74 (38%)5V, 911x, AixLeft, ATongMuu, DJoO, EviLLee, Hang2y, HSmm, LanBo0, LilGhost, LingDuuuuuu, LingQiang, Loong, LuckyWss, Mamu, mingz1, MMing, MonkeyKing, Myl, Nannnnn, PaoPao, QAQiqq, shou, SuJiu, Summer, Tanki995, Xbei, ZpYan1
3Japan Japan7 / 74 (9%)amonot, Gokuri, Machao, Melofo, Pureboy, SSeeS, Sylphia
4Taiwan Taiwan4 / 74 (5%)Savior, SR, YanLi, ZhenNan
5Hong Kong Hong Kong1 / 74 (1%)Lokslok


Main Broadcast[edit]

LanguageUnited StatesSouth KoreaTaiwanJapanChinaThailandGermany

Team Streams[edit]

Map Broadcast[edit]

Map StreamMap Stream